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Post by: brads3 on January 11, 2018, 11:40:24 AM

        good morning.sorry i haven't posted a new town in a while.i was sick for almost a month since before the holidays.
stomach doc has changed my meds and they seem to be's it go 2 steps backwards and 1 step forward? i am better than last month but not as well as i wish.anyway i will try to do a map and see how it goes.

mods:total is 119 for the most part it is the same as it was with a few changes. i have updated KID's colonial mod so it is 2 parts and the forest outpost to the nat div version.added CC frontier for the indian housing.dumped the multiple starts mod. i did clean the registry and moved RED's garden utility above CC,moved KID's mods above RED's.i do have KID's group shuffled so that the theme icon isn't working. that should not cause any conflicts or errors between the mods the main order of the mods is the same with just a few adjustments.
         not every mod is enabled at the same time. with the upgrades,i did keep the old versions in the folder but disabled. they are needed if i want to open the TOWNS map.the more stone and wood mods are usually not used. i did enable the more wood for this map however.

for a detailed list of the mods check the start posts of "VICKS".

map: OSSER, code 288532708,valleys,medium size,fair climate,medium start,disasters off.

goal:it is a simple 1. this is the group of mountain men who left the Landing Fort many stories back. they met up with some indians and with their new indian wives have grown to a group of 19.they have headed off into the hills to build a trapping and hunting town and trading post.

YEAR 1: even though i send them with KID's vegetable seeds,they never use them.between CC and the nat div mod the seed mod won't add to the start.1 of those give and takes. if i move it higher in the mod order,then maybe it would but it will stop the thatch meadows.

          1st i adjust the limits.knowing we will need logs to build, i bump it up to 2000.i move the herbs up to 1000.since the leather will be needed for the indian housing,i leave the clothing alone but do bump the textiles up by adding the zero. so its 2000.these guys will burn thatch so the firewood count doesn't need changed.
        next, i send a quick fisherman and hunter out.that will help our food and bring the leather. 2 crop fields worth of clearing will give us building materials.they will start with 2 log cabin houses to give them a place to rest and keep warm until they get some leather stocked mid sping,peppers and potatoes are being planted.

        as leather is collected,the indian huts can be built.the quickhunter has moved several times with the deer herds. the upgraded FO workshop hut does require thatch to be built.a workplace shed and tailor are planned near 1 of the cabins.a firewood chopper and shed help keep us from overstocking the material pile and the firewood stays fall, there is enough materials for the builder and the laborers go looking for food to the time snow falls,there is enough leather to finally start building a teepee house.then the tailor can begin making coats.clearing land slows as we try to keep the stockpile below 90% capacity.this allows room to clear for buildings later.

PIC 1: map start settings
pic 2: step 1-clearing fields and quickhunter and fisherman
pic 3:yr 1 housing,workshop,tailor,and firewood storage

Post by: Nilla on January 11, 2018, 03:01:00 PM
I'm very sorry, that you aren't well. I hope you will get better soon. I've missed your very personal way of writing. ;)

Looking forward on this new adventure.
Post by: Maldrick on January 11, 2018, 03:31:10 PM
Yeah, sorry to hear that, also.  Hope you get to feeling better soon.  Your blogs are always fun and interesting to follow.
Post by: brads3 on January 12, 2018, 07:04:51 AM
thank you. glad to see the interest.
Post by: brads3 on January 12, 2018, 07:05:56 AM
year 2

        now work can start on a townhall.since the indians don't have 1 yet,i decide to use the mini TH.we have a 9yr old who will become our teacher so a school should be built this year also.otherwise we can use the time to stock food,add some roads,and built decorations or a barn if needed.where is the slow time ,NILLA? to use up the pile we upgrade to a fishing dock and add a cemetary.

pic 1: firepits,benches,soil and country roads,indian totem pole,and the new school.
pic 2: cemetary and mini TH inventory
Post by: brads3 on January 12, 2018, 07:17:07 AM

          to get the pile back under 90%, a stone bridge is planned across the main river.maybe we can find some fruit there. i did up the stone tools a click.the 3 laborers are kept busy searching for fruit,though they keep finding roots and onions.they also add logs to the pile when it gets below 80% full. you can see that i am using wider roads. they do stand out more that way.around the cemetary and buildings i do use the verdant grassy road. it does stop brush from overgrowing some areas.winters are a good time to cut trees around the village. the farmers will help but also stay close to their fields.
           it might seem slow to some but the bannies have kept busy.i could have delayed building the school. that would be 2 more workplaces.i could also move children out at younger ages by building houses. if you really want to speed it up,you can add KID's tiny mod  nomad the time you have houses built the well will send you more nomads,a set ever year.

