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Hi everyone

I’m a long time, casual player and I need help. I have been playing a lot more recently due to the shelter in place order in NY. I have been reading many blogs on here and would like to play more mods. I have CC,MM,RKEC,and North but am looking to set up a game like Brad3’s America 4 series.  I am not tech savvy at all and don’t know how to convert a rar file to a pkm

Another issue i am having is, no sound. I’ve downloaded the directx, as everything I’ve read tells me to. I just don’t know where to place it in the game files. Or maybe I’m not supposed to. I truly have no idea.

I know these things have been written within this forum somewhere but if someone could direct me to, or just comment with the answers it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You!!

When you download mods that are packed in a rar file, or zip file, you need a program on your computer that opens them and "unpacks" them.  I use a free program named 7-Zip.  WinZip is another program that can be used.  After you unpack the file, you move the .pkm file into your Windata folder of Banished.

Regarding Direct X, your computer would already have it.  If you feel you need to reinstall Direct X, it is computer program file, so your would just click on it's install button, and let your computer put it where in your computer that your computer feels is best.  You don't put it in the Banished game file.

This might be a silly question, but have you restarted your computer lately?  Sometimes I lose sound on my computer for no reason I can tell, but after restarting, the sound is back.

Thank you for such a fast response! I’m going to try all of your recommendations!

As for the turning on and off.. I have. 3 times just today hoping it would fix my issues without any luck

Thank you again for your response! I can’t wait to hear the background music and trees falling again!!

You're welcome.  Do you hear sound at all on your computer, such as if you watch a music video on YouTube?

I do. I’ve had this issue of sound in banished before but I couldn’t remember exactly how I resolved it. I remember going into game files and removing some 32 or 64 file and everything went back to normal


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