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Lets Play Banished - A tutorial/playthrough/challenge


Hi all,

I've been lets playing on and off for many years, with the birth of my son I closed my account and gave it all up. However, he turned 3 in Jan just as this game was gearing up for release so the timing was perfect for me to get back into gaming. As a result I have started a new channel and am getting back into recording.

Banished is the first game that I am playing through, I would appreciate anyone who is interested in taking a look at my videos and giving some pointers as and where necessary.

I am also planning on trying to achieve a high population challenge so again that would be great if I could get any pointers into extending the size of the town/city with any town patterns that you may think work. I have some of my own techniques, but am always interested in other peoples ideas and layouts how they differ to achieve the goal, but in most cases with dramatic visual differences.



@wtfwit, if you want to build big settlements, go through the village blogs and read anything by @RedKetchup and @irrelevant. They are the kings of large towns and are currently duking it out in the +5000 citizens challenge. The rest of us pale by comparison when it comes to large populations.


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