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Post by: brads3 on January 11, 2018, 11:40:24 AM

        good morning.sorry i haven't posted a new town in a while.i was sick for almost a month since before the holidays.
stomach doc has changed my meds and they seem to be's it go 2 steps backwards and 1 step forward? i am better than last month but not as well as i wish.anyway i will try to do a map and see how it goes.

mods:total is 119 for the most part it is the same as it was with a few changes. i have updated KID's colonial mod so it is 2 parts and the forest outpost to the nat div version.added CC frontier for the indian housing.dumped the multiple starts mod. i did clean the registry and moved RED's garden utility above CC,moved KID's mods above RED's.i do have KID's group shuffled so that the theme icon isn't working. that should not cause any conflicts or errors between the mods the main order of the mods is the same with just a few adjustments.
         not every mod is enabled at the same time. with the upgrades,i did keep the old versions in the folder but disabled. they are needed if i want to open the TOWNS map.the more stone and wood mods are usually not used. i did enable the more wood for this map however.

for a detailed list of the mods check the start posts of "VICKS".

map: OSSER, code 288532708,valleys,medium size,fair climate,medium start,disasters off.

goal:it is a simple 1. this is the group of mountain men who left the Landing Fort many stories back. they met up with some indians and with their new indian wives have grown to a group of 19.they have headed off into the hills to build a trapping and hunting town and trading post.

YEAR 1: even though i send them with KID's vegetable seeds,they never use them.between CC and the nat div mod the seed mod won't add to the start.1 of those give and takes. if i move it higher in the mod order,then maybe it would but it will stop the thatch meadows.

          1st i adjust the limits.knowing we will need logs to build, i bump it up to 2000.i move the herbs up to 1000.since the leather will be needed for the indian housing,i leave the clothing alone but do bump the textiles up by adding the zero. so its 2000.these guys will burn thatch so the firewood count doesn't need changed.
        next, i send a quick fisherman and hunter out.that will help our food and bring the leather. 2 crop fields worth of clearing will give us building materials.they will start with 2 log cabin houses to give them a place to rest and keep warm until they get some leather stocked mid sping,peppers and potatoes are being planted.

        as leather is collected,the indian huts can be built.the quickhunter has moved several times with the deer herds. the upgraded FO workshop hut does require thatch to be built.a workplace shed and tailor are planned near 1 of the cabins.a firewood chopper and shed help keep us from overstocking the material pile and the firewood stays fall, there is enough materials for the builder and the laborers go looking for food to the time snow falls,there is enough leather to finally start building a teepee house.then the tailor can begin making coats.clearing land slows as we try to keep the stockpile below 90% capacity.this allows room to clear for buildings later.

PIC 1: map start settings
pic 2: step 1-clearing fields and quickhunter and fisherman
pic 3:yr 1 housing,workshop,tailor,and firewood storage

Post by: Nilla on January 11, 2018, 03:01:00 PM
I'm very sorry, that you aren't well. I hope you will get better soon. I've missed your very personal way of writing. ;)

Looking forward on this new adventure.
Post by: Maldrick on January 11, 2018, 03:31:10 PM
Yeah, sorry to hear that, also.  Hope you get to feeling better soon.  Your blogs are always fun and interesting to follow.
Post by: brads3 on January 12, 2018, 07:04:51 AM
thank you. glad to see the interest.
Post by: brads3 on January 12, 2018, 07:05:56 AM
year 2

        now work can start on a townhall.since the indians don't have 1 yet,i decide to use the mini TH.we have a 9yr old who will become our teacher so a school should be built this year also.otherwise we can use the time to stock food,add some roads,and built decorations or a barn if needed.where is the slow time ,NILLA? to use up the pile we upgrade to a fishing dock and add a cemetary.

pic 1: firepits,benches,soil and country roads,indian totem pole,and the new school.
pic 2: cemetary and mini TH inventory
Post by: brads3 on January 12, 2018, 07:17:07 AM

          to get the pile back under 90%, a stone bridge is planned across the main river.maybe we can find some fruit there. i did up the stone tools a click.the 3 laborers are kept busy searching for fruit,though they keep finding roots and onions.they also add logs to the pile when it gets below 80% full. you can see that i am using wider roads. they do stand out more that way.around the cemetary and buildings i do use the verdant grassy road. it does stop brush from overgrowing some areas.winters are a good time to cut trees around the village. the farmers will help but also stay close to their fields.
           it might seem slow to some but the bannies have kept busy.i could have delayed building the school. that would be 2 more workplaces.i could also move children out at younger ages by building houses. if you really want to speed it up,you can add KID's tiny mod  nomad the time you have houses built the well will send you more nomads,a set ever year.

            i guess i should mention that these bannies start on the edge of thatch meadows not in the middle of 1.they did have to go north to find thatch for the FO. workshop.there is tatch to the north and to the east a ways.for those who don't use the nat div mod,it will give meadows and forest areas scattered around the isn't all trees everywhere mixed with does affect how you plan towns since you have to pick where you want the foresters.if you place the forester in a meadow,it will take a while before you have works both ways though. if you plan the thatch hut in a good spot it will give you logs while it is clearing the trees to plant the does add differences to the maps that you learn to work with.
          i have the forever tree mod<immortal trees> added so the trees don't die off everywhere over a real forest the squirrels would plant seeds so that doesn't happen.i did opt for the more wood mod on this map because i knew i would be behind on leather at the start.the indian tents use 14 each,the huts use 2.with the nat div and pine mods,there is a delay of some foods appearing on the maps.hence the lack of fruit for the 1st few years. houses prefer to burn firewood but will burn thatch. keeping the firewood limit down will force them to use thatch more. there are some houses that will not brun thatch at all.note i am using the original nat div not the upgrade. the upgrade slowed this computer down too far.

pic 1: stone bridge
pic 2: mini fishing dock and lean-to storage behind the huts
pic 3: an overview. to the left of the main road was more the left past the stone near the ridge of the hills was thatch and  to the north of the field.the village sets in a clearing.

pic 4: the forest continued west across the river.
Post by: RedKetchup on January 12, 2018, 12:51:39 PM
i cant believe there are still so bad toolbars like that in screenshots ^^
Post by: brads3 on January 12, 2018, 02:24:04 PM
RED,do you mean the decoration 1 or the main bar? the only thing in the main is the NMT,mini mod,the older mods of new trees and fountian lite i think.most is how CC breaks things down into sections. forestry,industry,pubs or taverns,my precious,and theme add-ons are all CC.
the decorations bar,is double cause it has 1 set and a ghost set.

115+ mods but many pieces to each.

notice under the community icon it is 4 bars to build a teeppe or hut for the indians. that is normal even if i were to pull EB,KID,or NECORA.

or are you saying i have too many toys in here??? ::)
Post by: RedKetchup on January 12, 2018, 02:42:02 PM
or are you saying i have too many toys in here??? ::)

haha probably both  ;D
Post by: brads3 on January 13, 2018, 07:21:30 AM

        with this "slow time",instead of running around like a chicken with its head cut off,i try to use the time to think.have to figure 100 or so steps ahead. this stockpile fills too quick,so we need storage.with that we need a trading post and decide what items the town will trade.who has the crystal ball to see that far ahead???
        these indians bring a challenge of their own.there is less mods that fit the map.since they are woodsmen,the forest outpost and pine mod will help some.many buildings would look out of place here though.for now i will add a pine market that will store most items and will move stuff later to the village center.this will help move fruit and logs or thatch as well as textiles.this will take pressure off both the pile and the barn.
        before fall, i send laborers to gather food.waiting too long runs the risk of the farmers not getting back to their fields. health is already decreasing so they have to find fruit winter,they can clear across the bridge and expand the road. again by clearing earlier and doing small patches,it will insure the farmers getting back to their fields. when they get ahead,there is lots to clear at the village.winter is also a good time to move the quickhunter since you can see the deer herds clockwork by late winter,they all go play tag with the kids in the cemetary as the weather starts to warm up.

pic 1: versatile pine market to store and move all items
pic 2:clearing and extending the road across the bridge
pic 3: more clearing near village and the inventory shows a lack of cranberry yet and  blueberry they ate.
note top center,we now have a beaver lodge so pine mod is starting to add items to the map.
Post by: Nilla on January 13, 2018, 09:33:22 AM
When you say; "slow time"; wich speed do you play?
Post by: brads3 on January 13, 2018, 10:04:01 AM
haha,slow time cause of the propertime not vanilla time.the game is set at 10x but with so many mods it is more like 5x.
Post by: Nilla on January 13, 2018, 02:06:42 PM
And you say I'm playing fast!! I never play 10X, seldom 5X, mostly 2X and when the settlement grows, sometimes 1X. So you tell me, who play the "slow time", me or you? ;)  :D  ;D (I don't speak from my present game even if 2x is my standard here as well)
Post by: brads3 on January 13, 2018, 06:47:02 PM
it is your story...... game set speed is more controlled by the computer than that number. when i watched any video's of CC changes or the megamod, i can see how slow mine is compared to others. when i did some testing with a vanilla game,my mouse outruns me across the screen even. if i zoom all the way in the bannies run faster.but i am also pushing my limits on mod count and sizes.

       to me the big problem of the vanilla age is it doesn't make the game go faster just the population. they grow crops and eat at 1 year and multiply at 8x that. it is out of sync.
Post by: Nilla on January 14, 2018, 01:01:26 AM
How do you get to 8X? As far as I know, they age 4 years in one year, if you understand what I mean.

And yes, I know, the computer has a big influence on the speed. My old computer was quite hopeless. I never played large maps on that one, because it didn't take long until the lags came and the speed went down in a very unpleasant way. I had it before the mods and I can't think of its speed, or rather lack of speed with a load of mod. Luckily my son decided to change his computer a couple of years ago and I inherited his "old", much better one. :)
Post by: brads3 on January 14, 2018, 07:46:03 AM

       our oldest female child is 11.we are a few years from needing houses.even as we have doubled population,there is room for 1 more child to be born.all except the teepee will  house 5 bannies.
      by keeping the firewod limit down,they have started to burn thatch.the laborers will colllect more this year now that they have a place to store it.they will try to find more herbs since the health has dropped to 2 stars.
      are you scared yet with the health so low?? well these bannies originally came over from holland.their grandparents had greenhouses and grew many things in them.these woodsman are smart enough to propagate strawberries so are their indian wives. why do i start with so many mods in the tool box,hmmm?
      since they dropped down to 2 laborers and 1 builder,clearing is slower. they did get thatch put away for the winter.
the indians were taught well and cleared the beaver lodge. they kept the pelts and now there is also cranberries being gathered.the pine mod is paying off nicely.already, i had to raise the food limit.

      so far no nomads have showed up. i usually use the mini TH and have luck with it. it normally gives small groups within 5 years and increases slowly to bigger groups.normally, it gives you a group every couple years.i do think there is a variable connected to the map code.some maps nomads show up more often,sometimes there is several years before the 1st group. i have seen large groups early,but that is rare.
       all nomad catchers are not the same. each is modded differently.some the nomads must walk all the way to the catcher before you see them.some will let you deny or accept them when the nomads are on the edge of the map.some will bring nomads every year.these differences are not all in the mod write-ups.some require a trading post and townhall,some work by themself. you have to experiment and find what works for you as we all play differently.
      i do think the delay on this map is caused by the access. there are rivers and streems blocking several areas of the map.the edge has a lot of hills and a pond as doesn't surprise me to see a lack of is only year 5. if there are no nomads by year 10 and i wanted them,i can build a bridge to the south.

pic 1: 5 yr stats,
pic 2: food graph,
pic 3:inventory of the houses shows they are using thatch
pic 4:strawberry greenhouse
pic 5 clearing thatch and herbs and foods.for now they try to leave the stones and iron ore.
Post by: brads3 on January 15, 2018, 08:53:32 AM
YEAR 6 to 8

      to increase our storage,a longhouse will be built this year.we do add some decorations near the indian huts.the little village is well stocked so there isn;t much to do.2 laborers do contingue to collect thatch and clear small areas to find herbs and food.even with a late spring,the fields have produced 672 each.the strawberry greenhouse is at is a quiet year.

