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Yup, I'm a Banished newbie and I wear my badge proudly!  :P

Hi, I'm Mark.

As a newbie here in Banished and at the World of Banished forums I keep my eyes peeled for helpful hints anywhere I can find them; and I do a lot of reading in the forums and elsewhere on the web too. Generally though, the best way for one to discover something is through your own innocent eyes and through those rough -n- tumble sessions at the School of Hard Knocks! Am I right?  Yup, yup!

So here's my first contribution to the Tip & Tricks area of the forums:

... aaaaa screenshot!  Woohoo!  ::) :D   lol
Tips & Tricks For Newbies, By a Newbie! A Source You Can Trust!

But it's a special kind of screenshot because it's a "Tips & Tricks" screenshot!  :D

So, Limits... tsk tsk tsk... There's always someone or something trying to hold you back somewhere in life right?  :(

Well, Banished has it's own type of policing and bureaucracy going on and it's probably run by an unhappy, little, middle-aged Banie who's likely hidden himself away in some dark tunnel or in a cold and abandoned mine out in the middle of nowhere. He was probably kicked out of his home by the wife of his children who went to hook up with a younger male student somewhere and so he's become hell-bent on wagging his gnarled pasty fingers at the first person he can!  >:(

All he does is sits there and monitors every little thing that goes through your settlements!  His only joy in life comes when your settlement reaches some arbitrary goal or limit and then this angry little dude gets to slam the brakes on and halt that production all the while wasting that precious time of yours and of your hard-working Banies whom he now so despises with jealousy!

As a newbie to Banished there are some words you'll likely hear (read) the modders use and they are used often: strings, limits, flags, labels and so forth - parts of the code and data fields used by the game itself. As a newbie I don't quite fully grasp any of that but I get the gist of it.

Every item in the game that can be produced or placed down on the game map seems to have these strings, limits and flags placed on them - or so that's my general thinking anyhow. I'm a newbie, what do I know?!   ;)

Anyways, at many of the production facilities that we can build in the game whether they be for food production or for resource production there will be "limits" attached to them and it's these limits that our unhappy little Banie friend (not) keeps tabs on. He truly despises anyone who reaches their goals.

As a new Banished player you may eventually get drawn in to using mods (game-play customizations to the game). They are awesome, so it's indeed worth it to try them out. But whether you play the game with mods or not you will have access to a user interface window in game called the Limits window. This shows every type of limit used in the game - think of them as categories if you will. Some sample categories (limits) are: Logs, Stone, Iron, Tools, Clothes, Herbs and so on. Those are the easy ones to understand, no explanation needed for those. But those other limits you see in that screenshot up above can be a little bit trickier to figure out - especially when you go the way of using mods and boy howdy, those modders love to throw new things at ya; all sorts of gizmos and goodies!  ;D

Some times, maybe more often than not, when you produce or get (see) an item for the first time you may not really know what "category" or limit this particular item belongs to. Some items may at first seem simple enough to figure out but some items are a bit tougher to discern, some even belong to multiple categories/limits. So how are we as newbies to Banished supposed to figure out what's what? Well, for $19.99 (USD) payable to MarkAnthony I can te....

Bah, never mind - I'll tell ya "fer free!  :P

So as you see in the screenshot above I already have the easy-peasy stuff crossed out because those limits "categories" are simple enough, pretty darn! The other ones... ehhh? Maybe, maybe not. So after about my 5th modded game or so where I came across places on my map that had those up-arrow limit icons showing up from time to time I began to investigate further. "News at Eleven".

So I go to that structure that has that "limits reached" icon above it to go and meet with this angry little accountant dude (no offense @irrelevant ) from the dark tunnel he crawled out of and I say to him "...the hell man! What gives?!"  :D ::)   He starts babbling and my ears close up and all I hear is some whiney voice going "blah blah blah, yadda yadda" - pfft, thbbt! Whatever dude - I'm outta here!

So anyhow certain items may be a bit more difficult to figure out which category or limit they fall under. To make those more difficult items stand out easier it dawned on me that I could change their limits number in such a way that I would be more able to see where they fall in the whole scheme of things. As you can see in the screenshot above the very last numbers are from 1 to 15. Normally you might have many set at 1,000 or 10,000 or whatever but if you did it this way, Mark's Newbie Way - you may learn things a bit quicker and get familiar with them more easily. So if some item in game pops up the Limits icon and you go to investigate it and you see the limit number is set to 1013 you can check that against the Limits window and see "Oh, that item falls into the Materials category!" Again, not all things are so easy to figure out and not all user interface windows tell you anything whatsoever about limits.

So I dunno ... I hope this helps someone else. It helps me from time to time I will admit. Never be afraid to admit your handicap.   ::)   Stay cool!   8)

Uhhmm... the shows over. Go home. And clean up your mess before you leave!  ;)
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Or you can use this spreadsheet file.