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Team Challenge: Reach 10,000+ Population. No mods.

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Team Challenge: Reach 10,000+ Population. No mods.

I reached a little over 10,000 and stopped.  The game runs excruciatingly slow and I was going to starve shortly after.  Link to ZIP of save at start of breeding program and end.

Problems and potential changes:

In short, more food.  Fewer homes.  Pre-build homes.  Store firewood over logs.

The town auto-purchases logs at a slightly faster rate than logs are used.  Don't start with any logs stored.  Start with all Firewood stored.  Firewood stored has more value per space (I think) used and is the finished good. 

Remove some homes and add more Barns.  Right now the town runs out of food before all homes would be used.  Store a bit more food.  Perhaps put them around the Physicians?

Start the breeding program at a higher population.  I think it would be best to go to about 2,000 to 4,000 population educated, clothed and tooled and then turn off the schools and go full out breeding.  The town should be sustainable somewhere around 3,500 to 4,000. 

Pre-Build extra homes (have more Homes than Families) during the breeding program.  As the game progresses tools run out and Firewood gets low.  The low Firewood causes citizens to run huge distances all over the map trying to stock their home.  Low Firewood with the lack of tools meant homes are barely built.  I couldn't even come to keeping up with the houses being built.  All the houses were pre-supplied with materials, too.  I think the plan would be to build lots of extra homes in the good times and use the Demolish trick to push divorcees back together.

Feel free to load the starting save in that zip file, make appropriate changes, and get to higher populations.

The game runs excruciatingly slow.

@smurphys7     I would imagine it was insanely slow which is why I never bothered trying such a thing, just don't have the patience for it.   Have you ever tried the all-in-one map challenge?   Get all achievements on one map?    It took me a few failures while I relearned how to play vanilla version again.   I almost said the heck with it, the whole patience thing again, but I kept at it and found it a fun challenge.  Ended up doing 3 successful runs.   It's quite the commitment though, but seems you obviously have that aspect.

Yes, the game runs insanely slowly for me.  Fortunately there isn't a lot of decision making or doing anything.

Yes, I have done all the achievements on one map.


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