            i guess i should mention that these bannies start on the edge of thatch meadows not in the middle of 1.they did have to go north to find thatch for the FO. workshop.there is tatch to the north and to the east a ways.for those who don't use the nat div mod,it will give meadows and forest areas scattered around the isn't all trees everywhere mixed with does affect how you plan towns since you have to pick where you want the foresters.if you place the forester in a meadow,it will take a while before you have works both ways though. if you plan the thatch hut in a good spot it will give you logs while it is clearing the trees to plant the does add differences to the maps that you learn to work with.
          i have the forever tree mod<immortal trees> added so the trees don't die off everywhere over a real forest the squirrels would plant seeds so that doesn't happen.i did opt for the more wood mod on this map because i knew i would be behind on leather at the start.the indian tents use 14 each,the huts use 2.with the nat div and pine mods,there is a delay of some foods appearing on the maps.hence the lack of fruit for the 1st few years. houses prefer to burn firewood but will burn thatch. keeping the firewood limit down will force them to use thatch more. there are some houses that will not brun thatch at all.note i am using the original nat div not the upgrade. the upgrade slowed this computer down too far.

pic 1: stone bridge
pic 2: mini fishing dock and lean-to storage behind the huts
pic 3: an overview. to the left of the main road was more the left past the stone near the ridge of the hills was thatch and  to the north of the field.the village sets in a clearing.

pic 4: the forest continued west across the river.
Post by: RedKetchup on January 12, 2018, 12:51:39 PM
i cant believe there are still so bad toolbars like that in screenshots ^^
Post by: brads3 on January 12, 2018, 02:24:04 PM
RED,do you mean the decoration 1 or the main bar? the only thing in the main is the NMT,mini mod,the older mods of new trees and fountian lite i think.most is how CC breaks things down into sections. forestry,industry,pubs or taverns,my precious,and theme add-ons are all CC.
the decorations bar,is double cause it has 1 set and a ghost set.

115+ mods but many pieces to each.

notice under the community icon it is 4 bars to build a teeppe or hut for the indians. that is normal even if i were to pull EB,KID,or NECORA.

or are you saying i have too many toys in here??? ::)
Post by: RedKetchup on January 12, 2018, 02:42:02 PM
or are you saying i have too many toys in here??? ::)

haha probably both  ;D
Post by: brads3 on January 13, 2018, 07:21:30 AM

        with this "slow time",instead of running around like a chicken with its head cut off,i try to use the time to think.have to figure 100 or so steps ahead. this stockpile fills too quick,so we need storage.with that we need a trading post and decide what items the town will trade.who has the crystal ball to see that far ahead???
        these indians bring a challenge of their own.there is less mods that fit the map.since they are woodsmen,the forest outpost and pine mod will help some.many buildings would look out of place here though.for now i will add a pine market that will store most items and will move stuff later to the village center.this will help move fruit and logs or thatch as well as textiles.this will take pressure off both the pile and the barn.
        before fall, i send laborers to gather food.waiting too long runs the risk of the farmers not getting back to their fields. health is already decreasing so they have to find fruit winter,they can clear across the bridge and expand the road. again by clearing earlier and doing small patches,it will insure the farmers getting back to their fields. when they get ahead,there is lots to clear at the village.winter is also a good time to move the quickhunter since you can see the deer herds clockwork by late winter,they all go play tag with the kids in the cemetary as the weather starts to warm up.

pic 1: versatile pine market to store and move all items
pic 2:clearing and extending the road across the bridge
pic 3: more clearing near village and the inventory shows a lack of cranberry yet and  blueberry they ate.
note top center,we now have a beaver lodge so pine mod is starting to add items to the map.
Post by: Nilla on January 13, 2018, 09:33:22 AM
When you say; "slow time"; wich speed do you play?
Post by: brads3 on January 13, 2018, 10:04:01 AM
haha,slow time cause of the propertime not vanilla time.the game is set at 10x but with so many mods it is more like 5x.
Post by: Nilla on January 13, 2018, 02:06:42 PM
And you say I'm playing fast!! I never play 10X, seldom 5X, mostly 2X and when the settlement grows, sometimes 1X. So you tell me, who play the "slow time", me or you? ;)  :D  ;D (I don't speak from my present game even if 2x is my standard here as well)
Post by: brads3 on January 13, 2018, 06:47:02 PM
it is your story...... game set speed is more controlled by the computer than that number. when i watched any video's of CC changes or the megamod, i can see how slow mine is compared to others. when i did some testing with a vanilla game,my mouse outruns me across the screen even. if i zoom all the way in the bannies run faster.but i am also pushing my limits on mod count and sizes.

