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Suggestions and Mod Ideas / Re: Discrepancy work in progress
« Last post by carolinafan95 on Today at 09:37:57 AM »
Love your work DS. I've got a great game going with all your mods and I love the look and functionality. I'm really liking the jetty system more than I thought. ;D
Got a question tho, are you planning on expanding the Celtic mod? It would be interesting to have a full "town" like this.
Keep up the great work and thank you for what you do. :)
Nice work Kid, I love your entire set of medieval buildings, they really give the game a new look and feel.
Thanks. ;D
Suggestions and Mod Ideas / Re: Red's new Work In Progress thread
« Last post by carolinafan95 on Today at 09:26:26 AM »
I'll second that Nilla.  :) A school with the NMT touch would be nice. Maybe even two floors.
I'm liking the new mod a lot Red, got to play a little last night. Thanks for the change with the fodder. Makes it easier for me at least.
Loving the mines, both in looks and function.
Mod Discussions 107 / Re: RKEditorChoice BETA09 open
« Last post by Turis on Today at 09:04:22 AM »
Does Ccleaner clear the registry? I use it for exactly that, but, I have the feeling that only clears it for uninstalled games and doesn't for still installed games. Am I wrong in my assumption?
« Last post by brads3 on Today at 08:25:37 AM »

      this spring ,the workers head to the east fields.a dryer for the tobacco and more storage is needed.a new house will be added.there are lots of rocks to be cleared by the fields fall, a worker will be sent to gather reeds. they can be bundled to burn or used with feathers to make survival coats.

      soon after his 88th birthday,the old trapper passed away.many had wondered if he would make it to 90.he was buried next to his of his grandchildren took over trapping.

      a boatload of miners got lost.they had missed the large ports up river in the dark.a storm must have blew out all the torches,so they never saw the towns.the 47 nomads dried off and then headed back up river early the next morning.

        during the summer i took time to check on the mixed forest.the trees are starting to produce nuts.there are many young trees growing.the foresters will plant them for another year.then the chesnut forester can switch to apples.some will claim you will have a dropoff in outputs without a forester working constantly.with the immortal tree mod and the forget orchard mod,i don't see a hard dropoff.some years are better than others due to weather.the new trees take a few years to produce, since they are forests and not orchards.the pear forester did rotate to the grapes and then maple and back to he does this the young trees have tome to grow and produce.overall the total output has increased.all with less workers than leaving a forester on each forest all the time.putting 2 workers on a hunter or gatherer doesn't seem to double the outputs.2 will collect more than 1 but not twice as much. 2 different workplaces will produce more than 2 workers on 1 spot and usually double. plus if there is a food shortage,you have the option of instantly doubling workers at gather or hunter huts and increasing the food quickly.

       the greengrocer returns for more marble. he brings sweet potatoes,turnips,watermelons,and some turnips.we gladly add another 4400 worth of food to our barns.

      the NMTers took to building a larger windmill. they will grind barley for now, and hope for wheat seeds.there is enough marble stored to swap a worker.they have processed enough sugar that they will soon need a bakery to produce sugar cookies.

pic 1:tobacco dryer
pic 2: rock and roads cleared.
pic 3: CC windmill added to NMT village.though more universal than the 1 in the main village,it does not grind rice.will grind corn,barley,wheat,and sorghum into flour.

pic 4: growth of the chesnut and walnut trees in the mixed the right by the white birch,you can see several newly planted trees.
Mod Discussions 107 / Re: RKEditorChoice BETA09 open
« Last post by brads3 on Today at 08:23:46 AM »
using REGEDITT and delete the entries under banished. somewhere i read an explanation of how to do it. the way i have my game installed,i can actually delete everything inside it. then i have to completely reset all the settings. theres a few really old mods that were known to hang up and conflict even after they were disabled and removed from the game folders.
        i mention it cause i have seeen odd things since the 1.07 upgrade.mods that should not affect each other and sometimes 3 mods interacting to cause an issue.
Village Blogs / Re: Nilla-testing RK Editor Choice beta 08
« Last post by brads3 on Today at 08:11:35 AM »
the bannies will use thatch as firewood and burn it.this saves logs for buildings.since you are on harch,they should use more of it and it won't overfill the piles. didn't i read that it is also a required building material for some things,like pastures?
Mod Discussions 107 / Re: RKEditorChoice BETA09 open
« Last post by Nilla on Today at 08:02:48 AM »
What do you mean when you say "clear the registery"?
Mod Discussions 107 / Re: RKEditorChoice BETA09 open
« Last post by brads3 on Today at 08:00:19 AM »
Nilla when you switched game from CC to the north and now to RED's mod,did you clear the registry? i am sure you took the files out of the windata folder. there are times a mod can get hung up in the registry and still affect a game. when i do a major change to my mod order i take the time to delete about everything in the registry. it has solved some weird issues. hopefully it was just blocked and is fixed as RED explained.
Village Blogs / Re: Nilla-testing RK Editor Choice beta 08
« Last post by Nilla on Today at 07:37:56 AM »
I know @brads3! No need to explain yourself. ;)

@RedKetchup, I don't mind, if some crops, like strawberries and maybe radish, lettuce and some other early vegetables are harvested early, but not all of them. It's even nice, if some grow better if it's cool, some other when it's hot, some can endure a little frost, others not......... But I'm not sure, that's what most people want. 

Anyway I've started the next game on harsh. I'll try to get some crops. it's also a small lake map, so I think I will get a challenge enough, to build something more than 50 peeps on it. I also didn't choose a map, took the first. If you want to grow fast, it's a good map, but really bad if you want an educated population. There are many older children, 6 of them were adults the first year.  ::) ;)

I didn't get very far but there is one thing, I've noticed, that you might think about @RedKetchup:

Some fodder-thatch is harvested, if you want it or not; when you build or when the forester plants trees. I want to build a fodder meadow early anyhow, so I have no problem. But if you don't want to. What will you do with all the thatch? I guess, some kind of "Bundler" to convert it to fuel would be helpful.

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