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I was injured for a long time treated the game and mods almost restored everything but I can't find mods crabs and weapons making RedKetchup can someone tell me the name of mods

you need the RKEC.

Try this one, ACT:;sa=view;down=466

thank you but this is not what I have the latest version of this mod and there was another addition it is not in the list of main mods there is a rogue weapon armor and furniture and a sea addition crab mining

проблема решена
я удалил все моды  EB и все что я искал появилось и заработало и еще мод
KidRedDesertV2.0 блокирует настройки погоды в RK Editor Choice MOD 1.3.1 ПОЛНЫЙ хотя стоял намного всех основных модов


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