       to me the big problem of the vanilla age is it doesn't make the game go faster just the population. they grow crops and eat at 1 year and multiply at 8x that. it is out of sync.
Post by: Nilla on January 14, 2018, 01:01:26 AM
How do you get to 8X? As far as I know, they age 4 years in one year, if you understand what I mean.

And yes, I know, the computer has a big influence on the speed. My old computer was quite hopeless. I never played large maps on that one, because it didn't take long until the lags came and the speed went down in a very unpleasant way. I had it before the mods and I can't think of its speed, or rather lack of speed with a load of mod. Luckily my son decided to change his computer a couple of years ago and I inherited his "old", much better one. :)
Post by: brads3 on January 14, 2018, 07:46:03 AM

       our oldest female child is 11.we are a few years from needing houses.even as we have doubled population,there is room for 1 more child to be born.all except the teepee will  house 5 bannies.
      by keeping the firewod limit down,they have started to burn thatch.the laborers will colllect more this year now that they have a place to store it.they will try to find more herbs since the health has dropped to 2 stars.
      are you scared yet with the health so low?? well these bannies originally came over from holland.their grandparents had greenhouses and grew many things in them.these woodsman are smart enough to propagate strawberries so are their indian wives. why do i start with so many mods in the tool box,hmmm?
      since they dropped down to 2 laborers and 1 builder,clearing is slower. they did get thatch put away for the winter.
the indians were taught well and cleared the beaver lodge. they kept the pelts and now there is also cranberries being gathered.the pine mod is paying off nicely.already, i had to raise the food limit.

      so far no nomads have showed up. i usually use the mini TH and have luck with it. it normally gives small groups within 5 years and increases slowly to bigger groups.normally, it gives you a group every couple years.i do think there is a variable connected to the map code.some maps nomads show up more often,sometimes there is several years before the 1st group. i have seen large groups early,but that is rare.
       all nomad catchers are not the same. each is modded differently.some the nomads must walk all the way to the catcher before you see them.some will let you deny or accept them when the nomads are on the edge of the map.some will bring nomads every year.these differences are not all in the mod write-ups.some require a trading post and townhall,some work by themself. you have to experiment and find what works for you as we all play differently.
      i do think the delay on this map is caused by the access. there are rivers and streems blocking several areas of the map.the edge has a lot of hills and a pond as doesn't surprise me to see a lack of is only year 5. if there are no nomads by year 10 and i wanted them,i can build a bridge to the south.

pic 1: 5 yr stats,
pic 2: food graph,
pic 3:inventory of the houses shows they are using thatch
pic 4:strawberry greenhouse
pic 5 clearing thatch and herbs and foods.for now they try to leave the stones and iron ore.
Post by: brads3 on January 15, 2018, 08:53:32 AM
YEAR 6 to 8

      to increase our storage,a longhouse will be built this year.we do add some decorations near the indian huts.the little village is well stocked so there isn;t much to do.2 laborers do contingue to collect thatch and clear small areas to find herbs and food.even with a late spring,the fields have produced 672 each.the strawberry greenhouse is at is a quiet year.

      the mini fishing dock is around 450 fish and the quickhunter is 800+ with moving him a couple times each year.i have seen years where he hit 1000.he is very handy wfor game starts,since it costs nothing to build.with the thatch, you do have to pick where you place him or clear the it worked well to push the leather up for the indian huts and teepee.if you get a food shotrtage,the hunter can boost the count by moving him around. he will work an area about double the size of its circle.i try  to move him in winter since it is easier to see the deer and spring. i also don't send him out to far. he has been across the bridge,north in the thatch meadow,and west to the ridge between the hills.

       as soon as it warms up in spring,the workers start collecting more thatch.the builder is busy with verdant roads near the indian huts.with only 2 workers,all the thatch they clear is going to the houses.the farmers will work to clear thatch and foods around the village once snow falls.