      the mini fishing dock is around 450 fish and the quickhunter is 800+ with moving him a couple times each year.i have seen years where he hit 1000.he is very handy wfor game starts,since it costs nothing to build.with the thatch, you do have to pick where you place him or clear the it worked well to push the leather up for the indian huts and teepee.if you get a food shotrtage,the hunter can boost the count by moving him around. he will work an area about double the size of its circle.i try  to move him in winter since it is easier to see the deer and spring. i also don't send him out to far. he has been across the bridge,north in the thatch meadow,and west to the ridge between the hills.

       as soon as it warms up in spring,the workers start collecting more thatch.the builder is busy with verdant roads near the indian huts.with only 2 workers,all the thatch they clear is going to the houses.the farmers will work to clear thatch and foods around the village once snow falls.

       year 8,we will build a house,since 1 male is 17 and Ayann will turn 15.with it a pine storage shed to store stone,iorn ore, and thatch.we have over 1500 venison and 50 leather, so we do consider a tower hunter as well.if i knew building a house would draw nomads,i would have built it a few years ago once the builder started the wigwam,3 nomads arrived.

      good time to hit pause and grab a cup of coffee.also a good time to save the still drops,though slower. we need grain.that would take a trading post.only thing to trade for now would be iron ore or stone.there is most likely 2 adults and 1 child.1 will work a thatch hut.the other will replace our hunter.that will give me 3 laborers for now.after the nomads have workplaces,another house will be needed. by then our 1st student will be graduating and i can decide what's next.this will make NILLA nervous cause i didn't mention boosting the food.

     the bannies never want to play fair.the child was a 14yr old female and took the house to herself.i'll just have to build another wigwam beside soon as the laborers have the 2nd house supplied,they will start clearing for a road.the pine storage is already completed.

         the bannies will clear some patches and stock thatch and food up for the winter.having new people made the bannies feel better and health has improved.

pic 1: longhouse storage
pic 2:thatch hut,wigwams,and pine material shed.toolbar road options,grassy road set.
pic 3: the nomads in their houses.
Post by: Nilla on January 15, 2018, 03:24:50 PM
Me, nervous?? Hmm, maybe I should be for your poor settlers.  ;)
Post by: brads3 on January 16, 2018, 08:53:46 AM

     Ayann still needs a house.a pine furrier hut is planned as well that can make pelt or fur keeping limits down.i have extra helpers to continue clearing or gathering.i am going to add the native indian trade more for looks and to use up some materials than for function. an 18 yr old male did move with the 15 yr old nomad girl.

        i hope new players read these blogs now and then.i do throw info out for that reason now and'll notice i didn't build a forester yet. i can clear fast enough not to need it.even at 3 laborers the bannies worked like there was long as i don't send them too far out or clear late in winter,the farmers help and get back to thier fields.the thatch hut will work as a forester.where it was placed,has a good mix of stone,trees,and thatch more thatch is planted,stones and logs will be collected.small amounts but this village is also using thatch to heat their homes.the thatch will allow herbs and food to grow,whereas fodder will not.this gives you options to experiment with.add a trapper,a gatherer,an herbalist ??which will give you the most or which do you need ? some flexability.

      the native trader has been adjusted when the modular mod was made.the amounts needed to trade are lower. however,it doesn't trade out indian goods. it uses ale and muskets,goods from the fort.the arrowheads are not needed to build anything.for input the only useful items are isn't going to help these mountain men and indians at all.

       now that our population is starting to grow,more food will be needed.a field for potates is being cleared and a lean-to storage added. Ayann took became the pelt tailor so i will bump the clothing limit up a won't take her long and she will switch to fur coats.

pic 1 thatch forester outputs.note the roots and herbs just above the housing toolbar.those are PILGRIM's colonial houses.

pic 2: the CC native trader<inputs on left,out goods on right in  parethesis>. the pine fur tailor behind it.
storage toolbar showing SLINK's small market set

pic 3:lean to and new field. toolbar is city services,cemetaries and some of the many churches.the 2 crown icons are castles.
Post by: brads3 on January 17, 2018, 06:54:07 AM

       in 10 years,the population has grown by 14 to 33.that with only adding 3 houses since the initial constrcution.
they are well is recovering as they have find more fruit.they do lack grain.firewood is low,since the bannies have restocked their houses.they like to do that after the long cold winters.the little village has slowly expanded to the west.

       a trapper is planned near the meadow. that will keep our tailor busy.the meadow is a good spot for rabbits and foxes.soon as that is finished,the laborers will clear along the road and the trader.then they will spread out to gather more thatch.with the blacksmith and tailors helping, it won't take long to get thatch built up.if no nomads show up by fall,the banies will cross the bridge and work out farther collecting food and thatch both.there is plenty of space for thatch in the longhouse.

pic 1:10yr stats ,toolbar CC food processors
pic 2: production, CC mines and quarries
pic 3: inventory,CC production icon textiles
pic 4:food graph, luxury toolbar
pic 5: pine trapper already finding furs and eggs, CC theme sets,quay set

i wonder if RED has seen enough toolbars yet? there is a lot of options.some aren't used often but are packaged with parts that is a good way to show off the different mods.
Post by: Nilla on January 17, 2018, 07:15:02 AM
It looks like I don't need to be nervous this time. The food graph; a school book example. ;)
Post by: brads3 on January 18, 2018, 08:34:36 AM

       we start the year better the bannies had more time they were able to gather more thatch to burn before winter.there is a pair of 15 yr old we build a house now or wait a year? when will the nomads arrive? we don't have enough goods for a trading post.there isn't anything we really need.the bannies do decide to add an old barn for storage between the village and the meadow.
       we have 2 more laborers now.our students graduated at 15.we hold off abit in case nomads showed up and then built a hut. a FO.gatherer and a small workplace beekeeper will work the edge of the meadow.this will give me a chance to see how well KIDs's gatherer works with NECORA's pine mod items.

       now each year i have sent the laborers to do some spot the main pile gets below 80%,they stock it have seen me list storage issues before. even though the 2 pine storages will store logs,thatch,and stone,i am being careful.the pine storages store more items and will keep space for items i don't they will not fully fill up or use all the space available.even with more barns storing thatch,i don't want to overfill the pile with iron ore and stone.also some of the buildings in my toolbox don't fit the indian mountain theme as much as they would a growing colonial town.the thathc to the north grows back. that is a good spot to find herbs and food as well.

pic 1: old barn,
pic 2: FO. gatherer,CC theme set,fort walls
Post by: brads3 on January 19, 2018, 06:22:16 AM

     no there isn't enough tools. i always find myself looking for something that isn't here.this morning i wanted a medium market or storage that would hold logs,stone,and food but fit this village style. had an idea to use it across the bridge.nothing fit quite like i wanted or would take 2 buildings.
     for now i decide to access the land to the south. a wooden dock bridge will fit these bannies well.hopefully it is high enough for the merchant boats.the bannies were so quick at building the bridge, i had them add a pine market on the southside.they can add a railing to the bridge to keep the children from falling off as well.

       i do want to point out a couple things since not everyone uses the same mods and might not understand how they work. the tower hunter isn't locked to a radius circle. what he hunts each year is random and not affected by the terrain,trees,or anything else.totally different than the vanilla won't produce leather every year but will give you a variety of will give furs. all randomly decided by the tower itself.this gives a lot of options as to where to place it. it can be used on the edge of a town without lowering the it can hunt the meadow and the forest equally. even works with fodder meadows where nothing else willl grow.
     for now the thatcher hut is still clearing and planting thatch. as he does that he acts as a forerster in harvesting logs. he doesn't collect food or it doesn't comply with NECORA's gathering system or ability.the FO gatherer doesn't either.i was curious if it would or not since KID updated the mod to use thatch.
      NECORA's gathering system does affect some doesn't change everyone equally though.the trapper walks by roots and fiddleheads.laboers will collect eggs and pelts instead of just trashing things as they clear land.foresters are known to clear traps as is a neat change to the vanilla or old way.more items are kept or collected instead of wasted.even without the trapper,traps and beaver lodges appear all over the map.the laborers have brought in cranberries,chanterelles,and fiddleheads.some players might find the trapper outputs to be low,but that is partly determined by placement.also the furs have a higher trade me it adds some realism to the game. the bannies find a variety of items in different amounts year to year. they are also less wasteful when they do come across things.a forester walking by a sprung trap doesn't ignore it he takes the rabbit.laborers don't just bulldoze land,they are more careful.

pic 1: dock bridge and pine market.
pic 2:outputs of the meadow workers.NECORA's gatherers and foresters toolbar.
Post by: brads3 on January 20, 2018, 06:15:44 AM
YEAR 13-14

     there isn't much to do.most barns are at 1/3rd to half full.the bannies built a couple benches and cleared more to the south.during the winter the bannies decided to add another pile so they can clear around the village next year.they also made more tools to use some stone up.

     as soon as it warmed up and the farmers returned to their fields,the laborers started clearing.they extended the village road north to the river.the blacksmith got sick with TB.he then infected several of the students at the school
     as the sickness began to spread,2 strangers rode in to town on horses.they were out exploring 1 day and had gotten lost.luckily an indian village found them and took them in for the now they were quite frustrated as they could not find their way forward or backwards.they were lost again.the wife claimed she could heal the TB with herbs and steam. they offered to stay at least until everyone was well again.
     an FO. cabin and sauna would be built across the south bridge.this will isolate the sick from the village.  a small pasture for the horses will also be needed.the construction took time as the illness spread to our laborers.before winter, Nickie had everyone feeling better and nobobdy had died from it.

pic 1: late winter
pic 2: FO healing sauna and cabin,ghosted animal decoration toolbar
Post by: brads3 on January 21, 2018, 08:33:24 AM

      after everyone was recovered from the disease,we took time to get to know more about the 2 lost strangers.Ferny and nickie had decided to travel since they had no children.Ferny's goal was to start a horse ranch. he had hopes of a son to pass it down to.they had tended horses at the landing fort a couple years before being sent out with wagon trains and new settlers.they helped several towns get established.pver the years,Nickie had not become that she is 44,they have about gave up hope.they have had enough of adventures and just want a quiet place to call home.

        they carried 2 things of value with them.of value to Osser at least. 2 small bags of grain that they used to feed the horses. 1 of corn and 1 of barley.they did make us a good offer.Nickie will grow herbs and tend to the sick.Ferny will plant the barley and work at building his horse ranch.if wer help with construction,they will share the barley crops with us.
      by late spring the barley was planted and Nickie was planting started on a fodder hut for the hay to keep the horses warm through the fall the builder was still busy. there was a new couple who needed a house.Nickie and Ferny had taken to them and let them build near the pasture.they will help move goods back and forth across the river.
     once the barley was harvested,Ferny switched over to work the fodder.there is a lot of rocks and trees to be cleared for make room for the grass to the new couple moved into their FO cabin,Nickie finally had a baby.just before her 45th brirthday,she gave birth to a seems the lost  strangers have found a good home.

pic 1: herb grower and barley field added, CC theme set,dock set toolbar. note the dock buildings don't require them to be built over water.the herb grower can be used on flat ground anywhere.,so can the houses,school, and barns.does give you some flexability.

pic 2: fodder hut and storage,RED's fodder toolbar
pic 3: Nettina.
pic 4: 15 yr food graph
Post by: Nilla on January 21, 2018, 08:53:23 AM
You can be proud of that food graph. But I'm a bit concerned about the health. How do they eat? You have herbs but do you also have an herbalist?
Post by: brads3 on January 21, 2018, 01:46:43 PM
the health does bounce between 1 and a half to 2 stars.we have fruit but lack grain.the barley isn't enough nor moved enough yet.the dock herb grower should act as a herbalist.if we have sickness, we can staff the healing sauna again. it will work out though.stay tuned.
Post by: brads3 on January 22, 2018, 07:23:28 AM

        Nell decided to take over for Ferny at the fodder hut in the spring.he will clear trees and stone for the grass while Ferny tends to the barley.with all the tree cutting,we need to start planting new trees soon as Dashad graduates he will plant apple and maple trees.the forest is planned to the southeast.his graduation was saddened by the death of our blacksmith during child birth. the 1st death of the village.his new wife will brew mead from the extra honey.
      since we are low on leather but stocked on pelts,the workplace tailor stops for the year, but we increase our clothing limit.

