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Chapter 1

  As you know, weary traveler, we left Rest Stop in early summer. We arrived here at the end of summer and, as I already told you, when we arrived at this river we knew we would not be able to cross it.  The river was deep, the current was very swift, and there were large rocks just below the surface.  Whole trees were being swept down river. 

  We had to clear away stone, thatch, and even logs before we could circled the wagons and make camp.  One of the men began unhitching the oxen, while one scout went down stream and another up.  There were only 4 families including  what remained of your family, and of course Dom, myself, and our 3 boys.  We got water from the small stream and did some wash and built a campfire.  We did some hunting and gathering  while we waited for the scouts to return.

  The news was not good.  There was nowhere to cross, there was nothing but rapids both down river and up.  The scout who went up river saw 3 tipis on this side of the river, no doubt belonging to Native people of this land.  He saw no one around the tipis.  A decision would have to be made soon, do we go north or south or do we turn back?  The animal were rested, we would need to repair a few cracked wagon wheels  and replenish our supplies before we went anywhere.  We arrived here with 30 iron tools and 30 hide coats, 300 firewood and 600 each of roots and mushrooms.  Replenishing supplies gave us a little time to decide.

  The two soldiers arrived on horseback and we talked for quite a while.  Up river there were more rapids and the town of Meadowbrook, much farther north was a mining town.  This land was part of the Native peoples' summer hunting grounds.   The tipis our scout saw belonged to a small hunting party. They would not give us any trouble, they would be gone soon.  To the southwest was the Native settlement of Cedar Creek and much further south down this river was the Refugee Camp.  The soldiers were scouting this area looking for more of the displaced refugees, and more soldiers were coming to join them.  They would look for you as well, weary traveler, and with the other soldiers' help they would get us safely across the river.  There were mountains to cross on the other side and yes, gold had been found there in the past.  We agreed to help build the fort.

  Since we would be staying here for some time we gathered more wild foods and deadwood. We spent a lot of time by the campfire that winter.  We also put up 2 forester tents, we would need a lot of wood to build a fort settlement. We built a small but sturdy pasture for the oxen, there was plenty of thatch for them to graze upon.  We moved our small donkey into the protective center of the circled wagons where the other donkey was tethered.  Yes, weary traveler, it was very nice of the other family to trade wagons with you.  I hope you are sleeping well.
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I also read the blogs/village images from everyone but sadly not respond much on them  :-[

You are a die hard @brads3 with using so many mods together but sure a good thing you won't give up on it. :)

Suggestions and Mod Ideas / Re: EMBX61's New Work in Progress Thread
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Your welcome @zak4862  :)

A little spoiler about the Resort area after the quarry is transformed.
Still more to do by touching up and add some more stuff.
Then have to write the code to make all the pieces ghosted.
Bannies will walk through all the pieces because they will be ghosted and Necora's empty square will not work on a footprint.
It is what it is with ghosted stuff.

Need also do something about the hard edge between the grass area as it is too rigid.
Maybe some very low ghosted separation pieces.

I was thinking to make the bigger building a food only market so besides happiness the resort can act as a little food only market?
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YEAR 17-18

          while the magazine is being built,the laborers begin to clear land for the south wall and more roads are layed out.then the 2 side gates will be built.

         finally the merchant has brought strawberry seed.those will help our health.we have gained squash and strawberry seeds.

       a weird glitch slows us down.there is 8 spaces that we can not build on nor level.i tried to run a road over it and had them remove it to see if that woud solve the has not worked either. thought it was a road that wasn't finished or needed finsihed before it could be deleted.anyway it is dead space and will be worked around.this does delay the south  wall.

pic 1:east gate
pic 2: west gate
pic 3: a weird glitch.dead space can't be built on
« Last post by brads3 on Today at 08:00:59 AM »
glad to hear someone is paying attention. i have tried to label pics different at times if i find something odd. it does go slow for the moment but will get better.
       food here has been harder to produce. there are several differences causing it. TOM's happiness norseman need educated more than the bannies before.there is climate differences too. the growing season is warmer and longer but the RK crops produce less than CC's did.a fair setting plays like a normal mild, but with less outputs.

   for lack of a better explanation ,it is like the game took the North and did an average of it and CC and the RK.without the North mod things went way  left.caused a bigger change than i expected. as i get more used to it,i should get better at adjusting to the changes.
Suggestions and Mod Ideas / Re: EMBX61's New Work in Progress Thread
« Last post by zak4862 on Today at 07:53:54 AM »
Thanks again for your work and share. Those houses make the look of village - or town much more nice because
of roof color choice.
    Regards   zak4862  8) :)
General Discussion / Re: Stuck loading a saved game
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but I can't load my older modded games.

you need to get the exact same version of the mods you use. but still, it is very possible you still can load them for X reasons....
General Discussion / Re: Stuck loading a saved game
« Last post by Grand_Fisher on July 19, 2018, 11:40:26 PM »
do your saves are vanilla ones ?

when you launch the game, hold control. you will get a menu. go in options, and check the checkbox about disable mods. then apply.
when you get the menu , try to load your vanilla saves.

Thanks, I can load my vanilla game and I can start a new modded game save then load it, but I can't load my older modded games.
« Last post by RedKetchup on July 19, 2018, 09:27:50 PM »
i always read them or at least check all picture :)
Village Images / Re: Random images from Castle Rock maps
« Last post by Paulo on July 19, 2018, 03:16:43 PM »
Impressive... :)
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