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Imagine earth
« on: March 07, 2019, 12:26:09 AM »
Hello !  :)

It is a little  management game in the future to colonize différents planetes with différents biomes … frozen, volcanic , terran ..etc etc

there is a demo to test it on steam !

There is a campaing to learn to play !

A mode competion , free ,and sand box.

this game is always in early acces but infact it was always updated by the two germans devs.

I don't know how to put screeshoot on this forum but you may see on steam.

In conclusion : To me  this game is sticking to currents events about Ecology... and it is a fun game !

for example : If you are using only fossils fuels of the planete , you are wining much money at short time but you will pay after .. the planete may collapse and a lot of evenements may destroy youre little colony

Rather if you try to preserve ecology you're losing much money but you may win after...

there are attack from differents aliens but that's all I may said whitout spoiling.