pic  1: maple forest,cabin,and pine storage
pic : workplace brewer,shed,and extending the road.
Post by: brads3 on January 23, 2018, 05:31:48 AM
YEAR 17-18

     i have to consider starting a mormon community.there are several girls 15 and 16,but our oldest male is 10.seems we have a case of Nillness.they remember being told that many male births is a sign of a coming war,so hopefully females is a sign of prosperity. they are quite content and enjoyng the peacefulness.
       one stayed to help raise her sister after her mother died.1 became a farmer.the rest are 2+years from it isn't an issue yet.
        with the extra time the laborers can clear up around the village and some brush along the forest road.with the pine storages, there is plenty of space for materials.they work fast enough to begin work on the huge rockpile to the south.

       i never said these mountain-indian bannies were seems 1 boy has made some rounds as the girl who stayed home to help her father had a some cultures there would be rumors and,noone questioned how,when,or who got her pregnant.the townsfolk were sad when she lost her mother and happy when she gave birth.tis the way life is in the mountains.
     as such the laborers headed out in spring of year 18 to build a new home for the next 16yr old girl.without warning,a 14 yr old decides to quit school early and move into the new house.the men shake their heads and begin work on another they did they tried to figure out what her plans were and what work she wanted to do.must have been a squabble cause she kicked the older girl off her field and took over being a farmer.

      these villages do tend to write their own stories and have their own craziness to them.right as work began on the 2nd hut,7 nomads arrived.2 families with 1 small male child of 5.2 houses,a hunter for the forest,and a trading since the barley has done well,we will add a greenhouse for it at the will be a busy year.
      it is also a very sad year. Ferny died soon afer Nickie,now 47, gave birth to a son. a tree fell on him while he was clearing for the fodder meadow.luckily he had taught others about horses and growing the grain and grass.Nickie took over working the fodder alone to contiue Ferny's dream for her son.
      by mid-autumn,work began on the old town trading post.the nomads took over all 3 houses,a cabin,tent,and native hut.
Doshiko will have stay with her parents another winter. we doubled our firewood to 400,and sent our leather tailor back to producing coats.hopefully the pine hunter will bring in enough leather for new huts.the barley field to the south still had no cover. it produced over 300 before the fall frost.the bannies work all winter to get the trading post built.

pic 1:barley greenhouse,more indian huts
pic 2: hunter and cabin,
pic 3: old town trading post
Post by: brads3 on January 24, 2018, 10:33:02 AM

      we sent 200 iron ore and 200 mead to the trading post.1000 peppers and 1000 fish will be sent. hopefully we can trade for different help move items,a vendor is sent to the village pine market.this will help give the meadows and forest more storage space.
     the bannies enclose the south barley can now produce grain all year.there is enough leather to build a hut for Doshiko.we also add another FO school closer to the honour Fern,the bannies want to build a stable barn for the horses.
     Doshiko is so picky that she refuses to move.we have tried 3 types of houses already.a wigwam will make 4.strike 4. she is told that that she will have to go across the river and work with the horses.either carrying water or shoveling actually seemed like she took to the idea.she did help carry materials for the new cabin.when it was finished she laughed and ran back home now there are 5 females living alone.even though she refused to move,the bannies sent her to the stables to clean up manure.

pic 1:fodder mod horse stable.

pic 2: EB water collector.note i still have an issue with irrigation systems in the mod order.NECORA's dig tools didn't get the ground deep enough.i faked and used an NMT canal build then remove.that dug the ground deeper so the water connects to the river.

pic 3:single females housed everywhere except Doshiko.she refused to move.
Post by: brads3 on January 25, 2018, 06:10:40 AM

      just before spring,a student from the thatch meadow comes down with dysentery.he is sent away from the school to visit the healing sauna.the herbalist stops and goes to work as a doctor.the teacher sending him away quickly and the isolation area worked to stop the disease from spreading.he was able to return to school in the spring.

          POPULATION 62 in 19 houses.several single level holds at 64%.we have a functioning thatch and fodder meadow and a forest started.a trading post working,though we have seen no merchants yet.that is a concern with the dock bridge.our food graph shows a drop but 2000 is held in the trading post.Doshiko's refusal to move affected that as more houses were stocked.our leather is low and our thatch.the thatch does get used in construction by the FO. mod.with more barley,health continues to improve.
        as soon as it warmed up and the farmers were back to their fields,the laborers head out to collect thatch from the north.they bring news back that a merchant is rowing downstream.he carries mud bricks and roof tiles.he will send word to other merchants.the dock bridge is high enough for his boat.
     the laborers cut trees and brush along the west shore of the river and collect firewood that has drifted down with the spring rains.
       the pine market vendor works to keep over 25% stocked.he travles out to bring goods back from the laborers now and then.once the town market is at 30%,he is sent to stock the south market.the vendor comes down with cholera in the fall while working near the forest.once again the doctor is called upon.since it was the vendor the disease quickly spread.
before it was cleared up,we lost a small 1 recovered another came down with it. the doc was busy with 4-6 patients for many months.finally the doc had it cleared up by mid-winter.
        the growing population will need more fruit.aforager is set up in the forest to pick apples and blueberries.a shed is built for storage as well.there is over 400 water being gathered from the river and the stable is producing 200 fertilizer.soon,we can expand our greenhouse operations.

pic 1: stats
pic 2: production
pic 3: inventory,note how cleared up the thatch meadow is.
pic 4: food graph, 2000 of the drop is in the TP,some was caused by stocking houses.
pic 5: merchant boat passes under the dock bridge,
pic 6: maple forest gatherer
Post by: brads3 on January 26, 2018, 06:14:07 AM

    last winter wasn't as cold so the bannies haven't used as much firewood or thatch.spring is a good time to check inventory and the news to report.everyone stayed to themselves after they recovered from the illness.the pine tailor is switched from pelt coats to furs.the laborers go to clear some rocks and trees near the south fall they will clear along the river bank near the trading post.
    during the winter,Doshiko's younger brother moved in with Maudette.they have a baby 20,Doshiko lives with her parents and 1 yr old sister.

pic 1:zoomed in on the greenhouses.hopefully you can see this.i want to point out a neat trick that works with ghosted decorations.note the scrawney barley in the top right is single placed.the strawberries in the other greenhouse are single also.the other barley plants are double placed. i place 1,turn it and place the next 1 over top of it on the same space.this trick makes the decorations look actually works well with several modded decorations.KIDs roses and bushes, the CC birch trees,etc. you do have to make sure you have the right "f" variant or the right colors.

pic 2:Doshiko's brother and Maudettes new baby
Post by: Nilla on January 26, 2018, 07:22:19 AM
pic 4: food graph, 2000 of the drop is in the TP,some was caused by stocking houses.

Not only. Your Banns produced less food than they ate, so take action in time, this time. A production of 5800 food isn't enough for 62 inhabitants. You have some safety; food in store and in the TP, so no crises.
Post by: brads3 on January 26, 2018, 08:48:24 AM
the maple forager can handle the 400 shortage. there is more planned too.i let the fodder run several years to clear the trees and stone. then the stable runs a couple to get ahead on takes a while before you get a greenhouse but then it runs smoothly with consistant outputs.this way too you can start the fodder with less workers.

    we did have a bottlneck of laborers in the village.all these single females are slowing some progress.oh and the only food we could have traded for has been chili oil.he stopped twice over the years.
Post by: brads3 on January 27, 2018, 09:52:55 AM
YEAR 22-23

     the single females do hold up some progress.i try to expand to new areas and set up work places with new houses.this way the bannies aren't living a long ways from their work.i also like to have 1 or 2 laborers living in each of the outer areas.they help move goods and keep the outer regions stocked for the main,tools,and food will be scattered around the it hasn't worked that way.we have 1 or 2 workers living in town walking to work at the forest and meadow.
    though a trapper would be more helpful,a drying shed for the venison will use a laborer that lives in the village.this takes us down to 4 laborers and a builder.1 vendor keeps the village and south markets stocked.otherwise it is a peaceful year.the routine keeps everyone busy but also well-stocked.
     a building supply merchant stopped by late in the winter.he didn't have much left to trade. we did exchange some iron ore for won't take up much space and might be handy later.a forestry town to the north had kept him busy all summer.he was running way behind and quite wet and cold.we lit a fire and listened to his stories after a good nights sleep he was back to his journey home.

    in spring,the teachers convince us to use some of the boards to build a bigger school.our population has almost outgrown the 2 smaller schools.being enclosed,it will kepp the students warmer and be easier for 1 teacher to handle more students.when it is completed,the original teacher decides to take up trout fishing.the river is much quieter than all the students talking at once.
     the laborers cleared thatch from the fodder meadow. they had hopes of trading some.they weren't using as much with the firewood count raised.
    nobody could call Doshiko a nun no longer.she had a baby but nobody would owe up to being with her.ever since she refused to move out she had been shunned.even the younger boys had called her a nun cause she wasn't goina get any.her mom was just glad her daughter was finally growing up.
    these mountain bannies are very friendly and consider everyone in the village to be family.let me explain.the young bannie from the far north cabin did't like the walk to school in the cold. so  Ayann swapped her baby and sister with the older student.she also traded her father to the nomads for a is odd that the bannies accept strangers so easily.if you get confused by the odd moves,just ask a neighbor. they will quickly send you back to work without a word for an answere.

      the bannies had a hard winter. the snow came early costing half a potato field.the cold pushed the deer deeper into the forests. our pine hunter reports spotting less deer.the snow also covered the apples before they were gathered.
pic 1: NMT meat dryer and storage
pic 2: large school handles lots more students
pic 3: Doshiko's daughter
pic 4: Ayann swapped family members
Post by: brads3 on January 28, 2018, 09:01:22 AM

      5 nomads stumble into the village in late a widow with 2 children and 2 young brothers.they had been 2 families traveling together.working along a river, they ran into a snkae pit.1 was bitten and the horses got spooked.the other wagon crashed into the river killing the other parents.
      while they rested from their travels,we decided to start a house near the south meadow.the older male moved in with 1 of the single females.though we hoped the younger male would do the same,he moved in with the widow and her 2 children.1 would help with the fodder.and a greenhouse will be built.finally Ferny's corn can be planted.a potao field is cleared in the village.
     we have several graduates.most are 14.hopefully they will decide to move out toward the forest soon.we find salt and begin digging a mine in the east hillside. a sap boiler is constructed on the edge of the village.we do put the extra hands to work.finally during the cold winter our single females have all paired up.a trapper can be added to the forest.

pic 1: corn greenhouse and new housing
pic 2 salt mine and sap boiler.
pic 3: 2nd pine trapper
Post by: brads3 on January 29, 2018, 05:23:21 AM

      i check on the housing after all the moves during the winter.there are 2 15yr old females toward the thatch meadow.there is more male than female students.with all the new couples,the population will definetly grow.even the widow had a new wonder the younger brother stayed with her.

     the laborers spend half the year clearing more brush and trees for the fodder.there are still lots of rocks.with all their efforts and the 2nd worker,the fodder will yield more.
     a merchant stops by to trade steel tools for our ore.we also take some that the sap boiler is using firewood,the bundles will help with the long winters.he will stop from time to time and take more ore and alcohol.

      during the summer i spoke with the older female of the thatch meadow. we built her a teepee and started work on a strawberry greenhouse near the school.we will need more fruit for all the new children.

      after the students moved out,Ayann became pregnant.sadly she died during upset Doshiko the most, as Ayann was her only friend.she quietly moved out of her parents and took her place.while she mourned the loss of her good friend,her daughter stayed with her parents.

     overall we had a good year.we produced an extra 2000 food.with the new trapper,we have more textiles.even our leather has improved.i can up the limits of tools and clothing.

pic 1:tool and firebundle trade
pic 2:new strawberry greenhouse and teepee.
pic 3:Ayann child birth death
Post by: Nilla on January 29, 2018, 05:49:10 AM
Looks promising! :)
Post by: brads3 on January 30, 2018, 07:02:46 AM

      the workers decide to flatten a hill so the fodder can grow is a small area and doesn't take long.then they clear trees along the river.if they get time they can move rocks and pull thatch from the forest. the thatch meadow is already cleared.simple housekeeping duties but they will pay off in time.the bannies use extra time wisely.they rotate to different areas each year.this allows food,herbs,thatch,and more trees to grow back.
    the fodder produces almost 300. the forest trapper doestwice as much as the thatch trapper.the thatch gatherer collects about 900 foods.the forest gatherer is 700 and hoping for more apple treees to be planted.each set works together.
      the graduate paired up with the greenhouse girl.Doshiko had a son and so did her parents.we continue to grow and will need to build more next year.
     with a early spring and late frost,we had a real good year. most fields were at 700.combined our trappers,hunters,and gatherers had 1500+  for each set.the greenhouses are well over 500 each with the corn bringing in 1000 by itself.our reserve is over 12,000 + 2000 in the trading post.

