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sadly,you are correct NILLA. i knew it was falling off but it nose dived.part of it is the map. i wanted to get to a spot that is open and flat but it is across the lake. there are mountains on both sides,that made it too far.if i had a large group of nomads when i did have the food up it would have played better.
food is always a problem with production takes so many workers and logs.
   i know i felt off the last couple weeks too. that didn't help.maybe it is the weather.just don't seem to have energy or ambition at all.
   i did notice some storage issues. the thatch,lumber,refined fuel. NECORA's pine barn works and EB has a market.CC has a set of cellars. beyond that you need building supplies to make barns.most of the general barns don't seem to hold the new tag items.slinks markets are great for some items like stone and logs but we need a new set with these tags.glad EB made the market set. it does help.wish we had a large general market that would move all items. something like the industrial square but in 2 pieces like DS had his.1 piece for materials and firewood,etc and 1 piece for food clothing textiles.would give us a center to work from.i could have tried the CC rural market. there is some more to be tested.
    thatch storage slowed down some land clearing for crop fields.if you get nomads mid to late spring that can cost lose the crop for the year.need use more storage piles and KID's covers.even after i used EB's market to pull thatch the fuel filled the pile right back up.your NORDIC wharehouse didn't help.
    the last couple maps i have noticed the vendors aren't moving supplies fast enough to supply logs for the bs and woodchopper.i think they are trying to balance the items instead of bringing the 1's needed.just seems the production of tools and firewood isn't as smooth as before.always seems to be more of a struggle.

   maybe by the weekdend ,i will take time and download some more mods.need to update NECORA'S mods and check some others.i do want to come back and finish this series. need to redo the product town.a colonial food processing center and a capital city.