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Is there a dedicated thread for all of Kid's mods, like what EB did for theirs, or am I overlooking something?

There is a thread under Mod Garage/Mod Discussions 107  On page 4, there is a thread  Overview 1.0.7 Mods which has a listing of mods my various modders.  It does not have the latest mods added but list all mods up to that date.  Sorry, don't know how to post a link to that thread.

you can scroll through the download section but no there is not a complete list.KID has made many and some with different styles.if you are looing for something specific please ask.some older mods are good and do still work but are very good at hiding.

going to go stick that post

All my 1.0.7 mods

December 25, 2022

Kid - Abandoned Places SE
Kid - Abbey V1.11
Kid - Alotofseeds V1.5
Kid - Among Trees V1.4
Kid - Animal Breeder V1.0
Kid - Animal Pen V1.0
Kid - Animal Shed - Cheese
Kid - Animal Shed Plus V2.11
Kid - Animal Shed SA 2
Kid - Bakery & Garden V1.1
Kid - Bakery  Garden Alt V1.1
Kid - Bed and Breakfast V1.21
Kid - Bicycle
Kid - Bits & Pieces V1.1
Kid - Bodiam Castle V1.1
Kid - Broadway Tower V1.1
Kid - Chop-Chop Final
Kid - Colonial City Center V1.01
Kid - Colonial Housing V2.1
Kid - Colonial Resources V2.01
Kid - The Coven V1.1
Kid - Crates V1.1
Kid - Deco Farm Animals V1.0
Kid - Deco Magic Mushrooms
Kid - Deco Pack V2.01
Kid - Deco People V1.1
Kid - Deco Tree Fall
Kid - Deco Tree Replacer Fix
Kid - Deco Tree Spring
Kid - Fairy Garden V1.02
Kid - Fairy Tale V1.02
Kid - Farmyard V1.21
Kid - Festival Ground V1.0
Kid - Fish Farm v1.2fix
Kid - Fish n Ships V1.11
Kid - Forest Deep V5.21
Kid - Forest Haven V1.04
Kid - Forest Outpost V2 fixed
Kid - Forest Outpost V2 NatDiv
Kid - Forest Ponds V1.0
Kid - Forest Trader V1.1
Kid - Forge Of Dwarves V1.01
Kid - Friendly Blue (Ice) V1.02
Kid - Friendly Blue Too V1.01
Kid - Friendly Neighborhood2
Kid - Friendly Pumpkin V1.12
Kid - Frozen Ponds V1.0
Kid - Fruit and Nuts V1.0
Kid - Garden Shed II
Kid - Gay Head LightHouse V1.2
Kid - Ghost Flowers V1.1
Kid - Ghost Town V1.01
Kid - Ghost Town Houses V1.0
Kid - Gothic Fantasy V1.21
Kid - Gothic Deco V1.1
Kid - Gothic Farm V1.11
Kid - Gothic Tithes & Tributes V1.0
Kid - Granny Neighborhood V1.01
Kid - Granny Park V1.1
Kid - Grow Hunt Fish V1.2
Kid - Gypsy Fantasy V1.0
Kid - Hedgerow V1.01
Kid - Hillside Village V1.03
Kid - Hobbits V1.02
Kid - Home Grown V1.0
Kid - House Boat V1.41
Kid - Houses For Sale V1.1
Kid - Ice Castle V1.0
Kid - In Transit V1.01
Kid - Jam and Wine V1.1
Kid - Large Port V1.2
Kid - Log Depot V1.2
Kid - Market Carts V1.0
Kid - Market Food V4
Kid - Market Puzzle V1.2
Kid - Medieval Grace V1.31
Kid - Mexican Fantasy V2.01
Kid - More Havens V1.03
Kid - More Houses V1.3fix
Kid - More Houses V1.3fix Dark
Kid - More House V1.3 Vanilla
Kid - Mountain Mansion V1.2
Kid - Native Village
Kid - Nativity Chapel V1.01
Kid - New Well V1.1
Kid - Nomads V1.1
Kid - Old Hovels V1.15
Kid - Old Town V1.03
Kid - Old Town Ports & Pirates V1.01
Kid - Out Of This World Start V1.1
Kid - Out Of This World Houses V2.0
Kid - Plimoth Plantation V1.3
Kid - Plimoth Harmonized V1.3
Kid - Portable Mine
Kid - Railway V1.0
Kid - Red Desert V2.0
Kid - Rowhouses V2.3 Housing
Kid - Rowhouses V2.3 Business
Kid - Settlers V1.01
Kid - Settlers Deco
Kid - Small Port V1.2
Kid - Small Town Hall
Kid - Some Boats V1.1
Kid - Stone House Addon V1.24
Kid - Storage Carts V1.21
Kid - Storage Yacht
Kid - Summer Haven V1.03
Kid - Swamp Houses V1.1
Kid - Swamp Legend V1.0
Kid - Swamp Thing V1.1
Kid - Tangerine Center V1.11
Kid - Tequila Mod V3.2
Kid - Tequila Addon V1
Kid - The Mission V1.5
Kid - Tiny V3.0
Kid - Tiny Downtown V1.0
Kid - Tiny Builders V1.02
Kid - Tomato Greenhouse
Kid - Tool Emporium V1.01
Kid - Traveling Trader V1.0
Kid - Tree Daydream
Kid - Tree House V3.2
Kid - Tree Replacer Edit
Kid - Tree Replacer Fall
Kid - Tree Replacer Light
Kid - Tree Replacer Spring
Kid - Tree Replacer Tropical
Kid - Tree Topper V1.0
Kid - Twilight Herbs V1.1
Kid - Washing Mod V3 Ghosted
Kid - Westward Ho V1.02
Kid - Westward Ho - The Wagons! V1.02
Kid - Wild West V1.1
Kid - Wind Sawmill V1.01
Kid - Wooden Fort V1.1
Kid - Workplace V2.05
Kid - Workplace Village V1.17
Kid - Yard Cover V1.4
Kid Goes Bananas


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