Pic 1:workers sent to flatten a hill for the fodder
pic 2:now fodder can be planted and will grow there.
pic 3: outputs for the thatch and forest workers.
Post by: RedKetchup on January 30, 2018, 09:28:39 AM
the last screenshots look awesome :)
Post by: brads3 on January 30, 2018, 10:51:32 AM
hmmm,RED are you saying you want more output numbers like that?? i did try to give you the toolbar icons a while back.there is more of them too.what do you want to see,sir?
  that pic is good to show how the different workplaces work together. combined each produces logs or thatch to burn,food,and textiles. it also shows how some cross-over and collect other the foresters will check traps.hopefully it gives you a better idea of how NECORA's system works.even the laborers can clear traps or bird nests when clearing land to build the moment,i know you have been changing it,the fodder meadow doesn't work well with trappers or gatherers. your hunting towers do keep animals away from there me it is how people would have worked together back in history.
Post by: Nilla on January 31, 2018, 02:58:36 AM
I think he speaks more about the flowers on the other pictures. I like them too. It reminds me on that game I combined NatDiv and Garden Wall utilities; flowers everywhere. That was my most beautiful game ever. :)
Post by: brads3 on January 31, 2018, 06:50:22 AM
ohhh,i missed the "s" on last"s".thank you ,NILLA.
Post by: brads3 on January 31, 2018, 07:27:04 AM
YEAR 27-28

      since we have a 17yr old female and everyone is paired up,we will add another teepee and a 2nd fur hut.this will give us a tailor for leather,pelts,and making pelt and fur coats at the same time,we should conserve more leather.
we can start to send excess pelt coats to the trading post.
     we build a small windmill to make will not use the barley but can make cornflour.we must be careful what bakery to build later.
     we decide to hold off building housing for at least 2 years.the bannies would rather move out of town in larger groups of 4 or more.then we can add another forester or meadow.there is extra workers still in town.a bakery to use the cornflour and a place to salt fish will be constructed in the meantime.

    after the late snowstorm,a merchant stops.he does have a mystery item.he says it is edible so we take a chance and trade for 600 of it.our food reserves are in good shape.just hope it doesn't make us sick.we also trade for some lemons.

    a pine market is added west of the will store materials as the laborers begin to clear land for future can also be stocked ahead of moves.
     the builder is approched by several strangers while he was working on the new market.he sends word that there 3 couples and 3 stragglers waundered up to him.they must have heard him hammering away.when they get to the townhall they report hey are 10.must be the baby was asleep and tucked away.they are hungry and tired.they had some disagreements with the town they were living at so they headed out on their own.since they had left hastily in the middle of the night,no one had any seeds.possums had attacked their chickens.they did have a dog but he had ran into a sounded as though they had nothing but bad luck.
    all they wanted was a quiet place where they could be by themself and live as they wanted without fighting people or wolves or much as we were concerned with their bad luck we did feel sorry for them.
we told them as long as they worked hard to help themselves,they could have the land to the west. we would help with construction and our school had space to teach their children.our trappers showed them how to make traps. they asked about our plans with the land.we explained that we wanted to clear it and let the thatch,roots,and blueberries grow.they hoped our ideas would work to keep the bears farher away from them.

     2 would work with our builder and the others would carry materials.3 cabins were started.a thatch hut and lookout tower are planned after.our vendor helps stock them some food and fall a trapper hut and gatherer station are started.the workers worked through the winter to help clear some trees and move a dirt bank behind the thatcher hut.

      a small child came down with the flu in the fall.our herbalist-doctor took care of her and mixed up some herb tea before it spread to anyone else.she was back playing with the other kids in a few days.

pic 1:2nd fur tailor and teepee.
pic 2: windmill processes wheat flour or cornflour.have to be careful what bakery i add later.
pic 3:mystery item from the merchant.alphabetically it is before apples and is food.
pic 4:newcomer's cabins and storage
pic 5:thatch hut and lookout hunter.more being built and cleared.
pic 6:vanilla gatherer needed thatch to build.
Post by: RedKetchup on January 31, 2018, 12:41:51 PM
hmmm,RED are you saying you want more output numbers like that?? i did try to give you the toolbar icons a while back.there is more of them too.what do you want to see,sir?

i meant 2 of the 3 last screenshots, sorry ^^ the ones with perfect graphically setup and beautiful visual scenes. it is very different of the ugly full lake that has been flatten :)
these ones can be magnificient postcards :)

i like to see scenes and the master on that skill was Paeng, and we dont see Paeng anymore :(
Post by: brads3 on January 31, 2018, 01:22:35 PM
now wait a minute. i had a lot of time painting that terraformed lake.LOL.  here i thought u wanted more pics for ideas on outputs and how NECORA's gathering system gave you a lot of icon toolbar pics.i knew you would like those. will see whst crazy idea i can come up with next.
Post by: RedKetchup on January 31, 2018, 03:11:53 PM
now wait a minute. i had a lot of time painting that terraformed lake.LOL.  here i thought u wanted more pics for ideas on outputs and how NECORA's gathering system gave you a lot of icon toolbar pics.i knew you would like those. will see whst crazy idea i can come up with next.

yeah thats sad all the time you spent to please me  :'( it was a lost cause right from the bat ^^

i want to see scenes like if you are really living there and want to take a picture of your most beautiful view :)
Post by: brads3 on January 31, 2018, 05:22:12 PM
RED,i am cursed.every time i try to set u to build the zoo and a big super-sized park,the game kicks me or kills the bannies.the town with the fodder over the lake,was planned to have a huge city to the west. with the city i had plans to try the zoo before i had all the churches layed out,was building housing and moving resources before unpausing them all. fatal error stopped me from going forward.if i get past the curse, i have some ideas.
Post by: brads3 on February 01, 2018, 08:13:24 AM

     THE newcomers seemed happy across the bridge.the only bad luck they reported was they had tried to hatch duck eggs with hopes of raising ducks for meat and eggs.they quickly found not all eggs are the same. the dock chicken breeder uses eggs but not the 1's the trapper collects.they sent 2 workers to clear the thatch meadow.a hunter,trapper,and gatherer were busy as well.they did send  2 workers to help us in the spring.

    by now we have 4 females and 1 male at 16 years of age.there are 2 males at 14.all houses we have are full of couples and families. since the newcomers have the land to the west,we will extend elsewhere.this does leave several options.we could expand the fodder meadow south.we could build a bridge to the north.we could extend the thatch road past the mountain or better yet through it.we have a little of many items but not overstocked on any.we should increase our coat production and trade some for seeds.
     we decide to work on a pear forest.a RK hunter cabin will help increase our leather.we will add a pine material shed and an FO storage barn. the brush and wild rose is so thick and it is a ways out so work goes slow.the workers worked well into winter to clear a road.they still need to go back and widen it in the spring.
     the builders finsihed and had enough time to build another cabin for the newcomers.the 11 yr old wanted her own place as new babies were being born.they did work hard and produced over 1500 food.

     a merchant traded us mutton,duck, and mango for some peppers and fish.
      with our workers so far away and busy,we do burn through our firewood and thatch.logs aren't being moved to the wood cutter fast enough.we will have to make an adjustment next year.

pic 1:CC pear forest with RED's hunter cabin.
pic 2: newcomers are expanding.
Post by: brads3 on February 02, 2018, 06:34:18 AM

        POPULATION 109 in 28 house.,61% educated even with adding has improved nicely.happiness is down half a star due to Ferny's children. he died when they were babies.other than firewood,we are well stocked.
        our hard work has paid off.the fodder now produces well over 400.there is enough fertilizer and water to add a greenhouse.soon his children can expand Ferny's horse ranch.we expanded an added a meadow and trees are cut in 1 area,more are planted in another.we maintain a balance with nature.we process meats and grain. we have increased our pelts and furs.sooon we will have more coats to trade.

       the last few years have been quite busy.the pace is faster.our builder has been so busy he needed more help.the laborers have worked later and later into winter.we have more houses to build and need to expand our firewood somehow.tired as they are,the workers need to get back to widening the new road.

       save points at late winter to spring,work helps give the bannies a break so the farmers don't waunder away from their fields.with the game still paused, i can look around and check some things.inventory and adjust tailors,blacksmiths,etc.which items are stocked enough to process or use to i can check the housing situation.i am sure i spend more time with the game paused than i should but it is a handy way to plan ahead.

       the newcomers,i haven't come up with a better name for them yet,send us 2 workers and the rest are busy. it will be that children graduate they can expand.everyone in the south meadow is busy.the 2 forests work together and are all usy.the 6 thatch meadow bannies are busy with with 1 boiling sap.that leaves the village plus 2 laborers from the west.
we still need 2 houses from last year,the now 17 yr old females.1 15yr old male will soon graduate.trying to maintain at 5 laborers,i have 1 extra worker,soon to be 2.i like to have extra laborers living in the outer areas. they will help move different the moment the village has all the extra workers except the 1 or both of the extra workers this year should work in the village and the 2 houses should be built outside it. this will push extra laborers to the outer areas.

       a log cart will be added to help move logs for the woodchopper.since the pace has picked up,i will leave them to 2 builders and the graduate will make 5 laborers.i'll add a house to the south meadow and 1 in the middle of the 2 then hopefully the chopper is caught up.soon as the conrstruction is supplied,the laborers return to widen the road.
       plans never work with the bannies.they have minds of their own always doing something strange.Doshiko kicked her family out. her husband took the child and moved to the south meadow.she has never been very cooperative with anyone.there are rumors of the 17 yr old  girl moving in with him.the workers continue with the road work.Doshiko was so mad she grabbed an axe and yelled at everyone to leave her alone.she took over for the woodcutter to drown out all the noisy gossip.Lee shook her head at the talk and stayed to herself in the thatch meadow.she had no intention of moving anywhere near the south meadow.Landy laughed at the idea of him moving back home. he said Doshiko was pig-headed and crazy.another hut will be built in the thatch meadow.maybe then the rumors will quiet down during the the middle of it all there had been a food fight and half the crops never made it to the barns.the workers who had been busy with the road,refused to clean up the mess and headed north to gather thatch for winter.
      i give Doshiko some credit.she did work hard and had the firewood over 400 before everyone stocked their homes for the winter. all while being pregnant. i ain't even goina ask her who the father is.she still has a good grip on that axe,but if you want to know go ahead. good luck.

pic 1: stats
pic 2: production
pic 3: inventory
pic 4: food graph
pic 5: citizen grah,health has improved with fruit and grain
pic 6: log cart to help the wood chopper,above the cornflour bakery and old salty
pic 7: pear forest road
pic 8: Doshiko's husband moved out.
pic 9: then she has a new baby.don't go near her when she has the axe
pic 10: new hut to the thatch meadow
Post by: Nilla on February 02, 2018, 06:44:28 AM
I like your statistic. Will have its place in the school books again. :)

I also will hear more about the wild wood cutterin. Sounds like my girls. Was she an immigrant from the North?
Post by: brads3 on February 02, 2018, 03:37:14 PM
hahaha,umm no.Doshiko has always been here and now has another baby. her 2nd since the split.RED made me work hard the last couple days. wait it you see what has are a few days behind.err umm the posts are. just in case i screw up.
Post by: brads3 on February 03, 2018, 07:49:19 AM

      i told you the stories write themselves.even the pics. sometimes there isn't much to show and then others there is too many pics.such is life here in the mountains.i increased the food limit to 35,000 to avoid food fights.hopefully it is a calmer year and things get back to normal,whatever that is.since they like the salted fish so well,the trading post swaps the fish for potatoes.

