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Chapter 1

  As you know, weary traveler, we left Ghost Town in early autumn.  When we reached the fork in the path by the tree with the weathered sign, we went west and then south along the river. It was a bit  steeper and more wooded than we thought it would be but we had the donkeys and extra oxen to pull the 3 wagons.  Autumn arrived and leaves began to fall so from the hill tops we could see the port settlement in the distance and a small clearing nearby where we could halt the wagons. 

  The settlement was much smaller than we expected, not much more than a cluster of wood and thatch houses, a blacksmith, tailor, woodcutter, school, and fishing pier.  It was an old town.  On the east side was a crop field where beans were being harvested, and on the hillside a flock of sheep were grazing.  A hunter's workplace and large herd of deer lay directly in front of us.  Dom and I walked to the town center where we were greeting by several residents.  We were surprised by how young they all were.  The 2 oldest were Skylan age 22 and his wife Bril who was 19, they'd just had their first child.  No one seemed to be in charge.  Skylan said there was a vacant house we could have, a family headed east a few months ago.  As you know, it was decide that you and your family would move into that house for the winter.  That brought the population of West Port to 27, 12 adults, 1 student, and 14 young children plus Dom, myself, and our son Greggie.

  The old town was named West Port because on the river to the west of the town center were 2 old trading posts and an old wood lighthouse.  They rarely lit the fire, nobody out here to see it, riverboats were few and far between.  The building acted more as an overseer of the port and town, they kept inventory records in it.  They had a small surplus of needed items and a variety of foods but we would not be getting needed supplies for our return trip from here any time soon.   There was no decision to make, we would stay and teach these young people what we knew of survival, afterall, we came from Smallville.
Suggestions and Mod Ideas / Re: EMBX61's New Work in Progress Thread
« Last post by embx61 on Today at 08:39:04 AM »

No Ice Cream yet. It is in the works though as I working on a Ice Cream Stall in between my other stuff.
It should not be far from release.
« Last post by brads3 on Today at 07:45:02 AM »

          POPULATION 586,50 students and 178 children. there are 173 houses. education level is 77%.they  trade for iron and firewood.there is a nice stockpile of logs.the quarry and mines have kept pace with the use of is down half a star.the rural market plaza is stocked with mixed goods and not food.a second worker was sent to help.if needed, there is space for a food market.
      there is excess feathers,coal,beeswax,and pelts.the Plantation fort TP will be  enabled and the trading adjusted.we do need to start salting fish soon.

         overall we have survived and grown. the indian village,CC fort ,Port Royal fort and Sherbrooke,mission,Wild West town and plantation fort,and monestary valley are built.the farm center has expanded and added fields south of the CC fort.the mine and production area has been expanded with the mountain between the WW and PF.
      there is a lot of mixing of mods to get here.the indian village was a nice starting base camp.there are TRIANGLE's tipis,i do wish he would return. the indians need many more pieces.KID and TANDY's gatherers.the indians use RED's horses and NECORA's tailor.RED's training camp fence suits them well.
        the CC fort has an old NMT blacksmith and KID old SLINK's market supplies logs but also stores the many mixed goods from the old CC NF mod.the farm center even has an NMT ale market.
      ELEMENTAL's new trees and lilacs decorate many of the towns.RED's NMT meat pocessors and butchers deal with the many meats.the old NMT wash station keeps the missionaries hands clean. the WW combines KID and EB houses and work places.TOM's nodric wharehouses help move logs.there are many pieces from modders who have moved on to other games as well. the safety,unlimited and multi mine mods are some of  those hidden gem mods.

      did i forget anyone? it is not intentional.there are many hidden gem mods. some don't list the modder.the small storage shed i thought was made by RED but says "july for today".what happened to Elfecutioner ? i do hope DS returns soon.he needs to grab a chair there is a long way to go yet.

      so far the few mod issues are not old mods. mod order adjustments should work to fix them.a KID mod to fix the honey,a EB mod to fix the leatherworks,and a mod to fix the domestic animals that will fix the stables.3 minor issues.not counting the glitch of the main TP that can't be built.

    before i start on the other half of this map,i should take some time to clean up and decorate more on this half.this is a good breaking point.

pic 1: y 70 stats
pic 2: production
pic 3: inventory
pic 4: food and citizen graphs

pic 5: phase 1 IV,indian village
pic 6: phase 2 CC fort
pic 7: phase 3, SB,sherbrooke and Port Royal
pic 8:  phase 4 MC,mission castle
pic 9: phase 5: WW
pic 10:phase 6: MV,monestary valley
Mod Discussions 107 / Re: Westward Ho V1.02
« Last post by brads3 on Today at 07:31:33 AM »
WB HAWK. you have missed a lot. the map blogs have lots in them.ABANDONED has broke this story into chapters. you will need to go back several of her blogs. i've been on my map  a  while and am behind on loading mods.KId and RED both have updates or new mods ahead of me.every month it is like christmas,always new toys.
« Last post by brads3 on Today at 07:23:43 AM »
years doesn't bother me. i figures it would take 100. the way it has played i re-calculated to 150.the population break that can fatal error crash it does concern me. i think that is what stopped the "TOWN's" map. if my memory is right it is closser to 1100-1200 than the 1000 others have mentioned. the CC huts that the miners used did help delay it as they only allowed 1 child. it will become a race against time thou the farther i go.
Tips and Tricks / Re: HOW TO avoid mistakes by building a canal
« Last post by brads3 on Today at 07:18:26 AM »
clearing the land helps so you can see the arrows when you place least cleared enough for the 1st piece. depending on the set up and how long it is,i like to place a bunch with the game paused. you can always pause the pieces themselves so the bannies will build 1 at a time.then again clear a patch of trees at the end  begore laying out more pieces. the laborers will do this while the builders are busy finishing up the digging.

       if you can't put the next piece tight to the end,the spacers help. just use the dig tool to flatten the ground between the 2 pieces and then a 1x spacer.terraform mods help to clear up dirt left at the ends where the canal runs into the lakes or rivers.i have the terraform.pkm and it allows a -1 or -2 option below the 0 point. they do help dress up the ends so they aren't so square looking.
« Last post by Abandoned on Today at 05:27:31 AM »
You are already on year 70,  :) It will be interesting to see how many years total this will be.
Mod Discussions 107 / Re: Westward Ho V1.02
« Last post by kid1293 on Today at 05:08:56 AM »
I guess she meant they commented in her story thread where she used this mod.
Mod Discussions 107 / Re: Westward Ho V1.02
« Last post by Hawk on Today at 03:09:05 AM »
Hawk, I think people have been commenting elsewhere.   :)

Elsewhere? Hmm? I guess I missed that topic.  :(
Tips and Tricks / Re: HOW TO avoid mistakes by building a canal
« Last post by BlueFireChelle on Today at 12:15:21 AM »
I built some canals recently in my game that's based on Red's new mod. It was the first time I'd really used them and I think I made ALL those mistakes you mentioned. I had to re-build half the pieces because I started with them backwards, forgot the bridges, and somehow mis-aligned them part way through! LOL! Lucky I had lots of brick laying around the place and far too many lazy labourers so it didn't matter that I had to re-do it all. I've not yet added a trader inside my lake, but am looking forward to watching a boat travel along the canal :)
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