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« Reply #30 on: June 02, 2017, 07:18:02 AM »
gm,NILLA. are you comapring the duck blind hunters????if so then that does say a lot.i do think the game os off.  i feel like i used to expand and grow towns faster than now. if my CC mods are producing that much less then i have big problems. i do have concerns.that would explain the last few game plays.i am glad to hear your CC is producing more. at least i know CC isn't causing it. you make me think now.
    yea.i agree with you. i should have more food up.the thing is again there are workers out there but the production numbers seem low. the farmers are good now. 3 foresters and constant clearing trees just to keep firewood.2 furniture workers aren't producing enough feels like the 2 are doing less than i did with 1 before. by expanding i would have more land and more food areas.some of my play is changed with the story and blog. if i step back and look and compare this to towns i have done 6months ago or so,the area i am using seems way less. i have the workers busy.i don't have extras. enough to do some of what i would like. my coats aren't enough to keep stock at the TP building up.
   if you are scared of the food reserves, you aint seen nothing gets crazier. i am holding it though.i agress i should be up over 25,000 by now. i have tried to plan ahead. i did clear areas,started roads,built different buildings. i did it when the bannies had time to spare.if the wells were doing right,i would have more GH's and that would be a boost.there is 5 workers and they combined aren't producing 500 food.there is others that seem to break even and not give extra.

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« Reply #31 on: June 02, 2017, 08:54:46 AM »
NILLA, since you are playing CC,i want to compare some production numbers.
10x10 crop fields 500-700
most of these are uneducated
beekeeper 150 honey +200 beeswax
quick trout fisherman 325
vanilla gatherer 1000
EB herbalist <10
wells<any> 30-40
rice paddy 1000
foresters  100-150 logs    mini,pine mod
duck blind  <100+feathers    note issue all but 1 have produced fish off and on.
REDK hunters  hunter hut 800+ leather
lookout tower hunters   >450 + furs+leather

furniture joiner with 2 workers  around 40 if i keep it fed with logs

  those are rough averages.i don't remeber issues like this with LOWESVILLE.  it seems it started after i upgraded more mods and reorganized my mod list and order. the duck blind comparison has me concerns because that is included in the CC. that would mean whatever issue i have it may be affecting all the mods and workers. it is definetly making the game more challenging. thank you for the feedback. i appreciated it much.

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« Reply #32 on: June 02, 2017, 10:47:49 AM »
YEAR 21:

       since it has been 20 years+,it is a good time to check some census age numbers. we have 1 at 60 the retired undertaker,1 at 57 the herbalist house though she switched jobs to the GH,a 53 year old russian,and 1 50 year old farmer.many around there mid-40's.someone got an attitude and threw away our gravestone,so the cemetary is empty.the only death we had was a child birth death of a original bannie teenager.

       1 thing i should say. the Nat DIV mod has totally changed the maps.for 1,we don't have to stop every few years and deorate and triple lay roads. before trees would overgrow the roads and villages and you had to either reclear it or decorate with the grass road mod. in the case of this map i have done little of either. i did some decorations. some trees and lilac bushes.few well.stuff that makes sence.
i didn't do yards. i didn't give houses shade trees.under the circumstances who would sit home under a tree?.or plant flowers?
    the other thing with the NAT DIV mod is now you can actually see.other than the forests you can move around the map and see the way the land  is. you can spot the small streams. you can see there is piles of iron ore or can tell where small hills are as well.some of the knolls and rolls of the hills in this map,you could not see before.the trees would hide it.
  these points is added to what the mod does to the plants and herbs. i don't have the zoom hack or i could get better pics.i do think it changed more than the plants though. it may not have totally changed the soil. but there are differences. i have not found reeds.luckily the dock set can grow its own.which gave me the duck blinds.i do think if you plant where the thatch is at the game start,you get different results than if there is plain ground or forests.kinda like you plant a garden and weeds grow up.if you don't pull weeds,your garden doesn't do very well.
    i'll give you a look at it. i snapped 2 pics of areas far from center. they are totaly untouched with 20 years of growth on them.on another map if you clicked out that far from where you are building,you will not be able to see.