      now that there is 3 laborers in the forests,a mini woodchopper will supply them with time flies.Ferny and Nickie's daughter turned 15 and will graduate this year.she wants a house next to her mother.she would take over working the fodder and send her mother to the stables.Nettina took a student for a husband and was the happiest she had ever been.
the laborers are happy to have an easier paced year.there is some small rockpiles between the village and the thatch trapper,they want to clear.when they have time, they will check the newcomers and help them with moving some rocks as well.

    we did find out more about the newcomers.they came from a place they called Bernie was a small farming day some roughnecks showed up and began mining hill above the town. when the rains came,so did the waste from the mining dirt.this debris sludge washed down through the town's fields. their crops for the year were wiped out.hence the disagreements started.the miners wanted to dig more,as they were sure they were going to hit gold or gems.some of the villagers were OK' with it. they had plans to stop the mud from flodding the fields again.the newcomers said the flooded fields would not produce good food any longer. they refused to eat anything even if it grew.they wondered how the town was doing from time to time.though they missed their friends,they were happy they had they became known as the bernie's to our villagers.

     the bernies planted a lilac by each house.they planted flowers and dug a well.the trapper did have bad luck a lot.he tripped and fell every week or 2.whenever it rained,the bernies set out a bucket cause they knew he would fall in some mud.though we tried to teach him,his traps didn't work very good. they never caught much.he claimed the babys scared all the beavers away with their crying.

      the grocery merchant stopped again and traded us grilled veggys for some potatoes and peppers.he hadn't seen the livestock merchant in a long time.nobody had it seemed.rumor was someone had found his boat crashed on a river in the middle of nowhere.the area was searched.someone had camped a ways above the crash site.did he drown or did he just lose his boat?

pic 1: Nettina's FO cabin
pic 2: her happiness improved from a star and a half since her dad died when she was young.
pic 3: Bernies decorated
Post by: brads3 on February 03, 2018, 02:34:00 PM

       with leather and pelts stocked over 100 each,the tailors made extra coats during the winter. the leather coats were sent to the trading post.we managed our firewood better.with the tiny choper in the forest,we end winter with 400 firewood to the good.many houses are using thatch instead.
       the girls have been good at taking husbands from the school just before they graduate.finally we have a mix of laborers throughout the map.with this in mind,we will add a house and trapper to the pear forest.hopefully she takes a graduate for a husband and he can help move logs.
       we send 1 graduate to help the trader.they will start stocking logs,since we have plenty.the east thatch meadow will get a 2nd worker as well.

       while the cabin is being completed,10 nomads arrive.good place to hit pause and save the what do i want to do with them? did they come from Bernie mountain and want to build to the west?their village burned up and they want to build a colonial village north of ours? soo many options and ideas.

      these nomads said they were specialists.we heard the word special and grabbed spears,thinking they ment they were important and taking over.1 tried to explain and said he was a geologist.he started naming rocks. quartz,limestone,granite,marble,tiger eyes,........ when he said tiger,an elder grabbed his spear and shot up a was quite comical watching the old guy climb so fast.he stayed up there shaking like a leaf.another said he could make dishes with dirt.we laughed. we ain't about to eat dirt.we do have plenty of food.most of the villagers grumbled and told them to stay out of the way and they went back to work.a few younger ones stayed to listen to their crazy stories.
    while we were working,these nomads built a huge bridge across the river. it seems ones "specialty" was being an engineer.though they were an odd bunch they did work fast.they were already busy plowing a field and had plans when we caught up with them.the stones could be traded for livestock according the nomad mountain tourist or NMTers for the time it snowed,they had built 1 house that they all lived in.this will conserve our firewood while they continue building.they didn't want to take much away from us.

      we had an outbreak of yellow fever.the nomad doctor worked at our sauna to clear it up.she did have different medicines than we were used to.however only 2 got sick even though it started at the school.maybe the NMTers aren't as crazy as they seem.

pic :triple wide north bridge and hostel.what are they building next?
Post by: brads3 on February 04, 2018, 07:53:06 AM

        this will either be confusing or interesting.we have almost 4 different groups in this small will take some maneuvering to keep them straight.there's the mountain-indians who settled the land.Fernie and Nickies children the horse ranchers.the Bernies to the west.the NMTers to the will be a crazy ride.

       we have 1 female and 2 males about to graduate.1 male recently graduated and is working the maple forest.if the bannies don't change their mind,they came up with a plan. they want a cabin on the edge of the forest,and plan to work the river for turtles.when the female graduates,she will move in and wants a fishing dock.she plans to replace the trout fisher-woman who is now 51.1 male says he will work with the vendor to move goods.textiles and thatch can be swapped from the west for grain.firewood,thatch,and food is moved to the south for corn,water,and medicine.

       the NMTers claim the crumbly black rocks can be made into a very strong material. they need this to dig the marble stone.we have heard of this from some of the merchants before. they know how to do this process by themselves and have started buildings already.they do seem to have a plan and only ask for a road if we get time.
      during the summer we began to see smoke rising from the north, as the NMTers fired up their iron furnace.they were cutting and using their own firewood of course.they reported 1 lady had died during childbirth.she had been their doctor.they continued working hard and built 2 tall houses.they explained they had plans for the lower sections.i guess they needed a place for all the books they had. they did read them a lot.

     due to the death, our graduating female moved north to help.1 graduate moved with aryann in the west.the 15 yr olds stayed at school since they were close to graduating.a couple of the 14 yr old boys quit to hang out and watch what was going on to the north.they pretend to be busy carrying stones now and then for the stone road.they were not the only 1's curious. a 14yr old male moved away from the specialists and stole a cabin by the forest.he would rather explore the river for turtles than help his parents to the north.
     a townhall meeting will be called and the younsters will be reminded how much work needs to be done each year.they will have to choose jobs.i will need to refigure out housing needs.hopefully,next year is calmer.we don't need more children getting curious and quitting school.

pic 1:a new fishing dock and a place to dig turtles. a 14yr old stole the cabin that hides behind the tree.

pic 2: iron process for the NMTers.firewood,fuel refinery,and iron smelter.small market to move goods.
pic 3: 2 story housing above a library and barber.
pic 4: NMT village has a good start.
Post by: Nilla on February 04, 2018, 08:55:52 AM
A map cut in, to see these different vilages, would be nice some time.
Post by: brads3 on February 04, 2018, 11:25:21 AM
you need cut where? does north,south,and west confuse you? LOL the Bernies live west across the bridge.they left Bernie mountain when the mines flooded their town. Fernie's widow and children work the fodder meadow to the south. the NMTers built the wide north bridge and started a new village.the main village is the center.started by the indian-mountain bannies 30+yrs ago. there is a thatch meadow to the east and to the southeast is forests.

i will try to remmeber this comment. when i do the 40 year charts,i'll try to center the pics on each area.for now the NMTers have moved more people in and continue to do their own thing.
Post by: brads3 on February 05, 2018, 07:32:50 AM

       our thatch out put and firewood have improved.we show an extra 2000 food last year.the trading post  is stocking more leather coats.fur coats have been keeping everyone warm.we are very well stocked.there is enough fertilizer for a new greenhouse and corn to feed livestock.
       we have a run on males for the moment. the 2 14 yr olds who quit school early,a 16 yr old student,the 16 yr old that graduated and moved to the west,and Ferni's son who lives with his mother and took over at the 4 workers soon to be 5,and no females to pair them with for a couple years.

     the Bernies add a butcher block,to process venison.a medic is added full time to the sauna.they will travel and do 1st aid where needed.with all the extra onions,a soup market will be built in the village.a smoke shed will smoke the trout since everyone has been eating the salted fish cabin will be constructed this year at the forest road intersection.with their parents keeping an eye on them,the youngsters won't goof off as much.

      the NMTers now claim they have their library and barbershop finished.everyone will get a free haircut and shave.we often wondered why the 1 kept playing with everyone's hair.they are busy digging a marble quarry.

        the seed merchant brings cottonseed.the Bernies talk us into this,though we have enough textiles.they say we can weave and trade did cost us all the logs,most of the ore, and half the clothes.

     soon as all our construction was finsihed and everyone busy again,more nomads showed up. they were factory workers.during a late night thunderstorm,lightening had struck causing a fire at the quickly spread.before the fire was put out,5 factories and several houses had burned down.due to the mud and wind that followed,construction was going slow.though the town was rebuilding,these folks had decided it was time to explore options elsewhere.
    the NMTers said the factory workers would be helpful to haul marble and dig clay.some could work to process more iron.the villagers were concerned about the amount of food they would eat.
     Nickie became the deciding vote.she remembered how her and Fernie had came here with just a few horses and a little bit of the village had a mill and bakery.the tiny sauna had nursed us back to health and prevented some diseases from spreading.there was enough fertilizer to support another greenhouse she explained.

      it was decided. the factory workers would join the NMTers.they will haul fertilizer and water from the south to support a greenhouse and grow squash.they will need to build houses,process iron, and haul clay and marble.they are 4 couples with 6 children,and 2 females 11 and 22 yrs old.
     they send out a quick hunter when deer are near by.they have built their own school and continue adding housing.the potter trained 2 workers for the claypit and he began to make bowls.a fountain and some flowers for decorations and a 2nd story to the hostel were mid winter there were 3 still homeless sleeping in the new school.hopefully they start producing more than they use.

      we produced 1500 more food than everyone used.overall it has been a busy couple years.

pic 1:cotton seed trade.
pic 2: buthcher block and cotton plantation field
pic 3:market soup and the smoke house at the bottom.
pic 4:NMT school,potter,and a fountain
pic 5:finally no more homless bannies
Post by: brads3 on February 06, 2018, 05:14:18 AM
      to prevent lightening from causing a fire,they added a story to the school and tall lightening rods.the NMTers had worked hard through the the facory workers can haul marble from the quarry.they tend to the crops ,process iron,and haul materials. the barber stops fishing and cuts everyones hair twice a year.the potter is busy making dishes.the engineer is designing new houses.the acrheologist became the teacher.a dentist assists the engineer.the geologist oversees the clay pit and quarry.he continues checking more stones. with 1 building and 2 helping,all the NMTers and facory workers are busy.

       the Bernies are busy with the cotton.they have 1 worker helping the vendor keep everyone stocked.there are 2 laborers in the south meadow,2 from the forests,and 1 at the thatch meadow.i am surprised to see there are 5 extra workers even after adding several workplaces last year.i will investigate where the graduates are living.3 graduated in the village,1 from the south meadow,and a family left the forest to help the NMTers.they claim they will make sure the NMTers work with nature. there were concerns the facory workers and NMTers would harm the river or wildlife.

      i said it would be fun to keep everyone straight.if you aren't confused yet, wait til there are more graduates everywhere at far it isn't too bad. 4 extra workers to the main village need work.
     we are mostly well stocked. firewood is half the limit and thatch is help,the trader moves his thatch to the village.he will soon have new items to trade.we will expand our forests too.problem is the graduates are males so we need to work slow and let the females catch up.a grape forester begins to cut trees and plant.he does have a small pine cabin to live in.
      by mid-autumn,the NMTers have houses for everyone.their hostels are empty and the dentist has an office.more than 200 marble have been hauled.hopefully some merchant will offer us something good for all of it.

      snow comes early and frosts our crops.even so, we still produce more than we use.Doshiko has a 3rd baby. we still think her husband visits her now and then. neither would admit it.a company merchant stops and offers us 50 steel tools and 1150 goats milk for most of the marble.he will stop again.everyone asks him about different many seeds and animals. he will put word out to the seed merchant and for livestock.he has heard rumors the livestock merchant had to walk out over the mountains after his boat least the marble repaid us some of the food the NMTers have ate.

pic 1: grape forester and pine cabin.note the pear trees behind the huhnter.the gatherer beside it will collect from both forests.

pic 2:lighening rods on the school and 3rd story house
pic 3: dentist office and more housing

Post by: Nilla on February 06, 2018, 10:36:28 AM
I would play a prank on Doshiko and her (ex.?) husband; fake demolish one of their houses and see, if they still claim to have nothing to do with eachother. ;)
Post by: brads3 on February 06, 2018, 01:19:22 PM
go ahead. she still has that axe. you want to mess with a wild indian-mountain squaw then you ain't right in the head. ???
Post by: brads3 on February 07, 2018, 06:58:47 AM

      since the frost hit us last fall,we deciede to expand our food production.we send a 2nd worker to the mill.1 chose to hunt ducks.another strawberry greenhouse is planned also.there are still mostly males,though there is 1 couple.a pine cabin and a FO storage will be built near the grape indian hut will be built along the north road in the village.
        the NMTers say they are building a playground and park for the kids to play.must be nice for them to have such time.they say that way the children won't get lost and stay safe.just before spring,we all take turns walking up to get our hair cuts.before we come back home,the potter hands us a bowl or dish.the villagers always comment about their nice huge do they have enough energy after working to climb all those stairs?

