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Chapter 2

  The hoverer was used to shuttle families and the supply carts across the river to the area chosen as a production center for building materials.  The first families to be shuttled over already had quite a bit of wood, stone, and iron on the stockpile.  The first group that left the Mother Ship consisted of 16 adults and 10 children including KD, myself, and our 2 children.  There were 62 of us that left the Crash Site, 49 adults with 13 children.  It would take a while to produce building materials and build homes for everyone who wanted to leave the Mother Ship.   There were several ice caves on this side of the river to shelter in until the first homes were built.

  Yes, K12D93 had changed his unit number to its earthling translation of Kelviller but I still called him KD.  Being in charge of the expedition the others still called him by his unit number out of respect.  He stilled called me Earthling even though my name is Dolorelai.  Our daughter, Arthenia, was 6 and our son, Rossevelyn was 2.  Like me, this was the first time they, and the other children born at the Crash Site, had seen snow.  I was glad that the workers at the Crash Site's clothes fabricator took Mission Control's advice and made warm winter clothes while the Mother Ship was being repaired.  It was cold in the ice caves, and luckily there were no bears in them. 

  There were several beautiful white bears that greeted us.  They were not aggressive and only seemed curious about what we were doing.  The information packet from Mission Control made mention of these bears saying that their friendly nature and curiosity caused them to fall victim to hunters and they were considered endangered.  We would not overhunt them, if at all.  There was also another large harmless creature that roamed this area, it was not edible.  There was however a large deer called an elk that would provide meat and hides.  I never saw or heard of these animals before, but I figured we would have enough to eat here.

Other Games / Re: Farthest Frontier - Has become a reasonable game
« Last post by theonlywanderer on December 01, 2022, 07:30:34 AM »
I updated this post to inform everyone that Farthest Frontier has been revamped quite a bit and is very playable at this time.

I will say, pacifist is still my choice because what I said about raiders still applies.  They are simply to prolong the game by removing people and resources.  They provide an interesting challenge at first, but once you understand them they aren't that hard to defend against, it just takes more time to progress the town in the game when your spending so much time and resources on the defenses.

But overall the game has become pretty fun and enjoyable experience.
Village Blogs / Re: Abandoned - Crater Lakes - (Crash Site #82 Sequel) - Story 87
« Last post by Abandoned on December 01, 2022, 06:47:02 AM »
Chapter 1

  I stood alone a long time after you went back to my abandoned village, weary traveler.  I could not believe that the space complex I called home for 7 years and my family were gone and that it was all a dream that I had while recovering from being hit in the head with a rock, like you said.  What I did not remember or did not know was that 3 things happened at the same time. 

  We got a message from mission control that they got our distress call and were going to drop a space capsule of parts to repair our Mother Ship.  There was no decision for me to make, I would leave with K12D93 and our children, but I wanted to visit my old village one last time before leaving this planet behind.  You're right, weary traveler, that was no falling star that sent the rocks flying, knocking me unconscious, it was that capsule.  As fate would have it, as I made my way to the village, our complex's surveillance scanner spotted your group of migrants coming from the south on the other side of the river.  For fear of detection an invisibility shield was enable over the complex and the Mother Ship just before the capsule was dropped.  The force of its landing sent rocks flying, one hit me, and you found me.  What I didn't know was the Mother Ship was repaired, the complex dismantled, and recycled, and that K12D93 was watching and waiting for a chance to beam me up.  He got that chance as I followed you back to the village.

  I was beamed up for a happy reunion with my family before being taken to the Mother Ship.  The hoverer was taken aboard, and we flew first north, then east over the least populated areas.  We did not have enough power to fly and keep the invisibility shield in place for long.  We would find the needed energy source in the northeast mountains.  Yes, weary traveler, our Mother Ship must be the iron bird that flies with no wings that the Native people told you about as you searched for me.   It flew from the hot and sunny desert to this cold and snowy mountain.  Welcome to Crater Lakes, weary traveler.