      it is spring.since the beeswax is almost to 500,the builder can build a chandlery.we'll have light and candles for trade.once the supplies are there ,the laborers can clear south of the future minig area.that will open space toward the lake and give us more logs'll mainy keep them busy.
     the candle shop is finished in early summer.the road is getting muddy from the trading post. so the builder is to lay stone down. the stone road can go from the TP to the slink markets and extend to the main village road.if it goes quick,he can extend it past the boarding house.
    by winter with our houses stocked and all the harvest done,we had over 9200 food in storage.our vendors had already checked the markets and moved supply out of the main barn.
    a large colonial houise has been requested near the canlde shop.and there is still clearing being done to the south.
      the odd duck hunter was now keeping feathers.the lockies blamed the whole fish situation on the russians. they claimed,the russians threw northern pike in the river.they gave no other explanation nor did the russians.i wasn't sure if they was joking or arguing most times,so i left them to it.
     for christmas,the fort send the livestock merchant with 5 sheep.he would haul the furniture and coats back down river.the fort had gave him a barrel of gunpowder and he had used it on the beaver dam.the river would be easier to travel now so more merchants should be beavers were  harmed in this operation since they were sleeping in their lodge.
       a holding pasture will be built along the bridge road.8x16,it will fit between the road and the edge of the maple forest. it has warmed up early and our snow has melted.hopefully we can get the sheep to high ground before a flood comes.

pic 1: south center of map.
pic 2 : south east corner of map.
pic 3: candle shop.

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« Reply #33 on: June 02, 2017, 12:59:33 PM »
I like reading your blogs...... "some got an attitude"....... :D ;D I love that expression! I also laugh at your troublesome Russians. Sounds like my son; throwing pike into the river. He throws them back into the lake, because he doesn't like to "clean" these slimy fish. (Unless they are very large) I do like pike and we always have arguments about it. ;) The explanation is simple; your Russians don't like slimy fish, like my son, they prefere salmon, trout and perch. ;)

I'll give you some fresh numbers from some production buildings. I don't have all of those you mentioned, since I had only CC and the minimod until lately, so I have no other production buildings. The production numbers are only from last year, the average might be different:

Crop fields: My fields are a lot larger than yours, but they produced 6,6-7 on each tile. 7 is the maximum number for educated, 5 for uneducated, if I remember it right. Some years the weather is not perfect and the harvest is smaller. The dense orchards had 8,5-7,8. the only normal orchard 5,33. (your 700 for educated and 500 for uneducated are as good as it can get for a 10*10 field, unless there are some "cheat" mods, that makes it bigger)
Beekeeper: 832 honey + 162 beeswax. I use 2 beekeeper in the building. It's very odd, that you have more wax but so much less honey.
Vanilla gatherer: 3 gatherer made about 2500 food together
Herbalists: Unfortunately the herb limit was reached and they only made 9/15 herbs, but I told you some other numbers from an earlier year yesterdays.
Wells: I have one City Water Tank: 576, one Water Tower: 445 and one Windmill pump: 256, all CC buildings.
Rice Paddy: 1360 This building is definitely changed, I can remember, I had 4000 or more in an earlier version. It's still a lot for such a small simple building but not ridiculous anymore.
Foresters: The miniforester makes the most for one forester; 110. In the others I had 2 or 3 and they made between 100 and 65 log each. (132-296 for each forest)
Duck blind: 1200 duck meat, 20 feathers, 7 fish(?) (maybe the hunter like to fish in his free time ;)
Joiner 82 furniture for 2 worker, presently normal furniture. If I have hartwood, I prefere fancy furniture (about the same production, higher profit) But 1 hardwood forest isn't enough to feed one joiner building all the time, so I have to change it from time to time.
The other production buildings I don't have (yet?)

