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Re: BRAD'S SETTLING of AMERICA SERIES:going north tests
« Reply #30 on: June 29, 2017, 07:02:26 AM »
YEAR 19-21

      to test,the kiln is switched to making pitch from logs,and the tupentine still will use we will need the sherbrooke mill and boathouse.
       while materials are being moved,15 nomads arrive at the mini TH.we send 1 family to the new forest to hunt.1 family to the other forests to fish.being late spring,it is too late to plant another field,2 quick hunters are sent to help our food needs.
        we lose a gatherer to starvation.then a child and laborer.all the construction has hurt us by taking workers from their areas.the herbalist is under20.the 1st maple gatherer is just over 600.the 2nd is under 100 but that forest is still being planted.our logs hold even with the kiln using them. the kiln has produced 166 pitch from the logs.the cider press took til spring of year 20 to have enough syrup to work.
     the sawmill cuts lumber or firewood.the boathouse produces several different items including fishing line and dory's.
  there are serveral buildings i didn't build. the diagnal houses,the sherbrooke school and tailor.i never got a merchant to bring me domesticated animals to test the goat and chicken pens or the dairy barn.

pic 1:maple forest#2
pic 2:sawmill and boat shop.
pic 3:sherbrooke houses
pic 4:trading post values

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Re: BRAD'S SETTLING of AMERICA SERIES:going north tests
« Reply #31 on: June 29, 2017, 07:04:46 AM »
      >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                              OVERALL  REPORT             >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
   the  maritimes pine mod and sherbrooke mods bring a lot to the game. the new trees and forests can be helpful to supply food and trade goods.none of the production yields seem to be over or under powering.the tailor produces "leather coats" which is the same as "hidecoats". i did not try to see if we have 2 different tags for those or if the pine mod does override the older would be nice to have an option of the mill to grind flour.even if it means adding it in red instead of white.

     the biggest glitch seems to be the assigned workers leaving their workplaces to help the builders. this occurs even with plenty of laborers.though it affects the trapper and herbalist as well as others,it is very problematic to the maple gatherer and hunters.there is a significant food drop off when construction goes on.the more buildings the less food that about 200 food each a few forests groups and it adds up quickly.clearing land before starting buildings wouyld help but not only slightly.the workers would still stop to bring building materials.
    this glitch is a curious 1. if it can be figured out how it happened, it may be possable to recreate and use it. for 1 we could add this to the builders,so they clear and move materials themselves. this leaves the laborers to other projects.could the vendors bring the materials?? could the laborers be split into a few groups so we have could assign them to say clear logs or land,and another set to just clear and scavenge food. it could be an interesting glitch if it was diagnosed farther.maybe NECORA accidently cracked another part of the coding.
     the other concern is how much would the flora patch affect.would it solve the issues of the orchard forests from CC? would it benefit the gatherers of both the mod and vanilla?
     as to the improved or different gathering ability of the laborers,that is not helpful since you give back so much with the workers stopping work to help builders. i think we give back more food than we gain.if the patch doesn't solve this issue then we will need NECORA to fix it.this will require more tests and other player's feedback.

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Re: BRAD'S SETTLING of AMERICA SERIES:going north tests
« Reply #32 on: June 30, 2017, 08:08:25 AM »
GOOD MORNING. i gained no ground the last couple the moment i am waking up and hoping it is going to be better today.i did run way too many tests and ran into issues. then i redid my registry and completely put the mod order back together. so i am not really sure where i am.someone throw me a life preserver and pull me out of this please. it got my head spinning too much yesterday.i usually keep notes 2 days ahead of the blog.that way if there is a major problem i can go back to a save point and gives me time to fix it. so i do have some notes from a couple days back.

