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This thread on Reddit got me thinking:

Let's face it, trading is what's most OP in this game. So, let's see how we do without it; see how far you could develop a town on a large map with no trading whatsoever.

That would mean going with whatever seeds and animals (if any) you got at the start.  I've never done an easy start because of the houses you get stuck with, but I'd want sheep, and houses can be demolished   ;)

I think I'll probably try this when I finish my uneducated town.

I've combo'd this challenge with no education and living off the land in my NoContact save. So far my village is year 13 population 43 adults and almost 20 kids.

I don't know if I'm up to trying to fill up a map without building any schools :P Good luck! You should start a village blog.

Funny, but I find the easy start one of the hardest to keep up with early food needs--so many mouths to feed! So little time! Once one is rolling, though, it is nice to have several seeds and livestock already at hand. Without trading I'd have to go back to mines and quarries. I guess the dying miners and stone cutters would keep the population in check.

i guess no mods allowed ?


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