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The Big Chihuahua:
Ok Banished fans and forum members, I think we have recovered.  Please comment, if you can, and let me know if you find any issues or things missing or not working.

As for why this happened, I have no idea and neither does the host. 

My theories: Corrupted files or malicious activity
Next time: I will get a substitute home page up right away and keep you updated.

Sorry for interruption!

thanks you Chihuahua !!!
Thanks alot for your time for fixing this !

EDIT: When we click on MOD Downloads, we come back here and doesnt bring us at the files folder.

The Big Chihuahua:
Still working on this folks.

I have a full backup of images and mods to make sure we don't lose them.  The downloads section is a mod itself that may have to get reloaded. 

Again, sorry for this mess...


everything i tested seems working perfectly !!
if i find something, bro, i ll email you :)

THANKS ALOT for Everything !!!

The Big Chihuahua:
May 2nd 17:35 EDT Update:

Main site basic functions are up
Gallery is up
Downloads is up
Registry page is fixed

Please continue to point out any issues you find! 

Thank you!


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