        a builder stops and the NMTers trade 40 marble for 110 lumber. they say they have plans for it.there is much excitement as the company merchant returns.everyone comes to see what seeds and animals he hauls.they aall have hopes he remembered their requests.his boat is quite heavey and crowded.he has cows and domestic animals and a variety of seeds.
3 cows, domestic animals,tomatoe and bean seeds in exchange for the 400 marble,150 leather coats,100 pelt coats,all the logs,and 200 is such a huge trade,the traders demand help to move everything. they are quite tired and wore out from hauling the heavey marble stones.our tailors take inventory and will restock the trading post over time.even with 3 tailors,they figure a couple years worth of pelts were traded.

       now we will be busy. a small pasture will hold the cows thru the winter and a larger pasture will be built then.the farmers begin to adjust their fields.a pepper field will change to tomatoes and a potato to beans.a rabbit pen and chicken coop will be added to Fernie's ranch in the south.they will need another cabin for workers continued thru the winter.
       the NMTers stopped processing iron. they had over 100 stored already.they began building an old dairy for us to process milk.they also cleared land for their own cemetary and continued working on thier stone roads.there was 600 marble hauled out of the quarry.

pic 1:Bernie village to the west
pic 2: west side of the main village
pic 3:east side of main village to the thatch meadow
pic 4:Fernie and nickie's ranch to the south
pic 5:NMT village to the north
pic 6:to the southeast the 3 forests.
pic 7: building and road layout to the forests

pic 8:picnic and playground
pic 9: a huge trade
pic 10: holding pasture
pic 11: rabbit and chicken pens
Post by: brads3 on February 08, 2018, 06:53:26 AM

       WOW,it got busy quick didn't it? there is still some fences to finish and some clean up to do. then we can start the large dairy pasture.we should add a barn and a house for the dairy worker as well. everyone so far has been good at pairing up except Doshiko and Landy,her husband. there are no females of age yet,so the newest house does have a single male. he just moved in and got settled.being so far from the school,it may be a while before he finds someone.

      the NMTers finished the dairy for us. i like this old dairy. it will process milk and the output is a variety.there will be an assortment of cheese,cream,and butter instead of just 1 product.they also build a caretaker to the transparent cemetary.since they stopped processing iron, they do have the extra worker.he says he'll plant blueberries around their twon and use them to make ale in the will keep the factory workers happy.
       a town meeting was quickly called when 20 newcomers arrived.the indian villagers didn't want them to stay.we were busy enough and had spent lots of resources helping the other groups.though the marble had been helpful to trade for the cows,there had been lots of food and logs used. it will take time for the cows to multiply and give back enough milk to the NMTers were having children so they were eating more food each year.
     the Bernies overrode the descision.the land to the west of the river was theirs to use afterall.these were friends and family memebers from Bernie mountain. they had tried to grow crops after the mine flood but nothing grew well.they had a very hungry winter. most of their livestock had been butchered so they could survive. there was a small patch of land not contanimated by the fooding,so a few stayed behind.there would not be enough food to support them all,however.
       2 families will build by the dairy.they will plant 2 more fields and tend to the cows.this will repay us for helping the Bernies.the rest will build west of the river.they are 4 families,a young couple,and 2 orphaned children who's parents had got sick and died during the last famine winter.the NMTers let them use the hostels to rest.

       while most helped with construction,1 took to trout fishing and another went to help the west gatherer.a 3rd hunted deer along the river.hopefully they can produce as much food as they eat.

       they did work fast. they had 2 houses and both fields cleared before we finished the pasture.some had built river houses along the west bank and began working the small forest across from our duck winter they all had homes.the 2 orphans were adopted by the NMTers and remained in the hostels.together,they did manage to produce over half the food they needed.
        we had held off on building any houses for our young male villagers for the year.Landy did move back in with Doshiko. their oldest son kept the house near the south meadow and walked to school.what merchants did stop by were from a pine forest operation or carried clothing,nothing that we needed.

pic 1:the animal pens are fed corn to produce.
pic 2: abbey and cemetary.
pic 3: old dairy and pasture.
pic 4 mini forest and river house
Post by: Nilla on February 08, 2018, 07:34:53 AM
Tell me now, how did you manage to put this couple together? The other day, you were scared. Are they older and wiser and will stay with eachother, or split again? Maybe itīs one of these couple, I think most of us know, that canīt live together, but also not without eachother.  :-\
Post by: brads3 on February 08, 2018, 07:46:03 AM
hahaha,i did not do anything. they did this move all by themself.
Post by: brads3 on February 09, 2018, 07:08:30 AM

     let me take a minute to explain the chain from Fernies ranch.water and fodder to stable gives fertilizer. fertilizer and water to corn greenhouse.corn to mill,corn flour to bakery.extra corn to the 2 animal does balance well. with 2 workers,the fodder runs out just in time for spring.the stable is still stocked and functions.i allowed the fodder to work several years to build stock and clear the stones and trees.then the fertilizer i let build up as is over 1400 with 2 workers.there is almost 1400 corn in barns to stock the mill and feed the rabbits and chickens.i did hold the mill with 1 worker so the corn built up.there is more flour than the bakery uses also.i like having the reserve stocks as insurance.if there is a hiccup anywhere,it buys time to catch now it feeds 2 greenhouses, corn and a squash.we have cornbread,pelts,and eggs.2400 food+100 pelts plus some reserves from 9 workers,not counting processing the corn.
       NECORA does have a cow,goat,and sheep pen for options.they do require domestic anmials to build and are fed keeping with his sherbrooke set,there are color options also.i do use 3 greenhouses.1 is CC and uses the bonemeal,KID's  bakery garden set that doesn't require fertilizer or water,and RED's garden utility that includes the fodder.each has a different purpose and function.they also give different outputs of crops and amounts.there are other parts to RED's and KID's sets that i haven't used in this map.

    our oldest is 78 now.we have several bannies in their 50's and 60's.there is a mixture of ages.we do still graduate more males and will for a few more years.
     the NMT engineer has dug a tunnel south of the fodder meadow.there is another mountain south of the extend the meadow will mean working both sides of the river.the laborers will have to carry materials a ways and begin to clear for a road and a bridge.

    there is a plan to my madness.i try to keep some laborers in each area. each area will expand as it has the moment the extra help is mostly in the village.sice we lack females for couples yet have extra workers,now is a good time to expand farther out. it will go faster with extra help and as the bannies pair up will push laborers out there later.
    the NMTers built a larger blacksmith to make rough tools for the quarry and clay workers.the more they do for themselves the less the villagers grumble.a 100 marble did get traded for barley and oats.still the merchants don't take enough marble for it to pay off.
    the NMTers designed an expansion to the trading post to help with the marble.they added cranes to help lift the marble making it easier on the traders.they also took time to help stock it with marble and pottery and some of their furnace fuel.the villagers were impressed with how much 1 worker could move using the crane.everyone wondered what those odd specialists would do next.
    once the corn dropped below 500,we dropped back to 1 worker at the had balanced better there.the bakery had enough flour to keep him busy.the poor Bernies keep finding too many onions.the spare mill worker is sent to make more soups for the winter.hopefully, they will not over use the firewood.
     even though we expand each year,our food production is close to break even.with a farmers stand added to the forest,everyone is fed a healthy diet.the 1st aid doctor continues to treat scrapes and cuts and twisted ankles but no and then she takes time to train the bannies to work safer to avoid accidental deaths as well.

     the 2 orphan girls went to work the new meadow.they each wanted their own such,our laborers remained living in the village.the girls are quite young,13 and 11. to ease the Bernies' concerns,a hunter will be sent to protect them in the spring.
      late in the winter,a protein merchant stops. using up 200 marble and bribing the merchant with some mead,we gain over 1800 meats including lobster.the peppers were sent back to the barns. the villagers are happy to see the gains.

pic 1:fodder production chain.
pic 2:added blacksmith produces rough tools
pic 3:extended the trading post and added cranes
pic 4:2nd fodder meadow
pic 5: orphan girls.note the tunnel and bridge access
Post by: brads3 on February 10, 2018, 07:15:07 AM

        the NMTers have been busy. they plowed a field and built a new factory.they have a root cellar now for storage.the library has been busy lately. the children love to go through books and look at the pictures.they are amazed at seeing far away places and cities.each of the specialists takes time to tell a different sory now and then.the barber has cut hair on 2 continents.the archeologist tells of lost cities and cultures.the dentist has worked on people and animals.we do think he fibs when he says he pulled a tooth from a bear.the potter tells of making bowls and cups with metal. he claims he made a gold flower pot for a queen even.the geologist says there are statues made from the marble in far away towns.some of lions and horses.many to honor warriors or important people.they can tell stories in the winter as long as they are busy in when spring comes.

        the Bernies have worked hard to expand their storage as well.special covered piles for thatch and a barn for the cotton.the foresters made adjustments. the grapes are doing well enough they sent 1 to help plant apple and maple trees.

       we send our builders to construct a lookout tower for the orphans.the workers will widen the road and help clear some rocks.a new butcher in the village will cut the ducks into roasts. the hunter didn't want to move in with the orphans. he took a different wife, and we built them a cabin.the Bernies with the engineer built a farmyard shop so they can make cloth from the cotton and ropes from reeds.they wait for approval before they will make root beer.
      we decide to expand the greenhouses.another corn greenhouse will go behind the rabbit and chicken pens.the NMTers have a spring to access to fill a water tower.the Bernies are busy building a plantation  house since they have a 16yr old female.

    Doshiko's mother passed away.something to do with her heart according to our doctor.she was in her 50's.her husband and younger child  moved with Nickie and her son.the older daugher kept the house she finished school and her husband worked at the drying shed.funny how things go in circles. rememeber Doshiko 1st got pregnant working there.

pic 1: root cellar and ketchup factory

pic 2: Bernies storage.the construction pile will store thatch,it was extended with a general storage to store stone and logs.the crate piles come with or without a roof.they also have options to what is stored.the pine market holds a lot for its size. the vendors move between the  markets keeping items moving so there is always available space for the workers.
pic 3:meadow lookuot tower.note  covered lean to storage near the cabin. to run the fodder field takes multilple storages.
1 is RED's misc to store fodder.while being cleared and planted the pine storage is used to store thatch,stone,and logs.the general lean-to will store food and textiles from the bannies finding left over traps or beaver lodges.

pic 4: pilgrim's rest and old farmyard.the farmyard can make cloth or ropes.
pic 5: butcher shop for the duck meat.

pic 6: the forest gatherers' outputs.note the pear and grapes are even.
Post by: RedKetchup on February 10, 2018, 09:06:06 AM
a very nice long chain :)
Post by: brads3 on February 10, 2018, 11:44:53 AM
and it isn't finished even. the outputs to the rabbits and chickens is lower than i like.those small pens do seem to be eating up the corn.
Post by: brads3 on February 11, 2018, 05:20:32 AM

      Population 233 in 57 houses with 54% educated.we produce 1000 food less than we use,but we have added to it consistently.we have plenty of marble to trade as well as pottery,clothes,and some varied goods.we are very well stocked.our vendors move goods between 5 markets to give everyone a varied diet.thatch is used to supply 1/3rd of our heating fuel for our houses.we process 3 types of clothes,2 types of tools,and a variety of foods including soup,ketchup,and cornbread.
      we have doubled population and housing in 10 years.we also doubled our forests and meadows.the village to the west has expanded and there is a new village to the north.Fernies ranch now supports 3 greenhouses plus supplies eggs and rabbit pelts.a full time doctor tends to injuries and teaches everyone safety. there is also a dentist office and barber shop.
    the NMTers and factory nomads kept us busy. there has been a lot built in the last 10 years.even the Bernies doubled their little village.ohh and our oldest turned 80 over the winter.