Just a hint to make your trade a little bit more profitable; close the candle maker and sell the wax instead! If He's uneducated he destroys value, if He's educated the profit is very small. Send him fishing instead and sell fish, if you need to buy anything.

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« Reply #34 on: June 02, 2017, 02:38:50 PM »
ty NILLA. it is strange. it isn't all my numbers but is hit and miss.the vanilla buildings seem mini mod is high in my order too.i did notice that fisherman is doing good.the wells is costing me lots. i can't build more GH's or anything. after this map i will adjust my order more.the hunting blind is weird. i debugged the original 1,since the NAT DIV mod stops  the reeds from growing everywhere. i can grow them from  the docks though.the other blinds i did build after the dock produced reeds. those are the 1's giving fish. it is challenging and i do watch the food.i will have to up my fields soon.

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« Reply #35 on: June 03, 2017, 06:01:22 AM »
YEAR 22:
      the sound of indian drum beats tells the villagers it is spring. i checked the well workers. they are all uneducated. with 3 wells pumping the GH has produced 420.the EB herbalist is educated however.he can grow herbs in about 30% of his radius.the 2 watch towers are over 600 and they are not educated.
        the builder is busy building the larger colonial house. laborers contivue to haul materials for the  holding pasture.the sheep will have room for now, until a better pasture is located. this pasture will be a temporary pen for more livestock as it arrives.
       as i took a quick walk out to the indians,i realize they will need another cabin this year for their daughter.she is finishing school and has plans of making scented oils from the wildflowers.this will be put on hold.

     as the builders are finishing the pasture, a large indian tribe arrives from the east. they were following a bison herd when it was attacked by wolves.since it was night and raining, they lost site of the herd. they were just happy the wolves didn't chase them.i guess i should have built another boardinghouse.
20 newcomers is a bit much.
    half of them decide to go south to the lake. they say they can fish and hunt ducks and collect freshwater clams.the other half will go west of the canyon and pitch tents to hunt and gather near the smaller stream. i have concerns knowing this will take time and we will need to help haul materials and feed all of them. to help accomplish this the indians sent 1 to trout fish and 2 to quick hunt.
     as snow began to fall early, i tried to get the indains to move together into the 4  F.O. houses.they did not like the idea. 2 indians  remained homeless.more construction continued.

    by mid winter,the lake village was almost completed. it had 4 F.O. huts,mini fishing dock,woodchopper,2 duck blinds,a lookout tower,and a barn.the water scavenger was all that was left to finish.stage 1 had gone well.with all the extra houses stocked we had over 8300 food in storage.

YEAR 23:
      spring ment the work on the canyon towers could is a long ways so it will be slow.3 towers,a gathering hut,and a stone bridge over the stream is planned.the indians will throw up a tent by each tower and the builders will build a storage barn. an area for a storage pile has to be cleared 1st,then the barn built.10 laborers for 6 builders.
    work went slowly. it was a long ways away.the barn went up the towers by winter.more clearing and the bridges were started.a plank bridge had to be built to get across the stream to clear brush before the stone bridge.

our food was over 10,000. the indians were producing enough food to support the lake village.

   to outdo the 2nd duck blind,the 2 indian blinds collected the duck feathers and ducks and caught FISH.
the lockies have never caught fish from their duckblind.they shrug and say little. they do bring in more feathers than the others.and have had a couple years of over 100 ducks.
     with an educated worker,the water tower produced no more must be a mod order problem.

YEAR 24:

       now that it is warming up,the indians pitch tents. there is still the gathering hut to be built. workers are tired but they continue.the lockies reminded everyone that more housing is needed soon as we can.
     by fall all that remains to be built is a small FO. barn near the gathering hut.they don't mind living in such small tents. with their woodcutter,they will stay warm.they will hunt,fish,and gather and keep coyotes and other wild animals out of the help supply logs a FO. forester with a log cabin  will be built across the stream.
       hopefully by spring,the boardinghouse will be emptied and cleaned.i can get time to check supplies and figure the settler's housing needs.there is much that needs to be done. the sheep pasture,a wool tailor,etc.

pic 1: holding pen with sheep.
pic 2: indian lake village F.O. housing.
pic 3:  lake village in spring
pic 4: overview of canyon village
pic 5:  canyon village construction. inventory spring year 24.

