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Forum Ultimate Challenge: 5,000 Citizens

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It's no secret we have some amazing Banished players on the forum.  Whether you are new to Banished or have played since the game was released, you can learn something new from every challenge we have here.

Since Banished was released, I have seen only a few towns over 4,000 and one of those I'm not sure was functional at that level after the methods used to achieve that population.  Two 4,000 plus towns have happened here at WOB.

Those two members have agreed to take on the first Ultimate Challenge: 5,000 citizens

Now if you have been lurking and not playing but you think you can take on this challenge, I invite you to join in. I dare you to join in!

The rules are simple:  Any seed, any settings. No deadline. Build out your map until you reach 5,000 population.  Blog your progress in the Village Blogs sub-forum at least once a week, even if you had no game time that week.

The first to achieve 5,000 will be crowned our Ultimate Champion. Those who achieve 5,000 afterwards can join the ranks of this elite status.

Let the games begin! And, may the odds be ever in your favor!

Woot  ! Go Go Go You can doeet !  ;D

I look forward to seeing others' towns! Good Luck to everyone who chooses to do this challenge!

My Candidate will be : Cheyenne , a 8167 seed Large valley on medium fair start.

You'll be able to follow its progression :) in my blog :  Red Ketchup - Cheyenne : A future 5000+ pop village.

There is no possible way I could join this challenge. The lag at over 1000 on my PC is torturous.


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