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yeah, but the good news it accepts multi-material method

I just had a random thought..

You know how you can have Mod Apple and inside Mod Apple is an FBX file that points to a material called AppleRed.rsc.. and then you can have Mod B which is literally just an override mod.. it might say to overwrite the texture called AppleRed which something else?

Could we have a mod within a mod.. that just overwrites its own textures.. without having to have a ton of fbx files and/or meshes? Could that work you think? Have Mod A and somehow also include Mod B with it?

My biggest irk is let's say I have House A with a red roof, House B with a Blue.. I have to have TWO meshes inside my fbx file which can take up a lot of space. If I could somehow just overwrite the texture that House A uses without losing its original texture, might have a real fix.


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