       year 8,we will build a house,since 1 male is 17 and Ayann will turn 15.with it a pine storage shed to store stone,iorn ore, and thatch.we have over 1500 venison and 50 leather, so we do consider a tower hunter as well.if i knew building a house would draw nomads,i would have built it a few years ago once the builder started the wigwam,3 nomads arrived.

      good time to hit pause and grab a cup of coffee.also a good time to save the still drops,though slower. we need grain.that would take a trading post.only thing to trade for now would be iron ore or stone.there is most likely 2 adults and 1 child.1 will work a thatch hut.the other will replace our hunter.that will give me 3 laborers for now.after the nomads have workplaces,another house will be needed. by then our 1st student will be graduating and i can decide what's next.this will make NILLA nervous cause i didn't mention boosting the food.

     the bannies never want to play fair.the child was a 14yr old female and took the house to herself.i'll just have to build another wigwam beside soon as the laborers have the 2nd house supplied,they will start clearing for a road.the pine storage is already completed.

         the bannies will clear some patches and stock thatch and food up for the winter.having new people made the bannies feel better and health has improved.

pic 1: longhouse storage
pic 2:thatch hut,wigwams,and pine material shed.toolbar road options,grassy road set.
pic 3: the nomads in their houses.
Post by: Nilla on January 15, 2018, 03:24:50 PM
Me, nervous?? Hmm, maybe I should be for your poor settlers.  ;)
Post by: brads3 on January 16, 2018, 08:53:46 AM

     Ayann still needs a house.a pine furrier hut is planned as well that can make pelt or fur keeping limits down.i have extra helpers to continue clearing or gathering.i am going to add the native indian trade more for looks and to use up some materials than for function. an 18 yr old male did move with the 15 yr old nomad girl.

        i hope new players read these blogs now and then.i do throw info out for that reason now and'll notice i didn't build a forester yet. i can clear fast enough not to need it.even at 3 laborers the bannies worked like there was long as i don't send them too far out or clear late in winter,the farmers help and get back to thier fields.the thatch hut will work as a forester.where it was placed,has a good mix of stone,trees,and thatch more thatch is planted,stones and logs will be collected.small amounts but this village is also using thatch to heat their homes.the thatch will allow herbs and food to grow,whereas fodder will not.this gives you options to experiment with.add a trapper,a gatherer,an herbalist ??which will give you the most or which do you need ? some flexability.

      the native trader has been adjusted when the modular mod was made.the amounts needed to trade are lower. however,it doesn't trade out indian goods. it uses ale and muskets,goods from the fort.the arrowheads are not needed to build anything.for input the only useful items are isn't going to help these mountain men and indians at all.

       now that our population is starting to grow,more food will be needed.a field for potates is being cleared and a lean-to storage added. Ayann took became the pelt tailor so i will bump the clothing limit up a won't take her long and she will switch to fur coats.

pic 1 thatch forester outputs.note the roots and herbs just above the housing toolbar.those are PILGRIM's colonial houses.

pic 2: the CC native trader<inputs on left,out goods on right in  parethesis>. the pine fur tailor behind it.
storage toolbar showing SLINK's small market set

pic 3:lean to and new field. toolbar is city services,cemetaries and some of the many churches.the 2 crown icons are castles.
Post by: brads3 on January 17, 2018, 06:54:07 AM

       in 10 years,the population has grown by 14 to 33.that with only adding 3 houses since the initial constrcution.
they are well is recovering as they have find more fruit.they do lack grain.firewood is low,since the bannies have restocked their houses.they like to do that after the long cold winters.the little village has slowly expanded to the west.

       a trapper is planned near the meadow. that will keep our tailor busy.the meadow is a good spot for rabbits and foxes.soon as that is finished,the laborers will clear along the road and the trader.then they will spread out to gather more thatch.with the blacksmith and tailors helping, it won't take long to get thatch built up.if no nomads show up by fall,the banies will cross the bridge and work out farther collecting food and thatch both.there is plenty of space for thatch in the longhouse.

pic 1:10yr stats ,toolbar CC food processors
pic 2: production, CC mines and quarries
pic 3: inventory,CC production icon textiles
pic 4:food graph, luxury toolbar
pic 5: pine trapper already finding furs and eggs, CC theme sets,quay set

i wonder if RED has seen enough toolbars yet? there is a lot of options.some aren't used often but are packaged with parts that is a good way to show off the different mods.
Post by: Nilla on January 17, 2018, 07:15:02 AM
It looks like I don't need to be nervous this time. The food graph; a school book example. ;)
Post by: brads3 on January 18, 2018, 08:34:36 AM

       we start the year better the bannies had more time they were able to gather more thatch to burn before winter.there is a pair of 15 yr old we build a house now or wait a year? when will the nomads arrive? we don't have enough goods for a trading post.there isn't anything we really need.the bannies do decide to add an old barn for storage between the village and the meadow.
       we have 2 more laborers now.our students graduated at 15.we hold off abit in case nomads showed up and then built a hut. a FO.gatherer and a small workplace beekeeper will work the edge of the meadow.this will give me a chance to see how well KIDs's gatherer works with NECORA's pine mod items.