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« Reply #36 on: June 03, 2017, 06:26:53 AM »
There's a serious lack of roads and fences in your town. Your people spend a lot of time walking slowly on grass.
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« Reply #37 on: June 03, 2017, 06:41:24 AM »
yea,we haven't had the time for much roads.we did get a stone road from the TP to the BH due to the mud.fences??  our hnters keep the rabbits in  check so they haven't bothered our crops. we did have to send a hunter now and then to chase the deer out though.

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« Reply #38 on: June 04, 2017, 05:34:53 AM »

       that was a very busy 5 years. they went by super fast.1 person remains at the boarding house to remind me we will need more houses soon. with each house we build,we will need to bring up the production and food.there is much to do.

POPULATION 140, 70 adults,22 students,48 children. 40% educated.33 houses+BH.
food 7500+,
     considering how hectic the last 5 years have been, our food has notlost ground.we have gained sheep and now stock wool.we are behind 3-4 houses.the number of food workers actually shows 2 to the good.
at the rate of population growth,we need to add 1 food worker per year going forward.   

fort request/goal: establish a strong lumber town,produce clothing and furniture for future settlements.

strong points: we are well protected having the indians on either side of us.we have diversified our working with the land and some crop rotation, our apples and crops produce well.

issues/problems: wells don't produce enough water.our duck blinds are weak.

       can i go hide in the woods? i know as soon as i try to walk around the village,everyone will want something.i should start a list of demands or requests.where do i start??  how about east to west?

    AREA                        NEEDS

indian canyon village- 1 house,trapper,more clearing,road east to the stone bridge.
canyon-                pastures,markets and road to move items from indians to stone bridge
trading post landing-  nothing
north forests-         1 house, maple and pine gatherer,pine storage between pine and maple forests.
lockies river landing-   1 house,rice paddy, wish list ricestill
indian lake- nothing
meadow-          1 house and perfume buildings completed,more water
main village-1 house,wool tailor,cellar to tavern for cider,

overall need another school,2nd blacksmith,logs,iron production,

TOTALS:5 houses,2 fields,

pic 1: stats
pic 2: inventory
pic 3: food graph
pic 4: 25 year food graph
pic 5: 25 year population graph
pic 6: 25 year log graph

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« Reply #39 on: June 05, 2017, 06:21:09 AM »

    i dislike the order of this.knowing how the bannies will move out,a house in the canyon is 1st.
then work in the,sheep pasture,and fields.before meadow indian maiden graduates continue work there.then the rice and forest gatherers.not saying it will all be done in 1 year. i do have a plan though.

            step 1 is shut down the stables to conserve water. fertilizer is over 280.builder count back to 6.that should split them up.cabin added to canyon village and prioritzed.unpaused meadow FO.cabin.start clearing pasture and send 2 vendors to pull materials,1 to the log depot 1 to the industrial market.add colonial house and a leanto storage by 15x15 fenceless pasture.
        the indian cabin is done quick at the west village.. the meadow indians decide not to move into the new the sister is 16 so they will need 2 houses.they will have to wait.the pasture is cleared and materials are being delivered.a school between the stone bridge and forests is half completed.
        during the fall the maple gatherer and school are finished. work goes slow in the far canyon.location for a pine cabin is chosen along the forest road.
         the indians have produced enough food to feed themselves. food reserves are at 7750 at the end of winter.

