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how to make a very simple basic and very low poly house with 3dsmax

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 :) very nice tutorial @RedKetchup .

(the next part is about blender)
@Necora , I regularly use the 'knife' tool, but have never used the 'knife project' tool, how does it differ? When i try to use the knife project it throws up the fault that i haven't selected an object to use for projection.
I find the 'knife' very good for making windows/doorways, and now even stone and wall deformities quick and easy.

@Discrepancy haha I've never used the knife tool, not sure how that works! Let us swap knowledge (or I'll give you my limited knowledge for your grand knowledge ;) )

So when I did it, you need two objects in your scene. The first is the face you want to cut, the second being a face that makes the out line for the cut. This is why, way back when I didn't really know what I was doing, I didn't like it because it seemed very finicky to position the second object in the exact place. But it does make a nice cut and I guess you can fine tune the cut if you need to.

I'll attach some pictures showing the basic premise... sorry if my explanation is overly simply but I'm an overly simply kinda guy and too many blender tutorials are so darn complicated I have trouble following them as they seem to not bother explaining the really simple stuff a beginner like me would not instantly understand.

Picture 1 - Your main object, in this case a red cube.

Picture 2 - In 'Object' mode, make a new object, in this case a blue plane.

Picture 3 - Go to the 'Front Ortho' view. Position/size your blue plane to the position and size of the cut you want to make.

Picture 4 - Now, still in 'Object' mode, first select the blue plane, then hold shift and select the red cube so you're know selecting both objects. It has to be in this order. Then hit tab to enter 'Edit' mode, which should be the edit mode of the red cube. In 'Edit' mode, you need to make sure you are looking at the correct angle because knife project makes the cut from the viewers perspective, so in this case we are still looking from front ortho. Select the knife project tool, and the cut is made.

Picture 5 - Sliding the blue plane away and moving the view around we can see the cut.

Picture 6 - Delete the face.

Picture 7 - It also works with a circle, but I could not get it to work with a cube or cylinder, so maybe it only works with flat faces as the second object? It also only seems to cut the front face, so I'm not sure if you can get a cut all the way through or if you have to rotate around to do it.

It might not do cubes but you can do text...

but there is a big difference between both

you only cut the face of the cube and it opens to the entire space that is inside your cube.

with 3dsmax you in fact create new faces inside of the exact same form as your 2nd shape, it doesnt open in the inner empty space that lies inside the cube
(like screenshot 4 : i deleted those new faces created inside)

there is supposely a function in blender too called : Boolean Modifier


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