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Re: DS Roads v4
« Reply #45 on: May 20, 2017, 11:38:37 PM »
@Discrepancy :)
I've been playing around a bit more with your roads lately, and for months I've been using the wood chip roads for my Foresters, first road that goes in ;) ) and I've been adding a few here & there as I go - but, there are a couple of designs I would love to see - if you ever came back to the mod :)

So, I know it looks a lot, I've been looking at road ideas for a few weeks, and I was thinking how the new 'themes' that have been coming out could use a companion, a new road.  :)
I know, I know - there are plenty of roads, these ideas are just here in case you, or any other modders are thinking of adding new roads :)

Think of it like an 'ideas boards', rather than a mod request ;)

I could go nuts here if I knew how to do any of this:  (I can create a free account and download 15 if anyone wants me to :) )

1)  grimey bitumen, or greasy stone roads for around the mines & mining towns.  So, sooty, charcoaly coverings. Really tight compacted gravel maybe, with the dark scores and markings etched in, where the soot has discoloured the cracks etc

2)  pebble beach & garden path - light coloured pebbles, beautiful champagnes and creams, to brighten the paths to houses, or down to the sandy shores.

3)  roads around dock areas, I'm not a huge fan of some of the wood roads (not just in this mod), it doesn't fit up against the woods that you've used in the dock pieces - so perhaps some lighter gravel, even with a highlight of smashed shells, so maybe a little blue/grey tint to it.   Or, even some road tiles that have the same wood texture you used in the dock set?

4)  "Fastest", Highway setting - tightly packed gravel (dark & light, to suit different play styles), gravel, bitumen, stone, (

5)  Adding wear & tear to some of the roads, possibly in Winter?  Rather than just a blanket of snow over the road, we get to see the wear track marks over it? 
Even on some of the dirt roads (summer & winter)?


Other inspiration:

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