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Help with a crash please

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What is the best way to go about finding a crash that is happening. I can play the game with the mods installed. it will run, save, load, exit to main screen with no problems. however, I some games it will crash out with fetal error after 7 yrs, 10 yrs, this current one is now at 17yrs and is crashing. i can load the auto save which gives me about a month till crash and i cant see anything thats doing it in game( nothing new being built, no custom limit level reach etc) nothing I can spot that i might change to stop the crash. I have no clue what to do as the game is running together with all mods but something will randomly cause this.

the crash dump doesnt tell me much unless i am reading it wrong. FAILURE_ID_HASH_STRING:  um:null_class_ptr_read_c0000005_application-steam-x64.exe!unknown

One crash I am responsible for is - too many icons on my deco toolbar.
If the toolbar gets full (to the screen edge), it crashes.

Easy to spot. It crashes each time you open my deco toolbar.

One way to solve it is to remove some mods or load a small mod that
makes the toolbar wrap around to two or three rows.

I attached a 'Shorter Toolbar' if this is the case.
Just needed if you have too many icons on the toolbar.

Thanks for the help but I use the toolbars to build etc and the game is crashing at the same point in time on the reload regardless of if i have a tool bar open or not.
I use your pop up mine, alot of seeds and wool building. I have standard tool bar, the community one with yours and DS off that.

current crash the auto save gives me roughly 3 mins of game time (2x speed) and it crashes every time it reaches whatever is happening. The 1st time this was happening a couple weeks ago I narrowed it down to having DS pick and hen brew and his ds ale building running. the game was running no problem, i could build and use both or one or the other but a random crash was happening at different times each new game. I deleted the ale out and its ran fine since until today. I have switched and added mods since the ale thing but it has been working till today. Back to sqaure one.

The hard part is that all DS mods conflict with each other so you cant just go hey these two are red lets look into that :p 

what mods are you using? did you try RED's townhall patch? or his limit flag patch? some issues are hard to find.

I took out DS Oil press as that one changed some fruit tree settings and added new seeds. maybe was causing an issue for some reason with Kids Alot of seeds mod or the forget about fruit tree mod. I kept the seed trader and took oil press which also said to add improved mine, and the forever fruit tree. I am now on a new city at yr 26 and no issues. So lets HOPE the weird random crash is over.

I am thinking it was related to the seeds because the game would prepare a trader boat at a set time for it to appear so I am thinking because this is something out of my control I couldnt spot the issue in game (new building, limit etc) that I could test by pausing, deleting etc.

honestly no clue lol but so far so good.


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