pic 1: stats,Bernie village
pic 2: production,zoomed out main village.Bernies' left,top is bridge to NMTers,south bridge to Fernies' ranch
pic 3:25 yr food graph,ranch village
pic 5:inventory,NMTers
pic 6: extended inventory,shows the different forests.maple-appe left.grapes and pears right
pic 7:house inventory.a 1/3rd of heating source is thatch
Post by: brads3 on February 12, 2018, 05:42:48 AM

      the Bernies plowed a field for peppers and built another plantation house.our trading post was expanded again. a storage barn was added and a new house for the workers.a tannery was planned to use the extra leather and salt.the NMTers were busy building an EB wharehouse to move and store more materials.when any laborers had time,they would clear rocks from the forests.
      Milliss passed away in her sleep. she was the wife of our oldest member.they lived in the wigwam in the thatch meadow. while he trapped, she was always with him hathering berries and roots.we wonder how long he will survive without her.we also lost one of the young mothers to be during child birth.
      by fall the Bernies were able to start making rootbeer at the Pilgrim's rest.our food outputs had improved to 2000 more than being used.all 3 of the fodder greenhouses were over 1000 each.KID's bakery greenhouses maintained at almost 500.

pic 1: plantation harmonized houses
pic 2:tannery by the butcher
pic 3: EB wharehouse,trying to find a market to move fertilizer for the squash greenhouse.
pic 4: extended the trade post again
pic 5: the tower has lots to hunt as animals waunder between the meadows.pigs,ducks,bear,deer,bison,and rabbits.there are foxes as well.if they avoid the trapper.
Post by: brads3 on February 13, 2018, 08:19:09 AM

      to expand the indian village, we need to work east.the laborers begin clearing a road by the dairy. a bridge will be needed to cross the stream.this will give us lots of land north of the thatch meadow.since we do have some females graduating this year we will add 2 huts in the village.

     we want a mixed forest south of the maple-apple. chesnuts,walnuts,and apples.with a gathering hut centered he will be able to work all of it.we have  one gathering hut working pears and grapes already.the foresters sent 2 workers to gather to see how well 2 will collect.they left 2 foresters working,1 planting grapes and the other the maple and is a long ways to travel and storage and a road will be needed.over time we will build houses and add a hunter.
it is a project and will be done over several years.each set of trees will have to be planted in stages.

      i should point out a couple things.the EB wharehouse did not move fertilizer. it did move other materials and gave the small markets enough space that it started to move and stock fertilizer.this will help the NMTers squash greenhouse.
there isn't a market to move the misc items only.under my gear icon,i do have a priority tool.i can use this to send laborers and builders to spot B or C even though they might be busy building or spot A.while the foresters and storage is being built,i can use this tool to call them back if something else is needed such as the bridge across the stream.a tool that can be handy when nomads arrive and everyone is busy. i think this is a CC tool, not universal to all games.

       th seed merchant brings a couple seeds.he really doesn't have many.sweet corn and sugar beets.he had mushroom and bean seeds that we didn't need.he does take 590 marble.the villagers have a requests,mostly for fruit.he says he will try to get back early next year. they do hope he would before spring planting.our village is on the edge of an industrial region.there is more demand for other materials and food than seeds or livestock.hence the food merchants have no need to travel this far,all the food they carry is bought up river.he is headed downriver hoping to locate more farm communities.
       a bakery supplier did make it down river.he had many goodies.we took all his oats and cheese bread and 1500 rye. for 500 marble,we gain 4500 the traders would send the 1000 potatoes back to our barns.
       after the merchants left,we began to clear fields for the new seeds.the builders were already working on storage an a duck blind across the new bridge.the Bernies are busy building their own school.the NMTers used the spring to build a bathhouse.they said it gave the factories a warm relaxeing baths for their tired backs.the new tailor company would use the cloth,cured leather,and they were making their own tools and clothing.

     before spring,the planter did make it back. he filled some of the requests. carrot,watermelon,and tobaco seeds. he takes 1000 marble from us and some furnace fuel.the fuel he says he will trade for supplies up north before heading out to bigger cities. our laborers will be busy in spring clearing and plowing fields.

pic 1: huts for the butcher and tannery workers.

pic 2: priority tool used to get the workers to build the bridge instead of the forest.
pic 3:    once all the materials were moved for the bridge the laborers returned the forest buildings,while the builders took over at the bridge.

pic 4: mixed forest construction.note how the circles overlap near the gather hut in center.the gatherer works from the river back past the chesnut forester.

pic 5:Bernies plantation school
pic 6:NMT bathhouse and CC tailor company.
Post by: brads3 on February 14, 2018, 06:52:13 AM

      since the extra gatherer didn't collect much more pears or grapes,he is sent to start planting the mixed forest.he will start with chesnuts for about 5 years.hopefully by then the laborers will have time to clear the road.
        according to the math,we are break even on houses.the family count says we are 2 there is a farmer and duck hunter across the stone bridge,we will add 2 houses and another the laborer count goes above 10,we will add more there this year.
       we double our firewood limit.the coat and tool limits were increased to 500.since we used up so much marble both trade posts are set down to 500 is already set to 50,000 and luxuries to 2000.extra clothes and rootbeer will keep the traders busy moving goods.

       mid-spring brings an interesting development. an industrial merhcnat brings 24 nomads to us.they don't want to mine and are better suited to farming and hunting.with the new seeds,we can put some to work quickly and a few can hunt and trap the mixed forest.a meeting is called to discuss it.assuming their is half as children,gives 12 workers. so 6-10 houses 2 are planned across the stone bridge and the NMTers have 2 large hostels.though we will need 4 fields just to feed them,2 are being cleared already.the potter says he'd like an apprentice.the quarry would like help.a third to the north,a 3rd to the east,and the rest split between the forest and south meadows.everyone is happy to have more help.

      6 familes and 2 young workers with 11 children.the NMTers will start on 2 houses.the young male moved to the south meadow with the orphan girl.4 remain homeless after others moved in the the time they got settled it was to late to plant this year.1 did start hunting near the NMT cemetary.

       the baker brings us rice,oats,and donuts.he takes most of our mead and extra clothes.

        snow comes early but 4 houses are built so everyone is warm.1 hostel is almost empty even.with the trade,2 rice paddys are built on the lake spring, there will be enough fields for all our food seeds.with everyone working hard,we broke even on food.considering the 24 nomads,that was an accomplishment.

pic 1 east fields,
pic 2 NMT expanding,
pic 3 rice paddys.
Post by: brads3 on February 15, 2018, 07:31:34 AM

      soon as the spring rains stop,work begins on a dock house for the rice workers. then 2 cabins are built in the mix forest and a hunters hut.there are several barns to be finished and roads to clear.

        once the construction in the forest was completed,there were many requests from Fernies ranch.for now an apiary and florist would be built.another hut and teepee are needed to the east fields.most of the laborers continue work on the forest road.
       the bakery merchant has been reliable and stops once a year.he brings corn,wild oats,and sugar cookies for marble and some pottery.a protien merchant trades us 1650 mixed meats for 150 marble.

        we produce 3000 more food than we eat.1 young couple remains in the hostel.we have 10 workers that need a workplace.

pic 1:mixed forest cabins and hunter hut.
pic 2 florist and apiary.the florist will work both meadows.
Post by: brads3 on February 16, 2018, 06:42:52 AM

      we are using tools faster.a blacksmith and shed from KID's workplace mod will be built beside a Bernie plantation house.these are nice quick workplaces and very handy.we do need more of these style places.
       once the new houses are built to the east,a farmer can plant the tobacco 15 year old couple moves in while 1 is still a student.we wont need more houses unless i bump into an older female step is to figure out where the extra laborers are living.i still try to keep 2 in each area.the main village is getting older and will need to replace some workers.
     there is a cluster of laborers between the forest and the village school.1 will work on a potato field. between the soup and bannies,the potatoes have been ate up.all markets wil be enabled.up til now the vendors have switched markets during the year to keep them stocked we send 1 to plant walnut trees.otherwise,there is land to clear and roads to be ran yet.

      the baker stops twice this year. we take 2000 wheat both least someone is hauling our marble for us.finally a livestock merchant brings beef is already snowing. good thing we have the holding pen to keep them through winter.
     the NMTers had a stone cutter die.he had arrived with the last set of nomads.they built a house for the 15yr old who replaced him.they have also constructed another factory,a sugar refinery for the sugar beets.our oldest is now 85 and still trapping rabbits and foxes from the thatch meadow.

pic 1:east fields expanding
pic 2: sugarbeet refinery.
pic 3: beef cows
Post by: RedKetchup on February 16, 2018, 06:54:09 AM
our oldest is now 85 and still trapping rabbits and foxes from the thatch meadow.

nothing better than experience :)
Post by: brads3 on February 17, 2018, 07:55:15 AM

     a hauler brings tools and firewood for our mead and a little marble.guess the industrial workers up river were thirsty.having extra tools and firewood will help.the baker never shows up all year.we wonder what happened to him.there have been several merchants hauling crafted,clothing,and ales.we did manage to trade rootbeer for thatch.we are well stocked for the winter.
       the Bernies are busy clearing a 20x20 pasture for the beef cows.a dock workshop is needed to make ropes for the tobacco dryer.the south meadow has enough fodder for a new stable barn.we did add 2 houses total for the year.
      another farmer died of old age.though we put many to work,we have 20 laborers again due to graduates.2 are sent to the salt mine.hopefully the weather is better and we can get more done faster next year.

pic 1:beef pasture
pic 2: stable #2
Post by: brads3 on February 18, 2018, 08:03:20 AM

    a perfumery,barn,and a FO.cabin will be added to the south meadow.the road will be extended.another well will be needed for the perfume and then new greenhouse can be added.
     soon after the perfume shop was built,Nickie passed away.she was proud to see Fernies' ranch expand.her son had moved across the stream and worked the thatch meadow.her daughter and grandchildren had stayed at the meadow and continued her husbands dream.sadly she passed away before cows could be added.her and Fernie had came here lost and now their ranch had 2 meadows,2 stables,an apiary,florist,horses,rabbits,and chickens.

     a grocery merchant takes 400 marble.we add cherry and cucumbers.with this trade,we do need to increase our food limit.the protein merchant wanted mead.the 800 fish will be sent to our salter.the 4 traders are kept busy moving goods.
      there were 2 deaths. 1 of old age and 1 during child birth.the doctor was able to save the child but not the mother.

       though it may look slow,i do think leeping the laborers working in 1 area got more done year they will need to work somewhere else.

pic 1: perfumery,
pic 2: clearing for road
Post by: brads3 on February 19, 2018, 08:25:37 AM

      this spring ,the workers head to the east fields.a dryer for the tobacco and more storage is needed.a new house will be added.there are lots of rocks to be cleared by the fields fall, a worker will be sent to gather reeds. they can be bundled to burn or used with feathers to make survival coats.

      soon after his 88th birthday,the old trapper passed away.many had wondered if he would make it to 90.he was buried next to his of his grandchildren took over trapping.

      a boatload of miners got lost.they had missed the large ports up river in the dark.a storm must have blew out all the torches,so they never saw the towns.the 47 nomads dried off and then headed back up river early the next morning.

        during the summer i took time to check on the mixed forest.the trees are starting to produce nuts.there are many young trees growing.the foresters will plant them for another year.then the chesnut forester can switch to apples.some will claim you will have a dropoff in outputs without a forester working constantly.with the immortal tree mod and the forget orchard mod,i don't see a hard dropoff.some years are better than others due to weather.the new trees take a few years to produce, since they are forests and not orchards.the pear forester did rotate to the grapes and then maple and back to he does this the young trees have tome to grow and produce.overall the total output has increased.all with less workers than leaving a forester on each forest all the time.putting 2 workers on a hunter or gatherer doesn't seem to double the outputs.2 will collect more than 1 but not twice as much. 2 different workplaces will produce more than 2 workers on 1 spot and usually double. plus if there is a food shortage,you have the option of instantly doubling workers at gather or hunter huts and increasing the food quickly.

       the greengrocer returns for more marble. he brings sweet potatoes,turnips,watermelons,and some turnips.we gladly add another 4400 worth of food to our barns.

      the NMTers took to building a larger windmill. they will grind barley for now, and hope for wheat seeds.there is enough marble stored to swap a worker.they have processed enough sugar that they will soon need a bakery to produce sugar cookies.

pic 1:tobacco dryer
pic 2: rock and roads cleared.
pic 3: CC windmill added to NMT village.though more universal than the 1 in the main village,it does not grind rice.will grind corn,barley,wheat,and sorghum into flour.

pic 4: growth of the chesnut and walnut trees in the mixed the right by the white birch,you can see several newly planted trees.
Post by: brads3 on February 20, 2018, 07:04:14 AM

     the company merchant finally returns in the spring. he brings live chickens and peaches.he did have pecan seeds,but we don't need them.we order more domestic animals and wheat,oat,and vegetable seeds.hopefully,it doesn't take him so long to return.

     we have a busy year planned. add 5 houses and workplaces.the Bernies want a butcher for the beef and a crop field.NMTers are busy with a bakery.the south ranch,is clearing a pasture for the 2nd stable barn.we also need another butcger to process more ducks.

