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Title: BRAD'S SETTLING of AMERICA SERIES: polsom town #4
Post by: brads3 on June 15, 2017, 11:47:51 AM
   this is the 3rd settlement to expand from the FORT LANDING.i made some slight adjustments to the mod order. i moved KID's mods below CC but maintined the order of the group to keep the icons working.combined with moving the mini mod below also,CC should override and we should have more honey and beeswax. i also dropped the maritime storage mod down lower below all other is mainly for storage so this way it won't affect anything help EB's herbalist i moved it to the top of EB's group.i have a concern to moving the workplace mod down. the bakery plus might affect the miniture bakery and CC the wheat grinder.everything did function and nothing is broken or conflicting badly. i am hoping by tweaking the order some buildings will produce more.i should add that i am actually runnig the older verions of NECORA'S mods.he did several updates since i started this series.i am hoping the new NAT DIV will be out soon and i can upgrade it and the pine mods at the meantime, it gives me a chance to finetune the order and make sure everything functions before i make major changes.

POLSUM 257677281,mountains,medium,mild,off,medium.
goal: mining and production town.manufacure and ship mulitple industrial and household supplies.

     with a growing nation,many things will be needed. BEVERSET set out to supply logs and furnitures.CAMPBELL supplies food and livestock.there is still more that is will need more building supplies,iron,lumber,coal,glass,silverware,copper, is a long list of items.
       maybe after i get these roughnecks to figure out the resourses and how to make thingsi can find a nice quiet lake and retire.hopefully, before i find a cemetary to sleep has been many years since i left the fort to help settle these new lands.

     i leave CAMPBELL and head west to the montains.the 14 of us follow the river upstream and find a location to set up camp.we have 4 children and mainly young workers.the ground is quite rocky and steep around us.even grass doen't seem to grow well here. i hope we can find some form of food and not starve.
       finding a small spot near a lake with mountains around it for protection,we set up camp and begin clearing for some least the wolves won't bother us.just to be sure,we will set up 2 lookout towers.we send out a fisherman and get to work.
        one tower points south toward a flat clearing by the lake.the other will point east through a narrow gap in the hills.the gap leads to a small stream for wildlife to gather and drink.we get 3 fields planted with squash and peppers.our mini toolshop can make tools and clothes. with everyone busy,the 1 laborer and builder continue constructing log cabins.i keep the mini townhall stocked with coffee and use it to keep information and notes.
     with so many bears around,we will need a strong fence across the maintain pass gap.we will spend the winter clearing more land around us.the more we can see, the more time to defend ourselves we will have.

    we begin work on a market set. this will help move items to the lake for shipping.we also got a cemetary built.hopefully we will not need it.since slinks markets won't store thatch,we will expand again and build the nordic wharehouse.  while the bears are hibernating in winter of year 4,we will clear the mountain pass.
    by year 5,we have grown to 21.our health is in need of more fruits.otherwise we are stable.workers are sent to find berries.

pic 1:map start
pic 2:starting point
pic 3:protection fence
pic 4:cemetary
pic 5: yr 5 stats
pic 6: yr 5 inventory
Title: Re: BRAD'S SETTLING of AMERICA SERIES: polsom town #4
Post by: RedKetchup on June 15, 2017, 12:12:37 PM
CC crew really need to fix that overloaded toolbar /shrug
thats ugly !
Title: Re: BRAD'S SETTLING of AMERICA SERIES: polsom town #4
Post by: brads3 on June 15, 2017, 01:24:02 PM
i have used it so long,i am used to it though.there is 5 mod icons in it,too. yours,the fountain lite,a tree decor mod,the mini.and the my precious.
Title: Re: BRAD'S SETTLING of AMERICA SERIES: polsom town #4
Post by: brads3 on June 16, 2017, 08:24:01 AM
YEAR 5-10:

     2 indians show up in lare spring. they say if we help them,they will live and work the forest over the stream to the east.they are not bothered by the bears.we will need a bridge and a log depot.then,the indians will supply us with logs.the indians will gather there for fruit as well.
    we help the indians build a hut and a barn and then begin work on clearing the mountain pass.a road wil be needed to speed travel between the village and indians.
     we conntinue to search for fruit and send a worker to stock the industrial barn.our chopper is busy adding to our firewood the winter of year 6,we start work on an industrial market square that will become the center for our production operations.once it is completed this will give us plenty of storage space for stone,logs,and ore.soon we will need a trading post.hopefully we can swap for some fruit.
  we send 5000 squash and 100 stone tools to the trading post.our workers are busy stockpiling stone and give us more trade options,,we build a shop to make leather coats and add a barn.
      by year 10,our population has grown to 27 in 8 houses. our education level is 63%.we have over 12,000 food.we have a log supply,a trader,and several markets to move goods.

