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A casual list of modders and their mods, freshly compiled and 1.0.7-ready under the Community Toolbar.

You can always see the complete listing here!

Last Update: November 29 2018


The easiest way to find the downloads at World of Banished (WoB) is to follow this link -
it will beam you right into the newly set up 107 download section and present you with an alphabetical list of the modders, their mods and the corresponding links.



BL also released the standalone Pigs and Ducks.

And my Church is in the Unified mod but still standalone too. :)

This is an excellent idea Paeng :)!

You could also provide links to each mod if you feel like giving yourself Carpal Tunnel Syndrome from copy pasting ;D.

your list tells me... i still have so much to do LOL

Where is DSStoneBridgeHouses_v1beta found?

Not sure I've seen that.


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