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Youtube Video bbcode added (Updated)


The Big Chihuahua:
Code has been added to allow embedding of YouTube videos in your posts.

I will add instructions here...

--- Code: ---[youtube]{youtube link}[/youtube]
[youtube width=x height=y]{youtube link}[/youtube]
[yt]{youtube ID}[/yt]
[yt {parameters}]{youtube ID}[/yt]
[yt_user {parameters}]{username}[/yt_user]
[yt_search]{search query}[/yt_search]
[yt_search {parameters}]{search query}[/yt_search]
--- End code ---
where width and height is specified by x and y. 
If width and height aren't specified, width is 100% of the post display area and height in a 16:9 ratio to the width.

The yt_user bbcode will show videos by the specified YouTube username.

The yt_search bbcode will show videos matching the provided search phrase.

oh thats great !!!!! thanks you !!


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