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Has anyone found a way to access the unpackaged diffuse textures for the games vanilla assets such as: wood house, stone house, storage barn etc...

Similar to "apiary.png" in the ModKit example?

I'm wanting to borrow bits of these textures for use in generating new textures for custom made assets / meshes in order to have the same artwork style and look in-game.

I've already seen a couple of simple custom assets in the workshop which use the vanilla artwork style.

Is this possible or is it classed as infringement of the developers copyrighted material?

This is what I found when I was doing mods with vanilla textures.
The colors needs tweaking and it takes a lot of work to make them
look exactly like the ones in game. I think Luke found his textures
on this site. It is very widespread.

Wood Wall

Stone Wall

Thatched Roof

Slate Roof


I attached edited pictures in smaller size (the size I use for modding)

Another way to get to textures in game is TexMod

You must set the game to run in 32-bit DirectX 9 mode!
Select your exe file in Banished directory
Select Logging Mode and 'Run'
In game you can step through textures with + and - on numeric keypad on your keyboard.
Press Enter to save pictures.

The program has other features. Search for instructions and videos on internet.

Here's also a stone style house window I found from base game textures:

Thanks for all the links I will now be able to put some olde worlde Banished feeling into my assets.


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