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Question on mod creation/dependency
« on: April 01, 2017, 03:42:24 PM »
Hey folks!

The husband and I both enjoy Banished and its many fabulous mods since a whole while now (Many thanks to the busy mod creators out there! <3), and we have a bunch of ideas of our own we wanna turn into a mod to contribute to the game. Neither of us ever made any game mod before, but since he's a programmer and I'm an illustrator, we're confident to pull this. Still, we ran into some question while working into this, regarding the mods that are already out there:

Is there a way for us to work with existing CC? We greatly enjoy playing with all the extra goods, materials and resources that came with the mods we're using. It would be nice to build upon that and expand our game with new buildings and professions depending on that CC.

Hopefully, some of the experienced mod creators around here can help us out.

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Re: Question on mod creation/dependency
« Reply #1 on: April 01, 2017, 11:11:52 PM »

Hi and welcome to the forums.

It is certainly possible to make mods which are compatible with CC, and other mods and many mods are compatible with CC/NMT.
The main thing is to name the RawMaterial files, which are the goods in the game, the same as CC.
If CC have for example Salt as RawMaterial and it is named RawMaterialSalt.rsc then name it precisely that.

The game will flag your mod Red if CC is enabled as mod too but it just a warning because your Mod shares the RawMaterialSalt.rsc with CC's

Best thing to get started is to download the latest Modkit from Luke (The Developer of Banished) site

Install the Mod in the root of any partition on your harddrive. For example C:\Modkit. I have mine on F and named it F:\Banishedkit as my F partition is my dedicated modding patition.
Installing it in the standard Windows Program Files Folder can give security issues.
The mod kit have a name with underscores and stuff but after Unzipping it just change it to Modkit, Banishedkit, or Modkit107, whatever but no underscores and other special characters.

Then you find a readme.html file in the root of the modkit folder.
Read that file thoroughly as it explains how to make batch files and how to run the resources and example files.
It looks daunting at first but just reread it a couple of times and it is not that huge to go through.
It also says you need to download two Libraries which are standard Microsoft Visual C Libraries and install those.

If all goes well and you are able to compile, without crashing the compiler, the resources and example files you are ready to go.
Luke gave us some examples like a building (Apiary), a tree, a chicken, and some more examples to play around with.

It is certainly possible to mod the game without designing any graphics, so just coding. But most mods contain buildings and other graphic 3D stuff made by using 3D modelling software.

3ds Max is used by some but unless you can get a student version it is expansive.
Blender is free and used by lots of modders here on the site. There are others as well.
Most of us modders started with no knowledge, or just a little modding experience from other games, but learned by example.

Just throw something simple at first together and try to compile it. The more you mod, the more you will learn.
And for questions there is always this forum.

I wish you and your husband a good ride in the world of Banished Modding.


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