YEAR 26:
       the meadow indian maiden wanting to be close to the canyon indians took over the colonial house.
work continues to clear fields very slowly.a pine material shed is built for the pine and maple forests.
         by summer, the pasture is ready and sheep can be moved.the pine cabin has a family.thework is scheduled for the docks,rice paddy,and dock summer ends,the pine forager and rice paddy are ready.
a farmhouse and a crop field are planned near the herbalist.a KID beehive will help the apiary.
     by fall,the bannies have done well.all that is left to finish is the beehive. it has taken 2 years but much has been done.5 houses,2 fields,sheep pasture,maple and pine gatherers,rice paddy,school,and more storage.
        food reserves at 8000+    stocking up on sap,wool,and pine bough.ohh and we have pearls.
     we still need a medieval tailor and a pine blackksmith.

YEAR 27:

   WE struggled thru the winter to keep firewood. our log count is very log.the dock work shop switches  to fire bundles to use up the excess reeds.the workers are sent to collect thatch and cut trees in the meadow.the builder continues to work trying to get a road to the lake village.the wool coats will help keep everyone warmer by next winter.with the pine smith finished,bough tools will be made as well.
     by summer,the pine trapper work starts and land is cleared for a small market. this will allow items and logs to be moved out of the canyon.
     a merchant stops in  the fall.we trade our survival coats for firebundles and take on some furnace fuel to help process iron later.
     as winter grows to a close,the small market is stocked.our food reserve is at 9200+.

pic 1: sheeep pasture.
pic 2: maple forager,school by the holding pen.
pic 3: rice paddy,dock house,inventory.
pic 4: EB farmhouse crops.
pic 5: pine blacksmith,medieval tailor
pic 6: year 27 inventory,canyon village and bridges.

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« Reply #40 on: June 06, 2017, 07:42:44 AM »
YEAR 28:

   during the winter.the undertakers wife died of old age. he is now 67 and alone.

    as work continues and we are able to try and catch our breathe,a huge group of settlers shows up in early summer. there is 30 of them.there is a note from the fort commander.with all the tools and clothing produced here,more settlers can now stop here as they travel out and explore new lands.i need to give the new governor a tour and my records,charts,and plans.after he is introduced to everyone and settled in, i am to take the group of 30 head north and form a farm settlement to feed our growing nation. i have done well here and this town is stable and will continue to grow on its own.with my knowledge of the indians and the land,i shall lead the next expedition.

POPULATION 153, 77 adult,26 studenta, and 50 children.  47% educated. 39houses+bh.
food:9000+  7 fields,3 orchards,2 rice paddys,1 greenhouse,sheep pasture,4 fishermen,4 duck blinds,
7 hunters,3 gatherersplus 2 trappers.
wool,hide,survival,and pelts coats.

though we could handle the 30 settlers here,it is a good sized group to head out and begin the next settlement with.

pic 1: 30 nomads.

tour pics: from TP looking east goes east to the meadow screens 1-5,
6  looking south to lake village.
7 looking south to lookie landing.
8 north from village along forest road
9  looking north along bridge road.
10 east across bridge toward canyon
12 canyon farm
11 and 13 inidian canyon village

year 28 stats,production,full inventory alphabetical list.

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« Reply #41 on: June 06, 2017, 07:48:28 AM »
end stats. i tried a different way of doing the pics with the tour. which looks better??

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« Reply #42 on: June 06, 2017, 06:30:04 PM »
the fodder mod and its flowers are always surprising :)
dont you use any perfume makers ?
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« Reply #43 on: June 06, 2017, 06:34:02 PM »
i do use the perfumes. this map i had troubles with water.and when i started to build for the florist and perfume,i got hit with nomads.that ended up being 2 big projects before i could get back. no sooner,did i start the flowers back up and the 30 namods came.lmao
new episode coming soon. with fixed issues.

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« Reply #44 on: June 06, 2017, 07:06:34 PM »
When I created the Water Well players "complained" that the output was too much so I adjusted the output.

I went over the files now the irrigation channels are almost finished and adjusted the work required and Worktime.
I also changed the NMWater from 6/8 to 8/10.

I will update the Unified Mod and Production Set 1 some later tonight or tomorrow.

When I release the Irrigation channels the output will be the same for all of my mods.
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