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Re: ageing mods
« Reply #15 on: February 26, 2018, 05:15:00 PM »
say what? NILLA if a female has children 2 yrs apart at vanilla speed she can have 2 per game year. at proper time or 1:1 aging ,she will have children 2 yrs apart. so in 4 yrs 1:1 gives you 2 children,vanilla can give you 16. now yes the houses won't allow her to do that.however that is still the house will fill while food is being stocked up the 1st and 2nd year via proper time,the vanilla time will be eating that surplus.children dont need tools.and clothing needs go up if population goes up.
    as to game speed,that is more dependant on computer.a 10x speed with many mods will slow down and play more like a 2x. again a more pwerful computer will not slow as much as mine does.there are tricks to help this issue though. the pause button is a handy too to give you time to look around and plan ahead.
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Re: ageing mods
« Reply #16 on: February 27, 2018, 06:07:57 AM »
Well, @brads3, Iīm sorry (no, thatīs a lie, Iīm not sorry ;) ) to say that you are wrong! In fact, women get more children in a 1:1 game. Just look at our present blog games: In your latest screenshot with menus, there was 188 adults, 56 students and 117 children. Thatīs 0,92 children/student to support for one adult. In mine itīs now 964/138/167 thatīs 0,32 for each adult. I have turned housbuilding down a bit, but even if we look back in my game to a time as I expanded as fast as I could itīs far less than yours; in year 27 there was 162/30/61 that gives 0,56.

Itīs not our different ways of playing, that give these numbers. If I play real time, I get about your numbers as well. In a vanilla speed the children becomes students in 2,5 real years and  adults 1,5 year later. Of cause you have to be more active at the beginning when the population grows faster, but you also have more workers.

Again, I will not say that real time aging is bad. I will not say, that itīs easier or harder either. Itīs just different. I find it boringly slow at the beginning, as the game goes on, it speeds up. After 30 years or so, you have about the same flow as in a vanilla game but if you continue a couple of generations, the speed continues to increase and the population growth gets hard to control.


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