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The cemetery extension
« on: May 28, 2014, 09:21:59 AM »
With the arrival of spring, the village sets out again to build the annual extension of the cemetery.

Even though some (mostly young) voices express sentiments of dissent, they are quickly silenced by the elders.
And only too right. The veneration of our ancestors is deeply ingrained into our culture and no one should avoid this honourable duty.

To build the regular extension, extra tools are needed. And so 24-hour shifts are introduced at the three Blacksmiths to produce as many tools as possible. This means the neglect of the farms, but the pangs of hunger are easily dismissed by the great feeling we get in the certainty that we're doing the right thing.

It won't have escaped a sharp mind that with the need for tools comes the need for stone and iron. Having depleted all the existing quarries and the surrounding area, we are left with the only option of having to organise parties and trek across rivers and mountains to reach the fields beyond.

With the long marches, deaths are of course inevitable.

Weary labourers come back exhausted, carrying with them the sad remains of their fallen comrades.
These village heroes are buried with honours in the new extension.

As everybody gathers around their lost loved ones, a feeling of happiness descends on the village.
And the young ones finally realise the importance of the annual extension to our beloved cemetery...