       now each year i have sent the laborers to do some spot the main pile gets below 80%,they stock it have seen me list storage issues before. even though the 2 pine storages will store logs,thatch,and stone,i am being careful.the pine storages store more items and will keep space for items i don't they will not fully fill up or use all the space available.even with more barns storing thatch,i don't want to overfill the pile with iron ore and stone.also some of the buildings in my toolbox don't fit the indian mountain theme as much as they would a growing colonial town.the thathc to the north grows back. that is a good spot to find herbs and food as well.

pic 1: old barn,
pic 2: FO. gatherer,CC theme set,fort walls
Post by: brads3 on January 19, 2018, 06:22:16 AM

     no there isn't enough tools. i always find myself looking for something that isn't here.this morning i wanted a medium market or storage that would hold logs,stone,and food but fit this village style. had an idea to use it across the bridge.nothing fit quite like i wanted or would take 2 buildings.
     for now i decide to access the land to the south. a wooden dock bridge will fit these bannies well.hopefully it is high enough for the merchant boats.the bannies were so quick at building the bridge, i had them add a pine market on the southside.they can add a railing to the bridge to keep the children from falling off as well.

       i do want to point out a couple things since not everyone uses the same mods and might not understand how they work. the tower hunter isn't locked to a radius circle. what he hunts each year is random and not affected by the terrain,trees,or anything else.totally different than the vanilla won't produce leather every year but will give you a variety of will give furs. all randomly decided by the tower itself.this gives a lot of options as to where to place it. it can be used on the edge of a town without lowering the it can hunt the meadow and the forest equally. even works with fodder meadows where nothing else willl grow.
     for now the thatcher hut is still clearing and planting thatch. as he does that he acts as a forerster in harvesting logs. he doesn't collect food or it doesn't comply with NECORA's gathering system or ability.the FO gatherer doesn't either.i was curious if it would or not since KID updated the mod to use thatch.
      NECORA's gathering system does affect some doesn't change everyone equally though.the trapper walks by roots and fiddleheads.laboers will collect eggs and pelts instead of just trashing things as they clear land.foresters are known to clear traps as is a neat change to the vanilla or old way.more items are kept or collected instead of wasted.even without the trapper,traps and beaver lodges appear all over the map.the laborers have brought in cranberries,chanterelles,and fiddleheads.some players might find the trapper outputs to be low,but that is partly determined by placement.also the furs have a higher trade me it adds some realism to the game. the bannies find a variety of items in different amounts year to year. they are also less wasteful when they do come across things.a forester walking by a sprung trap doesn't ignore it he takes the rabbit.laborers don't just bulldoze land,they are more careful.

pic 1: dock bridge and pine market.
pic 2:outputs of the meadow workers.NECORA's gatherers and foresters toolbar.
Post by: brads3 on January 20, 2018, 06:15:44 AM
YEAR 13-14

     there isn't much to do.most barns are at 1/3rd to half full.the bannies built a couple benches and cleared more to the south.during the winter the bannies decided to add another pile so they can clear around the village next year.they also made more tools to use some stone up.

     as soon as it warmed up and the farmers returned to their fields,the laborers started clearing.they extended the village road north to the river.the blacksmith got sick with TB.he then infected several of the students at the school
     as the sickness began to spread,2 strangers rode in to town on horses.they were out exploring 1 day and had gotten lost.luckily an indian village found them and took them in for the now they were quite frustrated as they could not find their way forward or backwards.they were lost again.the wife claimed she could heal the TB with herbs and steam. they offered to stay at least until everyone was well again.
     an FO. cabin and sauna would be built across the south bridge.this will isolate the sick from the village.  a small pasture for the horses will also be needed.the construction took time as the illness spread to our laborers.before winter, Nickie had everyone feeling better and nobobdy had died from it.

pic 1: late winter
pic 2: FO healing sauna and cabin,ghosted animal decoration toolbar