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Let's Play - CC 1.6 - Adam-Eve start - Very Harsh


I've been doing a series on Banished, featuring (in this case) CC 1.6 with an Adam/Eve start under very harsh conditions. There are 6 videos finished, with lots more to come. Here is a link to the playlist:

It goes without saying that, based upon reaction to this, I would really like to do more series in the mind-set of challenging game play. For example, I will probably start one new series quite soon with the focus on the new Waterworld map included in CC 1.6. That, however, has been proving to be even more of a challenge than I had expected so I will probably activate a few other mods - such as RedKetchup wonderful mod - so as to balance things out a bit more.

  Been watching your video. It is very informative and instructional. I continue to watch 1-5 a lot. The savings by making the wood resource buildings is an especially good idea.
  Keep up the good work. Ertira.
  Ps: As I am getting ready to return to Banished, at least semi-seriously I will first focus on getting familiar with the new menu choices and what they do/do not as far as "necessary"
        gameplay. So will be keeping it to the KISS method using many easier mods like Big Horny Animals, Tree Growth and Life, Increased Resources Combined etc... This should take out
        the necessity of resource management focus and allow me to work on placements, planning and functionality. I intend to use CC 1.6 and New Medieval Town 1.1b together as both
        are interesting. Will see the results then move towards the Adam and Eve and Harsh conditions plays. :)


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