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Design Challenge - 5 "villages"


Hello Bannie fans,

I started a 2 month sabbatical this week, and  I finally got my mods straightened out and working! I'm excited to dive in and make a long term city. I'm challenging myself, but thought I'd share what I'm going to try to create.
All the different styles and options created by our talented group of modders has inspired me to try making distinct villages all on the same map, effectively making it look like several little towns. I have never played with farmyards, Friendly Blue, or Forest Traders by Kid, so this will be interesting!

I'm thinking 100 years, debug allowed since this is just about seeing creativity. I call this "lego mode" since I'm not worrying about survival, but the ultimate goal is to have a stable and sustainable map. I usually let it run for 2 years without building to see how well I have it set up.

Now, to find a good large map. A few mountains help create natural divisions for each village. Please post if you decide to give this a whirl and if you find a good map for it!

Found a good map. I will post progress in Blogs.

Cool idea. Looking forward to your blog

Nice idea!

My poppyglade blog is keeping me very busy at the moment but if time allows it, i want to try that out! Cant wait to see first pictures of your creations.

I'm still on Discrepancy!! I still have not built all the DS buildings.


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