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*** The Champions List ***
« on: July 22, 2014, 05:20:25 PM »
Congratulations to all our champions!

These members have truly shown us how to play the game and achieve things many players may never see and some players thought impossible.

Take a look at the challenge threads and see their brilliant work and maybe even pick up some pointers you can use in the next challenge!

Forum Challenge #1: Most People Inside a Market Radius


Forum Multi-Challenge #1: Valley of Death

Best Looking: @Bobbi
Most People: @mariesalias
Most Area Used: @RedKetchup
Best In Show: @ivorymalinov

Forum Challenge #2: 500 Farmers


Forum Multi-Challenge #2: Vegetarian Village 

Most People:  @irrelevant
Most Map Area: @RedKetchup
Best Looking: A tie between @slink and @rkelly17
Best In Show: @Bobbi
Rookie Champion: @salamander

Forum Challenge #3: Accept The Most Nomads, and Live!
This is an open-ended challenge which can be awarded to anyone who tops the current champ!

@RedKetchup 276
@irrelevant 282
@RedKetchup 406
@RedKetchup 472
@irrelevant 661

Forum Challenge #4: First To Recover a Dead Village
A brutal challenge that proved one thing: You cannot come back once your village is truly dead.


Forum Challenge #5 (Multi-challenge #3): Trading Empire

World Grocer @Bobbi
Wealthy Industrialist @Bobbi
Ale Master @irrelevant and @rkelly17

Forum Challenge #6: Best Storybook Village

A tie between @slink and @rkelly17

Forum Multi-challenge #4: Waterfront Property

Most People: @Nilla
Most Map: @Nilla
Best Looking: @Bobbi
Best In Show: @Nilla

Rookie: @Bracken

Forum Ultimate Challenge: 5,000 Citizens

The Fast Forward Challenge

The 100 Challenge
A.With mods

@Chon Waen Winter 7

B. Easy

@Trizeropz Summer 7
@Nilla Summer 7
@irrelevant Winter 7
@Bracken Early Summer 8

C. Hard
@Brugle Summer 11
@Nilla Late Summer 14
@kee Late Winter 15
@irrelevant Autumn 16
@chillzz Autumn 16 *

* missing ½ hart because of no trade
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