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Mod Assests Using Vanilla Texture Artwork

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Again many thanks for the links and todays progress:

Mod Assests Using Vanilla Texture Artwork

Mod Assests Using Vanilla Texture Artwork

nice :) something very different can be very attactive :)

That same building in stone give so different feeling. I think it would work very well  for higher building, like tower with some windows.

Thanks again for the help guys. I have made more progress on the Wood Round House today. It now has 4 build stage models and I have made tweaks to the UV mapping to improve the scaling with the thatch roof. Cones are a pain to unwrap for a detailed and seamless texture. :/

I have also started work on a Scottish Iron Age Broch, image is WIP, texture needs finishing etc. It has same capacity as the vanilla boarding house but is much more fuel efficient due to thick stone walls. I was thinking build cost of 250 stone and 100 wood and 300 labour. I'm hoping to also make some detailed build models to keep player happy watching during the long construction. Once finished it is a fairly dull building.  :P

The more code I tweak the more I understand the the language of the game :)

Mod Assests Using Vanilla Texture Artwork

1:  :)


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