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Mod Discussions 107 / Re: Mod Discussions 1.0.7
« Last post by brads3 on January 15, 2019, 01:54:25 PM »
once you are used to moving the mods to the mod folder,i recommend adding the mod manager. it is super handy for enabling new mods or adjusting the mod order.saveslots of time.remember when you enable the mods in game,you MUST exit and reload the game completely for them to work.
Mod Discussions 107 / Re: DS Jetty & Bridge v2.1 (updated 20 April 2018)
« Last post by BlueFireChelle on January 15, 2019, 01:48:32 PM »
Just wanted to say thanks for all the previous comments about the problems with the Merchant boats not stopping. I'm playing with this mod for the first time and am having trouble with my Jetty Food Merchant. I wasn't sure if I had placed it backwards or something. But it seems like I need to try re-locating it further out on the water. Will give that a go! :)
Here's my fledgling water town so far....
Thanks for a great mod.
Mod Discussions 107 / Re: Mod Discussions 1.0.7
« Last post by Scoots Circus on January 15, 2019, 01:32:23 PM »
I play Banished, bought from Steam. I always play "off-line" and insert Mods myself through my laptop's File Explorer. I keep the File Explorer icon in my Taskbar which gets me to all my file folders. I know there can be subtle differences in file folder listings under File Explorer with different OS/Hardware systems so you may have to improvise abit in searching your file folder list.

When I get a ZIP file, which always goes to my Download folder, I right-click it and Extract All which gives me the PKM. I then move the PKM to the Windata folder myself by the following actions.

Open File Explorer. Go to the file folder list on the left of the screen. Click your way through the folders as they open.
Windows (C:)
Program Files (x86)

Under Banished folder, you should find the Windata folder. Move the PKM file into Windata. I usually Copy/Paste the PKM into Windata so I can then move the PKM into a backup folder on a USB in case of game re-installation in the future. PKMs in Windata will arrange alphabetically automatically, and that's Ok.

Start your game. After Banished starts, go to the Mods option where you will find all your Mods. You can arrange the load order using the "Top" and "Up/Down" triangle buttons. Once you're satisfied with the load order click "Ok" to save the new order.

Then Exit the entire game to your Desktop. Start your game again. This will allow a clean game start with the new Mod order to help prevent crashes and Save problems.

Hopes this helps.
NICE !!!!!!!
Village Blogs / Re: Connecticut Coastal Colony- Hayestown and it's genealogy
« Last post by Artfactial on January 15, 2019, 12:37:12 PM »
Fundaments of Co-foundation of 1639
It is herewith that the settlement and dwelling of the Colony henceforth known as Haynestown upon the River Pootatuck be decreed to provide habitat and dwelling for those under the rule of Almighty God and His Majesty Charles I, King of  England, Ireland and Scotland. It was given the right to assemble and appoint a ruling Council and Govenor from among its inhabitants through which the Royal law and goodness may prevail.
Furthermore it was concluded, agreed upon and sentenced that henceforth none but those who have been found in agreement with the Council of Haynestown to be included to be burgesses of its domain.
It was with this decree that the founding Laws, Rules, Orders and Decrees be sentenced as followeth:
I.   The Council of Haynestown shall convene at least once per year and at such times as need arises for justice, law and decisions in which time the members of the ruling Council are empowered to elect the earliest date of assembly. The council will be comprised of as many a freeman as deemed necessary as to represent the towns in the Colony’s domain and be led by the appointed Govenor.
II.   Records shall be kept by the appointed Govenor as to legitimize, order and judge the proceedings of the Colony. Reports shall be made of each Council meeting and of each person to be born, indentured, freed or admitted into the domain.
III.   It will be decreed that no more than five years will pass between the choosing of a Govenor. The proceedings of choosing a Govenor will be handled by the current ruling Council upon hearing the voices of the burgesses in assembly.
IV.   It was ordered that any member of the ruling Council up to 4 in number to be sent to the General Court of the Commonwealth of Windsor, Hartford and Wethersfield and there represent the justice for the Colony of Haynestown.

April ye 13 AD 1639, voted, singed and said by the followeth:
Humbert Hayes, Zacharaia Mersey, Dandro Grimberghen, Zachery Glowbrenn.

Notes on the Council meeting of December ye 5 AD 1639-
We arrived a sorry lot in these region in March of this year. Aside from the 3 English families we brought from the West Farm colony landing, we picked up a Dutch family that had made their way from the Southhold colony. Thus we arived at the appointed region of the Colony with 4 Famillies, 2 Freeman and one indentured servant.

The livestock we managed to bring along from The Lentil numbered 9 in total of which the charge, care and produce was divided among three families, thusly:
-Haynes family-  three sheep
-Mersey family- three sheep
-Grimbergher family- three sheep.
Gov. H. H.

Notes on Council meeting of Oktober ye 15 AD 1640-
Young Mister Mathen Mersey has had several quarrels with his father, Council member Zechari Mersey, and has henceforth be evicted from the family house.
The council has deemed it acceptable for Mister Mathen is allowed to build his own accommodation with the help of any who see fit to do so.
Furthermore, in an effort to spur the construction of the colony a lumberyard has been decided upon. This aide in
The first harvest of Rye has been accounted to 639
Gov. H. H.