Village Blogs / Abandoned - Crater Lakes - (Crash Site #82 Sequel) - Story 87
« Last post by Abandoned on November 30, 2022, 06:14:06 AM »

  This is the 87th story in the Smallville Series.  It is a sequel to Crash Site story 82 where an alien spaceship was forced to settle after making a crash landing.  That site was some distance south of the Hunting Grounds of story 86.  The aliens sent a message to Mission Control and finally received a reply.  The message said that the home planet was being evacuated because natural resources had been depleted.  Mission control determined the Mother Ship's location and would be dropping supplies needed to repair it.  The scan of the planet also found an energy source high in the mountains in the northeast corner of the World Map.  A copy of that scan and one of a possible landing site was sent with the message.  In year 40 SVT, the Mother Ship left the crash site in the desert southwest and headed for the snow-covered mountains in the northeast.

Map seed   # 282302852    Valley,    Small,    More Snow,   Disasters Off,  Easy Ice Castle 8 Families

Mods activated for this map and load order are:

Map Changing and Starting Mods:   Banished UI Maps, Labor Window, RK Minimized Status, CC Light Rain,  Kid Frozen Ponds (new, testing, see mod note*),  Override Fewer Trees, Settler Deco,  Jinxie Natural Decorations,  Kid New Flora Edit

Tweak Mods:    Fishing Dock +25%, Increased CC,  1:1 Alternative (Voeille),  override Winter Clothes, Rock Respawn, Tiny Smoke

Major or Must Have Mods:    An Empty Square, Nomads (Kid), override Uneducated, Storage Crates, Jinxie Festival Park, Kid Abandoned Places SE, Kid Ice Castle, Kid Out of This World Houses (update, testing, see mod note*), Kid OOTW Deco

Supporting Mods:    Christmas Mod 2021, I See Fire (RK), Kid Deco People, Kid Deco Wreaths, Kid Hedgerow, Kid Market Carts, Kid Market Food,  Kid Nativity Chapel, Kid Work Shop, Specialized Stockpiles

Mod note*:  Christmas Mod has not been updated this year but the new Kid Frozen Ponds is made to match.  It was not added to Christmas Mod because Kid Frozen Ponds includes Kid More Snow climate.  Place Kid Frozen Ponds high in your mod list if other climates are used. 

OOTW Houses mod is being updated with different building materials.  Stone and Iron are used.

  I am glad to see you too, weary traveler.  I regretted not saying goodbye and thanking you for the care you gave me, but I was again beamed up into the alien's hoverer before I got back to my old village where you were waiting for me.  I had no idea you would still be looking for me after all this time.  I think you understand why I could not contact you.  Have a cup of hot cocoa while I tell you what happened.

General Discussion / Re: Herbalist wants an herbalist
« Last post by galensgranny on November 27, 2022, 11:15:46 AM »
jerica, I had a Bannie murdered too, in the past. I was horrified. I thought I had nice, peaceful town.
General Discussion / Re: Herbalist wants an herbalist
« Last post by catty-cb on November 27, 2022, 01:02:49 AM »
Catty-cb, my herbalist and your gatherer need to be fired and set to some other task, like maybe digging for clay.

Off Topic / A welcome shout
« Last post by kid1293 on November 22, 2022, 08:24:14 PM »
A WELCOME TO YOU @ChrisDovahkiin !

Village Blogs / Re: Abandoned - Hunting Grounds - Story 86
« Last post by Abandoned on November 22, 2022, 01:08:15 PM »
 :) thanks, @taniu  :)
Village Blogs / Re: Abandoned - Hunting Grounds - Story 86
« Last post by taniu on November 21, 2022, 04:25:00 AM »
@Abandoned ;D :D :)Thank you for the beautiful story. Your story presentation is great, beautiful landscapes, fine Natural Decorations, real life among Indians on the prairie. Regards
General Discussion / Re: Herbalist wants an herbalist
« Last post by jerica on November 17, 2022, 07:15:56 AM »
I like the oddities the game throws up, I once had a gatherer die after eating poisonous mushrooms   ???

I had a bannie be murdered once.  :o
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