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Alchieva Mountain - My first success at all achievements on one map.

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Well.. here it is!!   My first success at all achievements on one map.

First, a shout out goes to RedKetchup for a comment he made a long long time ago on an old forum about the modkit having 25,50, and 100 speeds.  I was going to use another program to speed things up, but it would have been a pain in the rear and doubt I would have continued my attempt for very long seeing as you have to set the speed code every time you restart Banished and that would get old quick.   I sure as heck would never attempt this with only 10x.... NOPE!!   Never would have happened.

To call this just a challenge is a great understatement.   I first had to unlearn everything I was doing while playing larger maps, which was hard enough.   I went through quite a few maps and quite a few attempts before I finally retrained myself on the basics of playing the vanilla game again.  I also had to relearn all the data about the vanilla game pieces and train myself to use totally different tactics and techniques.

Bottom line...  it's quite clear they never really intended all challenges to be done with one map, but the fact it can be done....   quite awesome!

I plan to create a separate topic for a full on explanation of everything I did and learned throughout this challenge so that anyone reading this thread and checking out the pics won't get any unwanted spoilers on how things were done.   I know that can be important to some people, me as well.  I tried to avoid reading any type of advice about this challenge so I could figure it all out myself.

Anyway... on to the pics.......   You'll get a kick out of how I managed the Golden Gate on this map!

Some of them I had to use the achievements dialog for the award because I was busy managing things and some of them can go by without notice.  I tried digging back through the event log for some of them and wasn't too far back, but some I just kept clicking and clicking and that got old real quick not knowing how far back the award was received, gave up!   Most I was able to catch and some of them I was fully expecting since I was deliberatly going after it at that time.


congratulations :)
very nice town.

Congrats!! Well done :)

Congratulations! Getting all the achievements on one map is not easy, @Nilla is the only one who has done it before that I know about. I for one shall certainly be interested to hear about your tactics and techniques.

Well done. It´s a lot of fun to solve this puzzle! :) I would also like to hear more about your strategies. The start is tough (expected difficulties) and I can also remember some more unexpected problems; like not having enough roads to put stones on and that graves disappeared before you could get the needed number.


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