Notes on Council meeting of September ye 11 AD 1641-
We’ve had the joy of three births during the course of this year.
The second harvest of Rye has been accounted to 546, due to the harsh winter.
The Glowbrenn family has started growing the Indian Squash in their yard to the account of 90.
These regions are a true paradise and all grows well. The grand pine forests surrounding us will be a goodly recourse for trading goods in the future. The hills are rich with iron ore and we have determined to set up a small smelting smithy to make use of such materials.
Gov. H. H.

Notes on Council meeting of September ye 25 AD 1642-
During the past months the colony has organized itself to accommodate a period of growth and a general labor towards the production of trade goods.
As such the council hereby notes down the plans for:
-The expansion of the sheep flock, starting with the Hayes’ stock currently held in a new, larger pen.
-The Chaarason family has been moved and granted proper land near the fields. This also to accommodate the growth of the former neighbors’ estates.
-A mooring and trading dock will be constructed besides the fishing shack of Kurtiss Mersey to which all so able shall contribute.
-The following goods have been noted as future sources of trade goods: wool, leather, lumber, rye, iron.
90 of Indian Squash
523 of rye
Gov. H. H. and the Council of Haynestown being Zacharaia Mersey, Dandro Grimberghen, Zachery Glowbrenn.
Hey all,
I’ve been planning a new town project and I’d thought I’d share this one; it’s a bit complicated and time consuming but it might spark some inspiration to some. I’m trying to record a historically accurate New England, Connecticut coastal settlement with all that such a place would entail throughout the years.
The rules I will try keep myself to:

-Among the many mods to use is the One year is One Year mod.
    It is both slows down the game’s pace considerably and increases the difficulty of job management. It is simultaneously a boon and obstacle to the project.
-Keep a genealogical database for all settlers, allowing for more personal and  dramatic storytelling.
    I have done this before in a town reaching a population of 250 over 90 years. I use the GRAMPS open source software to accommodate this process.
-Keep track of relevant historical events that might impact the colony as well as enact the progressively harsher taxations and laws imposed by England.
   I haven’t figured out how to implement the taxations specifically; just the list of Acts imposed on the colonies. I will draft a margin of the population for any applicable wars that come along.
-I will try to keep it fun for myself. The previous iterations have been some of my most fun gaming experiences in years, but it can be very taxing.

Alright, with that out of the way; here is the outset:
RK’s Medium 3 start in Pine Lakes, Harsh Climate, XL map.
Geographical locations is about where current day Stradford and Bridgeport are, along the Housatonic River.

Any tips on how to make these blogs more readable and manageable are welcome. As well as any historical discussion, of course.:)

Tips and Help / Re: Different trees at start
« Last post by RedKetchup on January 15, 2019, 11:52:29 AM »
nop :( no news since a long while.
Village Blogs / Re: Abandoned - Crystal Canyon - Story 36
« Last post by Abandoned on January 15, 2019, 10:13:00 AM »
Chapter 15

 That winter of year 15 a new house was built across the river by the bakery and another near the magic garden.

  In early spring of year 16 as the weather warmed, bears could be seen playing in the nearby forests.  Several lingered too close to town across the river.  A 2nd hunting tower was build there as well as a second greenhouse.  Work was delayed on another house by the persistent presence of one large brown bear.  Some thought it was the smell of the herb bread the baker was now making that kept the bear there.  Residents were warned "don't feed the bear."

  We were happy when the bear finally wandered off.  We felt more secure growing strawberries in the new greenhouse, bears like strawberries.  Another worker was assigned to the first greenhouse and our harvest of corn greatly increased.  The previously low harvest total was due mostly to the fact that both compost bins and the bow-making magician were using vines.  There was a shortage of vines and the amount of compost available for the greenhouse was low.  Composting our surplus of roots instead of vines increased our production of compost and in turn our corn harvest.

  Year 17 consisted mainly of work and routine chores, collecting downed branches, wild oats when we spotted them, and keeping an eye on supplies to workplaces.  The only new construction was the butcher shop by the sheep pasture.  We would have mutton sausages as soon as we had a worker to make them.
Tips and Help / Re: Different trees at start
« Last post by kid1293 on January 15, 2019, 09:23:20 AM »
Any news on kralyerg? Haven't heard from or heard about him for a while.
Mod Discussions 107 / Re: Mod Discussions 1.0.7
« Last post by RedKetchup on January 15, 2019, 08:59:52 AM »

Good you use steam wrkshop....

so you will open your steam launcher and at the left you will do a right click on "Banished" name and you will select properties. a window will open.
on this new window, you will click on [ Local Files ] tab.

on this tab you will click [ Browse local files ] button. You will get the folder of your game. You will see a folder called "WinData"
you will go there in the WinData folder. There is where your mods need to be and need to be sent.

you will take your.pkm (or need to unzip your .zips first) and you will send it there, or copy pasted there(or click and drag).
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