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@brads3 asked me to make a list of all my mods in one place, so here they are. There are two sets right now. Charts are attached at the bottom of the post.

South Africa:

South African Housing V2.1 - as of 2/20/21;sa=view;down=377
*NB: an earlier version of this mod is included in MegaMod 8.01

South African Miscellaneous V1.5 - as of 2/20/21;sa=view;down=465


Moroccan Tea V1.4 - as of 2/20/21;sa=view;down=520

Moroccan Housing V3.2 - as of 2/20/21;sa=view;down=572

Moroccan Miscellaneous V1.2 -  as of 2/20/21;sa=view;down=546


Japanese Housing and Storage V1.1 - as of 3/15/21;sa=view;down=619

Japanese Miscellaneous V2.1 - as of 3/15/21;sa=view;down=610

Japanese Deco V2.0 - as of 2/19/21;sa=view;down=595

Japanese Deco Trees V1.2 - as of 2/12/21;sa=view;down=592

Japanese Deco Trees Vanilla Version V1.2 - as of 2/12/21;sa=view;down=593

Japanese Clothing Override V1.0 - as of 3/5/21;sa=view;down=621

Japanese Start V1.0 - as of 3/15/21;sa=view;down=625

Thanks for this list @angainor88

The Pilgrim:
If you are good with it, I will bump this up to a pinned thread with the other makers lists.

I am good with it! Thank you!

WOW you woke up the great'd you do that?  what is new ,where have you been,PILGRIM? 


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