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Village Blogs / Re: Kid - Beta testing Stone Bridge
« Last post by Discrepancy on Today at 10:49:28 PM »
The town is looking very nice :) thanks for all the testing and bug spotting.

More housing, hmm. Maybe another time, I don't want to add too much more into this mod for v1. Already 50mb+

Suggestions and Mod Ideas / Re: Red's new Work In Progress thread
« Last post by JM on Today at 08:07:58 PM »
Will the greenhouses be heated?
ok good, now add some mods from your usual mod list prefered and try to spot which one trigger the problem.
Village Blogs / Re: Nilla-testing the North6
« Last post by Tom Sawyer on Today at 05:32:43 PM »
Nice ideas and hints! I have already include them as far as I agree, so you can play with it if you like. Just download. That process is a bit unconventional but the mod made a good progress last week and is more matured now. Great thanks to you and all people who wrote about bugs! :)

I made the following changes:

- Farmers can grind wheat now
- Salting meat and fish needs more salt
- Herbs from fields bring lower yield (wild herbs are not affected)
- Pumpkin is removed from this scenario. Did not know that it's a plant from the New World as well.
- Slightly decreased amount of blueberry bushes in the forest
- Boardwalk will be used above water (needed a second item)
- Merchants are adjusted to let them pay higher prices more often.

To your questions:

Unhealthy people can be hit by diseases with a higher chance. That's a vanilla function.

Roasting and smoking meat have different efficiency. Roasting 20 and smoking 33%. Actually I don't really see a reason to have both because both need firewood and are the self sufficient version of preserving meat while salting is the advanced method. But why not using the smoking shed for meat as well. It is mentioned this way and Brad wants it.^^

Fish I have simplified again because I actually needed it to balance different fishery objects but this is solved now and cleaning up the inventory is always good. The fishing pier has a small advantage to the simple fishing spot by reaching one tile further into waters. So the fishing circle has a bit more water and this has a an effect. Not really much but the effort to build a pier is also very small.

With merchants I like to control a bit the availability of bricks and glass and when people write it came after about 10 years then it sounds rather well balanced to me, at least not too long. The trading post attracts more merchant ships and they work with money as in the old version. So this is the rather modern trading while the old docks simulate a Viking trade scenario.
Mod Discussions 107 / Re: Colorful Little Houses 2.1 for 1.0.6 - 1.0.7
« Last post by Abandoned on Today at 05:20:54 PM »
@RedKetchup , I was eager to test and see if there was a difference with no other mods enabled.  It must be a conflict that caused the discoloration.  The Little Houses look great on test map.  :)
General Discussion / Re: An odd problem with "cow"
« Last post by Maldrick on Today at 03:18:26 PM »
Using a lot of the same mods in a set I collated.  With Red's Fresian cows from Red Creamery, as well.  Ran a quick test using Kid's Rowhouse specialized traders and had no issues with either Fresian cows or the vanilla cattle.

Can give it a look with vanilla tradepost also if that would be helpful?
General Discussion / Re: An odd problem with "cow"
« Last post by adelegarland on Today at 02:45:15 PM »
Thanks for clarifying but I am using BOTH mods in my startup,  the 1.07 compatibility is at the top just after Natural Diversity and the Compatibility BUILDINGS Mod is just after the individual CC mods that have been released, CC Dock set, CC transport and various farm animals .
I think it may be the RK Vanilla TP that is the issue...   starting a new game with that one below the red creamery cows, wish me luck!
General Discussion / Re: An odd problem with "cow"
« Last post by brads3 on Today at 02:26:39 PM »
there is 2 compatability mods. you show the compatability 1.07. the other "older" mod is the compatability buildings mod. that i gave the link for.the  compatability buildings mod fixes differences among mods where in the cmod coding a building or in your case animal has the same name and the game program gets them confused.the compatability 1.07 mod fixes issues where mods have old flags allowing them to work with the new the case of NMT clay and CC bricks.without this mod a new building won't use version 1.06 materials.or vise versa. these are 2 different mods 1 does not replace the other.
      when using CC,i put the buildings 1 below CC and the 1.07 above CC. i would also move  RED's trading post fix to the very top.
General Discussion / Re: An odd problem with "cow"
« Last post by RedKetchup on Today at 02:18:08 PM »
i ve seen that last week.... i thought was more a trading post issue .... will give you more news on this during the week.
Village Blogs / Re: Abandoned - North Pole South Annex - Story 21
« Last post by Abandoned on Today at 01:50:35 PM »
no, we have better, in next 2 chapters  :)
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