     Wow,the company merchant returned very quickly. in the fall,he brings the animals,wheat,blueberry,and vegetable seeds.our marble will pay off.he takes 1400 marble and some mead and pipe tobacco for the production towns up river.

      construction hit a slight snag just as snow began to fall.the 5th house is a older CC wigwam. as such it needs indian artifacts to upgrade it from a decoration.otherwise everything went well. we do need to build fences for the pastures next year.for now both butchers are working on ducks.
        we use our crop rotation and switch a village tomatoe to vegetables and a Bernies pepper field to blueberries.a wheat field will have to be cleared to the north by will be another busy year for sure.

      the bakker sent supplies in the use up stock,we take on 3500 baked goods including 300 cakes.he is happy with the 500 items we traded. he now has clothes,perfumes,and mead to trade to other villages.

pic 1:Bernies beef butcher
pic 2: 2nd duck butcher
pic 3:NMT bakery
pic 4:decoration wigwam.the frontier mod add-on didn't change this 1 to a functioning house.
Post by: Nilla on February 20, 2018, 07:19:49 AM
Finally I got my maps! :) Now I can find my way!
Post by: brads3 on February 20, 2018, 07:28:26 AM
you are behind then.that was awhile ago.
Post by: Nilla on February 21, 2018, 04:15:18 AM
I know that Iīm behind, but I wanted to tell anyway. :)
Post by: brads3 on February 21, 2018, 07:05:06 AM

      we have fences,a new dairy barn and a vegetable sorter to build.we have so many flowers,a 2nd perfumery will be built.whenever the laborers get time they work to extend roads and supply materials for more houses.we built several storage barns also.

      a merchant did take some marble and perfumes giving us tools,firewood,thatch,and some iron.with all the construction,the NMTers report they are low on iron and completely out of lumber.they had talked and made deals with various merchants for building merchant has brought lumber in a few years though.

pic 1:dairy stables and a pasture. the stables does need to be fed corn.
pic 2: veggy sorter just behind the tannery.
pic 3: more houses added to the east fields.
pic 4:stable barn storage.
Post by: Nilla on February 21, 2018, 10:06:10 AM
Itīs good, that you have these noice absorbing fences around the chicken! They could be really loud! ;)
Post by: brads3 on February 21, 2018, 10:24:20 AM
loud isn't the problem. i don't want them getting out. course then i trained them not to run away and left the back open so they can get water.LOL.  fencing with low cow fences sure wouldn't look RL chickens will go back to the coop at night by themself.
Post by: brads3 on February 22, 2018, 07:16:55 AM

     population 361 in 87 up to our bannies have aged and we stopped accepting nomads,the population growth has slowed.even so,we are 7 houses less than we should be and need at least 6 workplaces.our food outputs continue to increase.
      we have expanded more farming to the east.the south forest has added a  mixed forest of nuts and apples.the Bernies now have a full beef pasture and butcher,along with their own school.Fernies ranch now has a dairy pasture and functioning dairy stables.there are 2 perfume shops and an apiary.the NMTers now process sugar,ketchup, and bake cookies.the marble has been traded to give us many seeds and livestock.we now have dairy cows,beef,and chickens.

        we started out as a group of mountain men with some indian wives with hopes of building a trapping and hunting village.surrounded by meadows and then forests.we have worked with the land and hills.Fernie's ranch and the Bernies did help expand our meadows.
       the NMters and factory nomads took us in a different direction by building a city to the north.those NMTers are resourceful and you never know what they will do next.they continue to tell stories of faraway places with waterfalls,fish farms,and huge fancy cities.they even tell of places where it snows constantly but people live there making bricks or mining for gold and silver.
       our children talk of going off to explore and search for such places or adventures.the elders always remind them of how balanced our weather is here.we are not freezing all year log,there are no bad wind storms like near the ocean,nor does the sun burn our crops.even the hills protect us from tornados.the children can dream during the winter. we try to keep them busy when spring arrives so they don't waunder away too far.

pic 1: stats
pic 2: production
pic 3: 50yr food graph
pic 4 and 5: inventory
Post by: brads3 on February 23, 2018, 07:19:42 AM

       work begins on a lumber mill.the NMTers explained they can build better with it.we do have plenty of logs.once the lumber mill is working,the laborers will head to the forest and meadows,gathering stone and iron ore.we need wharehouse space toward the forest so they don't have to be carried so far.
      we are well balanced.there is more duck,flowers, and fertilizer than we can use.otherwise we aren't overproducing anything.

      we take on over 6000 food in a trade just to move some marble and rootbeer.we also trade 200 marble for 4 pigs.

       the Bernies were busy. they added a small townhall to keep organized and a beekeeper. to work theor meadow.they added a bar-b-q grill near the Pilgrim's rest to supply meals.they will need another potato field to put it to use,however.the NMTers build a huge townhall with the lumber.once the mill put out 100 lumber,it was used to cut firewood.

pic 1:sawmill
pic 2:Bernies tiny townhall by the bar-b-q grill
pic 3: north townhall
Post by: brads3 on February 24, 2018, 06:58:47 AM

      we send the workers to clear a pasture for the pigs.this will extend the Bernie village toward the west lake.with the beef pasture full,the butcher and grill can start using it.the bernies add a mini butcher to cut deer takes til winter but the roads got extended also.
     we make a few good trades this year. we add 2 seeds and 2000 wheat.this will keep the traders moving marble.we take on some extra firewood and thatch.

     the NMters build a candle facory to use the beeswax.the library will be lit at night for the children top candles are handy for mines so they can be traded easily.they also added some fencinf near the windmill to keep people from walking into the blades.

      having several options for townhalls is a handy tool.instead of having to jump around the map,you can grab the close townhall to check inventory and adjust production.with so many items, it is quite handy to have 1 list it worked nicely to use a different 1 in each village.the rowhouse "office" townhall is handy for production or mining areas especially with the matching houses.KID allows you to place more than 1 of these.

pic 1:candle shop
pic 2:clearing pig pasture besides the beef.
Post by: Nilla on February 24, 2018, 10:33:13 AM
I can see the point in several townhalls. I seldom do build more than one but I agree, that sometimes it make sense to have several.
Post by: brads3 on February 26, 2018, 07:20:52 AM

      we head back to Bernie village in the spring.the pasture needs fenncing.while there,we will clear another field for cotton.
     biggest issue we have is our barns are filling up. the NMTers will build a food wharehouse market to try to open up some space.a tiny market will be added near the tunnel for the south ranch.the NMTers also built a stone mine and a tavern.

pic 1:pig fencing
pic 2: meadow market
pic 3: stone mine
pic 4: eddible market
Post by: brads3 on February 27, 2018, 07:59:12 AM

    we extend the Bernies to the west edge with a maple forest and thatch meadow.there is a lot of stone and iron ore to be collected as the 2 are planted.the CC maple boiler can boil sap into must boil it twice but only the CC boiler does it.a trapper and hunter from Necora's pine mod will be used to keep the textiles stocked.
     the east field dock gets extended as well. a 2nd reed farm and a water scavenger.they will need a wheat field for the new windmill.

pic 1:bernie extended west to the map edge
pic 2: mixed forest growth.apples to left are smaller, but you can see the differences i the tree textures.
pic 3: extended the dock.
Post by: brads3 on February 28, 2018, 06:01:48 AM

      we are so well stocked we need a wharehouse district.a dock barn is added to the main village and new markets are planned across the bridge.we have more than we need.once the trade posts acquire extra seeds,there isn't much need for trading.
      we can continue extending roads and building houses.a resource wharehouse is built by the NMTers. this will stockpile many different goods.they send 3 bannies to move supplies.our tool and clothing limits are doubled.hopefully we have more storage space by next year.

pic 1:slink's markets
pic 2 CC resource wharehouse.
Post by: brads3 on March 01, 2018, 06:19:17 AM

     there is a lot left to do.we have stretched the villages west and east to the map edges.there is lots of stone and iron ore to be cleared from the forests.the south ranch extended to 2 meadows and could support more greenhouses.there is room farther south for ore forests.the Bernies have room along the west lake and northward toward NMT village. the NMTers can expand farther into the northwest corner.
    we started with mountain men with indian squaw brides.the intent was to build a trapping and hunting village surrounded by meadows encircled by forests.the map and nomads changed that.we had to work around the hills and streams.
with the NMTers trading marble at such a huge value,we didn't need to trade i say these stories do write themselves.
      i would like to have done more with the mixed forests.the CC orchard forests is a nice set.combined with NECORA's pine and maple forests,you have many options.not only can you produce so many different foods but also trade goods including turpentine.used with KID's FO. gatherer you have fruit,nuts,and different meat and textiles.
      the modders each have their own style yet they do compliment each RED's irrelevant barns and butcher worked with KID's plymouth houses. and KID's sugar refinery fit well with the NMT houses and CC factories.there is even an EB wharehouse to keep the village supplied.

      i am anxious to move on to another map and another might take a few days as i do need to clean the registry 1 more time and put the mod order back together.

pic 1: outputs of the various forests gatherers
pic 2: thatch meadow gatherer outputs.the many herbs and roots of the NAT DIV mod mixed with the thatch
pic 3: yr 55 stats,looking east across Bernie village
pic 4: inventory 1,from the riverbbanks of the fodder meadow
pic 5: inventory 2,farther south looking northeast
pic 6: inventory 3,looking south along the forest road
pic 7:food graph,from the east dock.
pic 8: citizen graph,looking west across NMT village
pic 9: overview of Bernie village
pic 10: overview of the south ranch
pic 11: overview of the main village
pic 12: overview of NMT village

Post by: RedKetchup on March 01, 2018, 06:38:13 AM
so how your pc handled that ?
Post by: brads3 on March 01, 2018, 07:19:36 AM
handle what?  my speed is set 10x but plays more like 2x. unless i do some tricks that can pick speed up. my new set up with the CHOICE saves me about a full GB just in mods. computer is 4 GB ram and does need some upgrades.i tried to get a hold of the guy that made it in december.he has retired.
Post by: Nilla on March 01, 2018, 07:47:18 AM
This is really one of your nicest settlements ever. Each part of the village has its on style. Opposite to most of your other villages, this one looks very prosperous and sustainable. How does that feel? Leaving a village without some crisis? ;)
Post by: brads3 on March 01, 2018, 08:05:22 AM
LOL. i have had enough crisis trying to get the next set up to overhaul of the mod order.more time consumming and restart,reload,exit,and start over. it really hasn't been bad otherwise.soon.
    this town was fun keeping everyone straight and working in multiple villages at once.the bannies don't like to cooperate.had to work spring and summer 1 area then fall and early winter in another.i didn't get as much done as i wanted anxious to start a new map with new toys.
Post by: oldgraywolf on March 03, 2018, 12:25:46 PM
Noob question, how do I get my fields to look that way? I love the fields with actual rows in them. Is it CC or something else?
I've enjoyed reading your blogs, its nice to see what the mods look like in game and get a chance to see how they run. Thanks. ;D
Post by: brads3 on March 03, 2018, 01:51:44 PM
seasonFX mod. check this link for more unusual mods too.
Post by: oldgraywolf on March 03, 2018, 03:50:56 PM
seasonFX mod. check this link for more unusual mods too.
Thanks again, I'll check it out. :)
Been there before but haven't really looked around. Has a totally different "feel" than this forum. There seems to be much better feedback and information here.