pic 1:log depot,FO house and barn across bridge.
pic 2: industrial market
pic 3: yr 10 stats
pic 4: yr 10 inventory
Title: Re: BRAD'S SETTLING of AMERICA SERIES: polsom town #4
Post by: Nilla on June 16, 2017, 10:26:35 AM
Your settlements get increasingly prosperous. :)
One critics: to me they look very much the same. Why not next time chose some other mods or a new approach. Maybe play the North (without CC, I remember your not so successful attempts to combine those two) Also Minnesota was settled once upon a time. ;) Or the wild west with a desert map. Just something different! :)
Title: Re: BRAD'S SETTLING of AMERICA SERIES: polsom town #4
Post by: brads3 on June 16, 2017, 11:43:00 AM
interesting idea. i have tried using different buildings and focus on different mods and productions.i know certain mods i do use consistently.i switched from a water map,to a valley,to a lake,to a mountian.
   you bring up a good point though. the North i have not tested with the 107 compatible mod. that might make it different. the North and CC i have tested and know it did have issues. mainly the iron bloom. wonder how much that extra mod would help.i do have older versions of the NORTH.
   this map will look different when i get more production buildings made.or are you sayin i need to turn off NECORA'S trees and the thatch mods?
Title: Re: BRAD'S SETTLING of AMERICA SERIES: polsom town #4
Post by: RedKetchup on June 16, 2017, 01:55:33 PM
one thing i wish to add to NMT3.0Series is different set of texture map. there are some i really love but they always come with a bad specific feature like the swamp. i love the texture but you get 80% of the map covered with lakes :(

so i wish to just add different texture but let the valley to be a valley ... a mountain to be a mountain...
Title: Re: BRAD'S SETTLING of AMERICA SERIES: polsom town #4
Post by: embx61 on June 16, 2017, 02:40:18 PM
Maybe you already know but it won't hurt to post it anyway.

Quite a few of nice textures.
Need to signup for downloads but it is easy and free. Becoming a member you can download higher resolutions but the free 1000x1000 seamless do for me :)
Title: Re: BRAD'S SETTLING of AMERICA SERIES: polsom town #4
Post by: RedKetchup on June 16, 2017, 04:13:10 PM
thanks you bro :)
Title: Re: BRAD'S SETTLING of AMERICA SERIES: polsom town #4
Post by: brads3 on June 16, 2017, 04:28:39 PM
would be interesting to do ,RK. then your NMT would be classed like CC and the north in that it would almost be a full game not just a mod or set.if you do that i would like to have other options like a double A&E start but coded so the pine forest and thatch would work.those mods have limited us to medium starts.
   i agree with the different texture idea.the lake map has a tendency to give out 1 huge lake instead of a couple small 1's.a "pond" option might correct it. where you get 1 lake made up of several small ponds and then some small ponds. would give a better buildable map.would be nice if we could make mountians that are taller and stay snow covered on top like our rockies.the game has us limited at the moment.i think,NILLA is referring to my grass and tree texrures. i have changed the map for each town.
Title: Re: BRAD'S SETTLING of AMERICA SERIES: polsom town #4
Post by: brads3 on June 17, 2017, 07:44:23 AM
YEAR 10-15

    in year 11,2 more indians found their way to our town.they would build near the other indians.they will hunt and collect herbs.with our growing population, soon we will need a school.
    a merchant finally brought us some fruit. 300 apples,which we swapped squash for.
   in year 12 finally,we started to build a mutli-mine.this will give us coal,stone,and iron.
    otherwise,not much happens.we continue to clear brush and rocks.maybe soon the fort or other settlemens will send more workers.then we can grow quicker.we only have 32 citizens and 23 of those are working.our food is stable at around 18,000+5000 at the trade post.our health has improved. we still have a few apples and the indians have found some blueberry bushes.we do need to add a house this year.
Title: Re: BRAD'S SETTLING of AMERICA SERIES: polsom town #4
Post by: brads3 on June 18, 2017, 06:59:48 AM
YEAR 15-20

