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RK Editor Choice MOD 1.3.1 FULL

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--- Quote from: xhelius on March 11, 2019, 09:54:13 AM ---Hi, I'm new around here.  Does this play nicely with the Steam version or do I need to wait for a Steam specific version?

--- End quote ---

steam is not updated yet.... soon in few hours...

STEAM Workshop has been UPDATED !!


Can this be added to a saved game, or will it need a new game?  If it can be added to a saved game, would it mess up anything in a saved game?

@ Redketchup ;D ;D ;D Thank you very much for the effort and hard work you put in these 3 segments "RK Editor Choice MOD Patch 1.3" I have not tested them yet - but they are definitely great and fantastic. I am sending you a modest gift. I would also like to thank all moderators @kralyerg, Toy, @Necora, @Bartender, @ kid1293, @Discrepancy, @ embx61 and a new generation of modders who helped @ RedKetchup - I drink for your health - for such wonderful people who still beautify the game and still they add great attractions. Respects :D

Oh Mr. Ketchup, this is just great! I haven't been working on my projects because I've been having so much fun with your update =) Thank you again for the base game texture rocks, they really help make it look like I'm preserving the natural map and encorporating my town into it instead of just looking as though the map was completely cleared XD


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