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Does anyone want a new challenge?

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--- Quote ---Hello guys as a new member here I must say I'm amazed with all the info this page has, I'm really curious about the challenges too, pleased to meet you all  ;D
--- End quote ---

This was written by a new member named @Aior the other day. I realized that these challenges we once had here on WOB have been sleeping tight the last years. So I thought; what about a new challenge? Something fun and challenging but for everyone. Here I have a suggestion.

We have a prominent member here on WOB called @RedKetchup without him this game and this webpage wouldn´t have been the same. I want this challenge to be a homage to him.

This is my quest:

Build a settlement with 500 inhabitants use only the latest version of RK Editor Choice. The settlement will be "judged" by 3 different aspects:
A. Speed. Reach 500 inhabitants as fast as you can
B. Prosperity. Make a rich settlement with a large surplus of everything, full happiness and health, a great diversity of high-quality food, best clothing, best tools, as much luxury as possible
C. Beauty.

I like very much to see how other people are building in Banished. We all have our different ways. I think it will make the most fun to see how different persons use the same map and settings in different ways.  That´s the reason that I will add this:

Use the following settings (see also picture)
Map seed; 798597095
Terrain type; valleys, texture your own choice
Terrain size; medium
Climate; fair
Disasters; on or off (what you like the most)
Starting conditions; Shepherds

Chose one (or all) of the aspects above. Make some screenshots along the way to show the development and show us the result here on this thread in 4 weeks; before 23 April.

Does anyone want to play along?

I guess we now know why the challenges have been sleeping. No reactions on this attempt to make one.

Do you folks principally don´t like challenges?
Is this kind of challenge, not the right; too hard, too easy, too boring to play with only one mod?

In any case; I have started a game with these settings. Category A; fast. Maybe I´m the only one but at least I´ll challenge myself. 

^^ give it maybe a couple more days before giving up ?
who knows, maybe myself i will participate....

I think I will participate in this challenge.  I'm not sure when I will get the chance and be totally up for it.

Do you mean this to be 3 different challenges?  Are you just doing "Fast" in your current town and doing the others in different towns?  Do you intend one town to do all 3?


--- Quote from: smurphys7 on March 26, 2019, 05:35:06 AM ---Do you mean this to be 3 different challenges?  Are you just doing "Fast" in your current town and doing the others in different towns?  Do you intend one town to do all 3?

--- End quote ---

As I first wrote this, I thought of 3 different challenges. Not everyone need to take part in all 3 of them. The reason was that I wanted this to be a challenge for everyone. I like the survival aspects of Banished; the fast version is "my game"; uneducated, organize a lot of building materials to build houses for every 10 years old girl, taking every nomad and don´t forget to have enough of food, fuel and tools. Since I know, that this is a kind of game many people don´t like, I added the other categories.

Personally, I don´t think I can manage all 3 categories in one town; at least not successfully. In my present game where I go for speed, I only build the cheapest houses and jam them close together to achieve some kind of efficiency by my silly uneducated people (in fact I can´t even manage to get as much building material as I want this way). A really prosperous town would show its wealth with large expensive houses, cathedrals, theatres, broad streets, fancy bridges..... RKEd gives you a lot of tools for this. I can´t manage that in this town. And what is beauty? Every town is beautiful in some way. I added that category because I see so many screenshots from really beautiful towns. They would probably not have grown fast and aren´t necessarily very prosperous. I simply added that category to suit players who want to focus only on the look.

Of course, a talented player could get a fast growing town beautiful and it can also achieve some kind of prosperity, but if I would go for the category "prosperity", I would start a new town. I don´t know yet if I will but maybe. Beauty is not so my game. I use to get bored fast when I try to design and use decorations.

So everyone is free to show us one or more towns. Each town can take part in 1, 2 or 3 of the challenges. It´s up to you!


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