Author Topic: Nilla, Greilingwood and Bechtelswiev, testing DS-mods and more  (Read 4863 times)

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Re: Nilla, Greilingwood and Bechtelswiev, testing DS-mods and more
« Reply #45 on: April 28, 2017, 12:34:16 PM »
As I said, @embx61, I don't mind, that your buildings are larger than some others. You might have a point in that the details are better to see, if a building is a bit bigger. The only problem i see, is that it might look a bit weird, if you combine the smaller and larger buildings. But that's nothing you modders ought to bother about. Diversity is good. It's up to us players to use them in sensible way.

Same as the standard fisherman - it needs to be in the perfect spot to get over 100 per fisherman.
@Nilla what do you get if you place the Bridge over a narrow stream, in a 2 water tile (4 across, 2 water & 2 banks) location, in the shallows?

Of cause, the location is important for all normal fisher, that's part of the fun!100 fish? I never had that low production, not even at a very bad location. I haven't tested the bridge on a stream. I rarely use a stream for fishing, and on this map there are plenty of lakes, no problem to find a good spot. But I did test the small gear-fisher on a stream on my last game. It too is dependant on location. I noted production between 343 and 595, it was on a creek with much water. The output of fish is also very much dependent on the distance to a storage. The fishermen normally carries their catch to the stores themselves and in that time, they don't fish. Always build a storage next to a fisher and don't forget to look from time to time, that it's not full. And terraforming around a fisher? I don't think that it works.

Hereīs a screenshot of the fisher on the stream. (picture in the midle) Donīt look at the number . Itīs just started.

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Re: Nilla, Greilingwood and Bechtelswiev, testing DS-mods and more
« Reply #46 on: April 28, 2017, 02:01:02 PM »

I understood it was not a problem for you as my buildings are bigger :)
And you are right that we as modders try to be as compatible as possible but at the other hand still have our own "rules and ideas" for sizes, values, detailing, textures, etc.

It is a very good thing that we differ in our approaches and is the main reason we have such a lot of diversity in Banished while I can understand that some mods work better with certain other mods and not with others.

It is up to each player which mods will fit together or not.

I have uploaded the new version of the Saltworks :)
It is 16 tiles smaller and I allowed it to have 1 more worker so max 3 workers. I also changed the saltworker profession to just a worker.
You have to delete the old one in a save though or the game will pretty sure crash because I got rid of the ground plate too as I felt that players want to fill in the road tiles with their own choice :)

I am currently working on the bakery and leatherworker to adjust some of the values. The bakery will also make use of water in 2 of the 3 recipies.
I also change the leatherworker profession to be a tanner too as they are pretty much close related.

So that saves 2 professions :)

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