        a log cabin is added to our old boarding house is added near the markets in case new workers show up.if not,we will not need more houses for several years.
         we have kept a vendor hopping between different markets to move materials. he helps pull food from the village barns so the farmers and tower hunters have space.he also helps the laborers,since he can move materials as they clear areas.he also helps move fruit and logs from the indians.even so our barns stay quite full.none of our barns seem to store thatch,so we do add a new covered pile.a larger woodcutter will be added near it to get our firewood stocks up.
      as we get more iron from the mine,a RH office will be built near the industrial market.the office can supervise the production buildings and workers.
     in fall of year 16,6 nomads with 3 children arrive.they decide to start work with clay. a clay pit and pottery shop is located and constructed.2 of them will go build and work a lumbermill near the indian forest.
      to help our storage of the new flag items,a distributer barn is built near the sawmill and some cellars are added to the production office.clay does store,thatch does not.lumber is a concern as the pile near the indians is not covered and not very large.since the distributer barn does not store lumber,2 construction cellars are dug for the IZBA.issues of storing various items will be an ongoing problem. it will take relearning and new barns both.due to the mod order the precious cellar does not work.our options are very limited.we will add a EB misc market to help move the lumber to the production area.we do seem to lack a general storage barn for all items.thank you to EB for the market set. they do help.

       we begin year 20 with 53 citizens,31 working adults,5 students,and 17 children.15 houses+boardinghouse and new Ds hovel being built.we have over 24,000 food including the trading post.the only our stone is low. soon we will need a quarry.

pic 1:clay pit
pic 2:lumber mill
pic 3: EB market and RH office,
pic 4:pottery shop
pic 5:yr 20 inventory
Title: Re: BRAD'S SETTLING of AMERICA SERIES: polsom town #4
Post by: brads3 on June 19, 2017, 07:47:29 AM
YEAR 20-25

     Once the quarry is workin,we start expanding our storage. a large root cellar is dug into the hills behind the farm village. a KID general shed goes by the EB market and a pine storage near the log depot.a hospital is added to deal with any injuries from accidents.
     as work begins on a larger blacksmith,a small family of indians arrive.the 4 can rest in the boarding
house.they will build a hardwood forest near the other indians.they will gather herbs and fruit.
     merchants come and go but seldom bring fruit.we do swap squash for it when they do.
     while the workers are busy clearing land to the west,the builder constructs a fuel refinery for our coal.
      by year 25,we have grown slowly to 69,37 adults,8 students,and 24 children. we maintain at 41% educated living in 17 houses.our food reserves are being eaten up.we still need more fruit.there is room for hunters in the forests.that would help our textiles as well.we have iron,coal,logs,clay,and stone.
we produce pottery,lumber,and fuel.
    our need of more workers and fruit slow us from expanding our prodcutions faster.the best location for stables and pastures is on the other side of the lake.with mountains, it is hard to reach so far.since we have meat,we have turned away some livestock.
     i should add a note that the mod order has knocked out some icons but everything so far functions.
it will need some minor adjustments.the multi mine is slow.with 1 less worker,the quarry produces the same amount overall.the mine is unlimited,however.we are limited on storage for thatch and lumber.i am sure i will find drawback to the industrial square is it does not store and supply food.
   it will take time, but i think this is a needed test of the many many production buildings.mainly i am looking to see that the production chains work and items can be stored.

pic 1:hardwood forest with NECORA's herbs, gatherer,and pine cottage
pic 2:med clinic
pic 3: root cellar
pic 4: 25 yr stats
pic 5: 25 yr production
pic 6: 25 yr inventory
Title: Re: BRAD'S SETTLING of AMERICA SERIES: polsom town #4
Post by: brads3 on June 20, 2017, 04:32:37 AM
YEAR 25-30

      we start working on pushing trade goods up.stone tools,furniture,and pottery.
       5 indians with 2 children arrive in spring 27.they will work to expand to the west.a fodder field is built.we begin building a set of rowhouses as well.
        a merchant finally brought us pear seeds.this should buy our food time til the fodder starts to pay off.we work to clear trees from the field and run a road through it.
         we have our 1st death in year 29. a builder fell off a ladder.he was working ona brick kiln at the time.

