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Kid's WorkshopBanishment is near!

Hi, it's me again.
I start this thread to listen to your suggestions and to discuss ideas.
Simple requests, like special storage, or new, unique buildings.
No, not the Eiffel Tower.

Rather not compatibility problems caused by CC, RKEC, or others...

I can not guarantee I can make what you want but there is a chance
we can have a good time. :)

Thanks to all for participating :)

Kid's Workshop Download

Alert! The site does not allow attachments (for the moment)
Here is a link to a message with the Workshop mods.

All Workshop files are now under my Toolbar/Misc

Kid's Workshop - Updated: September 10, 2020.

KWDeco01 - Rocking Chair, Flower Pots, Flowers for Flower Pots, Doorstep

Kid's Workshop

KWBush - 4 medium-sized Bushes in 3 textures

Kid's Workshop

KW5x5Cover - 3 ghosted 5x5 Cover for your market or your workplace.

Kid's Workshop

KWBlockPath - A blocking path which bannies avoid.
Limited use. Can not build diagonal under railway tracks.
Also included is a normal path (same texture) to build a pass over the Block Path.
Added an alternate (darker) texture.

Kid's Workshop

KWPlayground - Playground deco from Granny's Park mod. Added a few deco people. :) edit - More people added.
Benches, Sandbox, Slide and a Swing. A boy in Sandbox, Man on Bench, Woman and Girl standing.

Kid's Workshop

KWDungHay - Dungpiles and Haypiles. Watch your step.

Kid's Workshop

KWFarmyard has been lifted out to a separate mod.

KWGroundcover - 3 small Groundcovers that are ghosted and can be placed anywhere.
Added some 'Watercover' plants.  Plus some reeds.

Kid's WorkshopKid's Workshop

KWHappySquare - 1x1 ghosted and invisible squares with all five sorts of Happiness.
-Warning!- When placed it is very hard to find if you want to remove it.
Look for groups of people. They all have an idle range.

Kid's Workshop

KWAwningCover - Door or porch awnings. 3 sizes. 7 textures. 2 different distances from the wall.

Kid's Workshop

KWTableChair - Tables, chairs and benches. Some food to put on the tables.

Kid's Workshop

It would be nice to have a deco bush that is in between the sizes of your two bushes from your Decorative Plants V4.1 mod at;sa=view;down=161.  I need a medium bush.

I can soon make a green bush. Flowery takes a little time ;)

Could be lovely have some abandoned alike buildings, that can be inhabitable like houses, barns etc.


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