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Mod Discussions 107 / Re: Colorful Little Houses 3.0 for 1.0.6 - 1.0.7
« Last post by RedKetchup on April 23, 2018, 12:12:31 PM »
littlehouse should have a    int _userVersion = 2.2; tag but the game doesnt handle the numbers after the dot
so it still appear a 2.0 tag
Village Blogs / Re: Abandoned - Springfield - Story 23
« Last post by Abandoned on April 23, 2018, 12:02:24 PM »
Chapter 31

  The tunnel mine was finished by the start of year 31 and 4 miners set to work extracting iron.  We would add more miner and more housing for them.  Several warm leather tents were set up near the mine.  As soon as the first mine was up and running, we began construction of a second mine.  The building materials collected for it left the stockpiles short of logs.  We we also low on firewood so it was crucial that we send the laborers out to cut some nearby trees immediately.

  It was another cold rainy spring and the 35 nomads who arrived didn't stay.

   The second mine was completed and the miners were extracting coal.  Hopefully, coal would take some of the pressure off the foresters and wood cutters.  We were still short of iron and the iron mine was a long way from the blacksmiths.  The blacksmith in town was educated and made good use of the iron when he could get it but the Celtic blacksmith was not educated.  We considered a materials wagon vendor, we had wagon parts, but feared he would take logs and firewood away from outlying areas that needed them.

  In late summer 2 traders arrived and we did a quick inventory check when we saw them coming down the river.  We needed flax and we were almost out of canvas.  We again adjusted the textile workers, the guild would again make canvas and the village tailor would make warm coats until enough canvas was available.  We had enough food and grain in inventory and it was almost harvest time.  We ordered no food from the food merchant or seeds from the planter.  We started the wheat harvest early at 84 % and the chestnuts at 53%.  An early snowstorm still cost us some crops.

  Building was at a stand still, we were short of building materials.  We did however build another village well to protect the buildings we did have.  The abandoned place provided all the scavenged materials it had and the last of it was removed.  The foundation for the Village Hall was laid.  Diligent laborers took logs, stone, and iron to the site before we could stop them.  We were again short of logs, stone, and iron.

 Arnon the fisherman drowned, he must have slipped off an icy fishing pier.  It was another cold harsh winter in Springfield.

Suggestions and Mod Ideas / Crazy idea - technology tree
« Last post by JM on April 23, 2018, 09:46:55 AM »
One flag for "knowledge" should be reserved.

School/High school/University can educate students OR produce knowledge OR create instruction papers/building plans from knowledge.

Knowledge can not be traded. Instructions and building plans can be bought at very expensive price.

School recipes:
- education
- 1 knowledge for 40 work
- 1 iron_tools_manufacturing_instructions for 200 knowledge and 200 work
- 1 steel_tools_manufacturing_instructions for 1000 knowledge + 1000 work
- 1 university_construction_plans for 5000 knowledge and 1500 work
- and more

for example:

Smithy production:
- Wooden tools:  1 wood --> 1 wooden tool
- Iron tools:  1 coal + 1 iron + 1 iron_tools_manufacturing_instructions -->  1 iron tool + 1 iron_tools_manufacturing_instructions.
- Steel tools:  1 coal + 1 iron + 1 steel_tools_manufacturing_instructions -->  1 steel tool + 1 steel_tools_manufacturing_instructions.
So blacksmith do not need new instructions for every thing he produce.

University building cost: materials and university_construction_plans.
University can employ more people and produce cheaper knowledge and powerful plans and instructions:
- education
- 1 knowledge for 10 work
- steel_fatory_construction_plans for 10000 knowledge
- GMO seeds for 1000000 knowledge :)

Steel factory can produce cheaper tools and other things:
- Iron tools: 1 coal + 1 iron + 1 iron_tools_manufacturing_instructions -->  4 iron tool + 1 iron_tools_manufacturing_instructions.
- Steel tools: 1 coal + 1 iron + 1 steel_tools_manufacturing_instructions -->  4 steel tool + 1 steel_tools_manufacturing_instructions.
- some materials + elevator_manufacturing_instructions --> elevator, allowing higher houses.
« Last post by brads3 on April 23, 2018, 06:59:56 AM »
YEAR 10-15
       7 nomads arrive in summer. they will work to increase our stone and log supplies.2 couples with 3 children.1 couple will dig a multi-quarry along the river,the other heads across the bridge to start a FO. spring, both couples had new houses.the quarry and forester were being worked.a gathering station was being built beside the forester.
        while the wood and stone was being stocked back up,the bannies built a school and were added to store the raw materials and building supplies. the magazine had stored bread and herbs but not logs or stone.
         even with the gatherer,health suffered due to lack of fruit.the farmer couple would add a greenhouse.there wasn't enough milk for them to make butter anyhow.

pic 1:multi quarry
pic 2:FO forest
pic 3:strawberry greenhouse
pic 4: inventory,granny school and playground
Mod Discussions 107 / Re: Colorful Little Houses 3.0 for 1.0.6 - 1.0.7
« Last post by galensgranny on April 23, 2018, 04:00:10 AM »
I finally got it work and see the nice butterscotch roof.  :) However, in the mod list, the file name says, "Version 2 (1.0.7)".  Probably when I thought I was overwriting the old mod it did do it.  But I kept seeing the name of the old version.  This time I put it above RK EC and even though it's name in the modlist is the old version, it winds up being the new version. 
Mod Discussions 107 / Re: Colorful Little Houses 3.0 for 1.0.6 - 1.0.7
« Last post by galensgranny on April 23, 2018, 02:46:44 AM »
 I didn't delete version 2 from my windata, but rather let the version 3 replace it, but maybe it did not actually replace it.  I will try again this time with deleting from windata the previous version.  Thanks for the tip to put it on top of the mod list above RK Ed.
Mod Discussions 107 / Re: Colorful Little Houses 3.0 for 1.0.6 - 1.0.7
« Last post by RedKetchup on April 23, 2018, 02:43:13 AM »
i deleted the one i had in my windata folder, i downloaded the here and i extracted it in my windata.

started the game and enabled it. the 2 new colors at there at the end of the "F" color cycle
i built them and took that screenshot

re-verify all your manips and redo it
oh and if happends you enable it with RK Ed , put littlehouse ontop of your mod list, ontop of RK Ed
Mod Discussions 107 / Re: Colorful Little Houses 3.0 for 1.0.6 - 1.0.7
« Last post by River on April 23, 2018, 12:44:10 AM »
Hmmm....I have them. Odd.
Mod Discussions 107 / Re: Colorful Little Houses 3.0 for 1.0.6 - 1.0.7
« Last post by galensgranny on April 23, 2018, 12:39:51 AM »
@RedKetchup , I downloaded version 3.0 of the Little Houses.  The zip folder is named 3.0.  But, when I move the pkm file into my game, I only get version version 2.0.  It seems the zip folder does not have the new version in it, with the butterscotch roof house.
Mod Discussions 107 / Re: Colorful Little Fence 1.1
« Last post by galensgranny on April 23, 2018, 12:05:27 AM »
Looks tasty!  :)
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