pic 1:fodder field
pic 2:nordic house,bridge to the south.
pic 3:yr 30 stats
pic 4:yr 30 productivity,bannies trying to push a oroad thru the fodder field
pic 5:yr 30 inventory
Title: Re: BRAD'S SETTLING of AMERICA SERIES: polsom town #4
Post by: Nilla on June 20, 2017, 04:42:28 AM
Oh, oh, oh, You were too busy building up production chains, so you forgot your food production. It doesn't look good! You have to double your food production! Fast! Or your people will suffer! Unless you can buy a lot of food, of cause. But an economy with a low food production, built on import of food needs larger stores from the start.
Title: Re: BRAD'S SETTLING of AMERICA SERIES: polsom town #4
Post by: brads3 on June 21, 2017, 09:49:46 AM
sadly,you are correct NILLA. i knew it was falling off but it nose dived.part of it is the map. i wanted to get to a spot that is open and flat but it is across the lake. there are mountains on both sides,that made it too far.if i had a large group of nomads when i did have the food up it would have played better.
food is always a problem with production takes so many workers and logs.
   i know i felt off the last couple weeks too. that didn't help.maybe it is the weather.just don't seem to have energy or ambition at all.
   i did notice some storage issues. the thatch,lumber,refined fuel. NECORA's pine barn works and EB has a market.CC has a set of cellars. beyond that you need building supplies to make barns.most of the general barns don't seem to hold the new tag items.slinks markets are great for some items like stone and logs but we need a new set with these tags.glad EB made the market set. it does help.wish we had a large general market that would move all items. something like the industrial square but in 2 pieces like DS had his.1 piece for materials and firewood,etc and 1 piece for food clothing textiles.would give us a center to work from.i could have tried the CC rural market. there is some more to be tested.
    thatch storage slowed down some land clearing for crop fields.if you get nomads mid to late spring that can cost lose the crop for the year.need use more storage piles and KID's covers.even after i used EB's market to pull thatch the fuel filled the pile right back up.your NORDIC wharehouse didn't help.
    the last couple maps i have noticed the vendors aren't moving supplies fast enough to supply logs for the bs and woodchopper.i think they are trying to balance the items instead of bringing the 1's needed.just seems the production of tools and firewood isn't as smooth as before.always seems to be more of a struggle.

   maybe by the weekdend ,i will take time and download some more mods.need to update NECORA'S mods and check some others.i do want to come back and finish this series. need to redo the product town.a colonial food processing center and a capital city.
Title: Re: BRAD'S SETTLING of AMERICA SERIES: polsom town #4
Post by: brads3 on December 21, 2017, 06:31:30 AM
                                                                              POLSOM REVIEW

mod ajustments: attempts to increase some productions.KID's mods below CC,EB herbalist to top of its group,NECORA's storage mods below all group mods.these lead to mod icon issues.

map goal or fort request: build a mining and production town to supply houshold and industrial goods.

        it starts with 14 bannies on a medium mountain map.they settle near a lake tucked up against mountains for protection.they do have a concern of producing enough food in the rough terrain.they quickly set up a fence and lookout towers to defend against bears and wolves.they also build several markets to move and store the production goods.there is an overabundance of bear meat but a lack of fruit for thier diet.

       by year 10 a trading post and the industrial plaza is finished.vendors are already busy hauling materials.mines are dug soon yr 25,a clay pit,stane quarry,and the hardwood forest are added.we are producing pottery,lumber and refineg fuel from the help with our lack of fruit,a fodder meadow is cleared and stables built.

        in yr 5,2 indians join and work a forest to supply logs and gather year 16,6 nomads arrive. they work on clay,pottery,and cutting logs into lumber.bout year 22,4 more indians arrive to start a hardwood forest.7 more indians follow in year 27. they become our fodder workers.4 sets for 19 total.

           due to the lack of fruit and no merchants bringing fruit seed,this town had food issues.issues with storage and moving items had also slowed progress.pear seeds finally came toward the end.looking back i think it was abandoned mainly due to ongoing storage issues and the slowness of it.though it did have some production started,for 30 years it should have done more.any flat land nearby was used for forests to supply logs and fruit.a large flat spot for farming was way across the lake.

            end year 30. population 83,education 43%, food a low 2790,25 of which was fruit.a food importer instead of the general trader at the start would have helped.

      storage issues: without EB's markets this map had issues trying to store thatch,the thatch was thick enough to fill the start pile and slow expansion and construction progress.there is problems with lumber as well.CC cellars are about the only low-grade storage option. KID's coverings are handy for piles to help keep it dry.moving of items is slower.the vendors are busy moving more flags so needed items like logs and firewood are moved slower.