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The Pilgrim:
Hey guys,
Been trying (and sadly failing) to keep my business above water. So no I am looking for work. Got a few leads and hopeful that I will have at least 2 offers next week.
I'll post an update in the appropriate forum ,so please let's not swamp this thread.

Added some charts with various cost etc. to the original post :) Hopefully contains all the necessary info.

I've been away from Banished for a few years and have found myself drawn back into it again.
Was amazed and happy to see more Asian buildings and deco added to the mod list. I've only done a quick (very quick) search of the site so forgive me if any of these questions have already been asked and answered but...

Do you have any plans to make more Japanese items (and Japanese houses in particular)?
Do you have any plans to make other Asian themed items (e.g. Chinese buildings)?

I am working on a Japanese houses and storage mod right now :) (pictures here:

I don't currently have plans for what to do when I've finished the Japan set, mostly because I still have a lot to do. Also, because with COVID, I can't go to the library to look at reference books. I was lucky I did all my Japan research over the winter. I did a poll somewhere, but I don't remember the other results. I think a country in South America was in second place.

That set of storehouses is looking very sweet!  :)
Thanks for the reply (considering if I had looked harder I would have found the thread about Japanese buildings in the Suggestions page and you wouldn't need to repeat yourself!)
I think the reason the Japanese buildings appeal so much (for me at least) is because I'm someone who was brought up on Western European architecture, so the Asian buildings are quite exotic - I'm really looking forward to the storehouses and houses you're working on.


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