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Forum Ultimate Challenge: 5,000 Citizens

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Alright. Have 4k now and everything is stabil, but i started a new one  ::) Its much more fun with mods, so i dont bother whitout .

Barely made my goal.

Forum Ultimate Challenge: 5,000 Citizens

I made a bunch of mistakes and think a few things could be improved.  My guess is this technique could get to about 15,000 population before starving.  If perfect luck happens Nomads would arrive exactly at the peak population and be the max size of 15%.  That would make a population of 17,250.  Maybe 20,000 population is possible but that would be a lot of attempts and luck.

I'll see the exact peak, upload some save files, and explain some things to do differently in another post.  Feel free to use the save files and go higher.  No mods were used.

@smurphys7    very impressive!   I can't imagine how slow that had to be going.   I haven't played Banished in quite some time and not really that much since my new PC so I haven't test just how large a population I get before it cripples even a good PC.


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