     i did test the pine mod with the flora and flax patches on but without the flora mod.added the updated NAT DIV with it. debugged a bunch of buildings and let the game run. the patch did not seem to do much.1st i checked "make all items visible" to the debug and ran though the list. i have 1 apple and leather coats instead of hide coats. i have 2 flax listings and 2 linen listings i believe it was. i thought with the patch i would have only 1???
    my trapper doesn't produce anything.there is eggs in the circle but i never see traps or beaver lodges anywhere.the assigned workers still leave their jobsites and go help the builder.doesn't matter how many laborers or builders either. this issue affects more than just pine mod workers. the mini woodchopper and blacksmiths also run to help and leave their jobs.and just when i tried to build a building i did run limits up to prevent it.
       the CC orchard forests are broken.i tried apples,grapes,pears,and cherries over the last several days and nobody has harvested any of them. i have tried using different gatherers as well. the mini,FO,pine vanilla,pine mod maple,etc. since QUERY mentioned she thought the mini mod gatherer worked for this,i tried moving the mod high in the order above the pine mod. no gains.
      verdict:flora patch does not help unless you use the flora mod. the pine mod has several issues. the problem with the CC orchard foresters is minor.
the worker problem is major. if the workers stop producing and go help builders then you will run into shortages. food for 1,but others also. if you clear land and then set a building,it would lessen the impact of the issue.that does not stop it though.if you build a good stockpile of tools,clothing ,and firewood early in game,you may delay it from being noticable.
        remember i am using over 100 mods. it is possable that i have the pine mod and another mod together causing these issues.  now and then a mod by itself won't causea conflict but when added with another mod the 2 will cause a conflict. we do need more feedback from other players to diagnose issues so they can be fixed.
    that gets us through the pine mod tests. due to the worker issue, i tried to flip the pine mod back to the version i had before.i shake my head at this now. with this much testing and restarts to get to this point,i should have stopped. by now i was arguing with myself as to what the pine mod upgrade was suppose to do. i was making mental notes to go back through and reread me and NECORA's thoughts.i may have hopes and ideas farher than the mod was developed.
        anyway, i tried. i rebooted back to the last version that i had. now it plays like half the old way and half the new.the trapper items appear on a delay.the delay seems longer than the new way even.the vanilla gatherer does collect cranberries and chanterlles.the others do stay at their jobs and work as they are suppose to.
   this is when i started to rurn mods on and off and cleared the registry and rebooted several times.more frustrating than i was gaining. it was late by the time i filed 1 report back to EB of an issue i did narrow down.i then quit since i confused myself and am lost.anyone have a map back to reality???
i'm afraid to open the game. the gremlins will eat me before i fugre out where i am and what i am doing. i will get a cup of coffee and decide what to do next.
anyway,i tried. the old version seems to play half like the new version.
the trapper items seem to appear on a delay that is later  then the new version even.

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Re: BRAD'S SETTLING of AMERICA SERIES:going north tests
« Reply #33 on: June 30, 2017, 09:06:12 AM »
Sorry cannot be at much help here as I hardly, well never, really play a good game. Just some quick testing at that is it.

With over 100 mods it is going to be a pain to see what works together and what not so have to go with a few at a time.

Most issues are from mods loaded together which change starting conditions I believe.

What I would do is take all the mods what change the starting conditions like NATDIV, Pine, flora, and the like but without CC, and see if only those mods are working together okay.

If so enable CC and see if it still all works together.

Toms The North is a Mod by itself and should be treated that way as Tom explains.
Just have Toms Mod on top and add mods what add buildings, churches, decorations, and the like and it should work fine.
Sure, lots of Mods can be added with The North but Mods like CC, and maybe other Mods what change starting conditions can have issues when loaded together.

Mods what add just housing, decorations, ghosting, etc. not really change game play I believe so can be excluded from testing load orders.
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Re: BRAD'S SETTLING of AMERICA SERIES:going north tests
« Reply #34 on: June 30, 2017, 09:50:38 AM »
yep,my 1st idea is to get the game back playing like it was before the upgrades.then decide on the other issues. i should go back and read more on the pine upgrade after i get there.i think i have been testing and forgot how to play the game again.