Author Topic: What are the most common mistakes, do-nots, not-recommended, recommended advices  (Read 656 times)

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Is there a list of advices that covers :
- what can be done (the limits of what we can do)

- what cannot be done (what is simply not possible to, especially if people ask for it)

- what is considered as a usual mistake to look for

- what is considered as recommended

- what is considered as not recommdned

- what is considered as DO-NOT-DO

- also,is there a dictionnary of all possible commands we can use in a ressource file ?  (in other words, not having to go through every single rsc files to findout about any commands)
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Welcome on WOB @Browser_ice! Such a list or knowledge base doesn't exist. We only have our experience with this mod kit and can help each other solving certain issues. And of course searching on this board will output useful tips and also some tutorials. :)