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A Sketch for a Story - Notes


This story is a well known topic explored in many different places.

I am not a reader of poetry, but the discussion on book recommendations and a song I was listening to prompted me to look the story up.

The song is "Down By The Salley Gardens". You will immediately recognise it if you listen to it, as sung by Maura O'Connell.

The lyrics are from a  poem by W. B. Yeats, which in turn was inspired by "The Moorlough Shore", an Irish love song.
The plot, as described in wikipedia is:

A young man praises the beauties of the countryside and the girl he has fallen in love with. She refuses his advances on the ground that she already loves a sailor. She will wait for her true love for seven years. In frustration the boy leaves his childhood home and sails away, still praising the girl he loves that lives by the Moorlough Shore.

As you can see, I adapted the ending to be more "tragic".

Then the ending kept nagging me as it occurred to me that "the man in the barge" could have been the barge owner.

I then I thought, what the hell. The whole thing is a bit naff anyway, so let's lighten it up.

Fine idea, @Boris_amj. I'm thinking that in Banished the "man in the barge" would have to be a merchant plying the river. Not much sailing otherwise.

I guess it makes even more sense now why it seemed so poetic to me. Though you do have a very nice way with words Boris_amj in your own right!

People who write always draw inspiration from around them.
I read a poem and a story plot and I thought to write it in a Banished setting, which seems to be particularly suited.

The mischievous part of me wanted to bring it down a notch with some humour, just in case I fell into the easy trap of believing myself "deep" or "insightful".


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