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Re: nameless inventory items
« Reply #15 on: May 17, 2017, 05:24:23 AM »
@marmaladema Pine set changed the appearance of the rope and dory makers  ??? That is... odd. I don't know why that would happen! It is one of the problems with making all of these modular sets now, they were originally meant to be one huge mod, so they share a lot of the same files. So if something gets updated in a newer version of one it will also change the others. This should not be an issue if you keep everything up to date. The dory and rope makers are in the NS inshore set, which got a good update yesterday so make sure you download that and give it a go, sounds like you might be using an older version but it is hard to tell without seeing that mod list ;)

Also, after looking into it, you will not be able to use New Flora with CC or the Maritimes mods and get the flax chains to work. They are coded very differently under the hood, and are totally not compatible. If you load new flora first, then CC and Maritimes flax chains (for clothing or rope etc.) will not work. If you load CC or Maritimes first, then the New Flora linen weaver will not work. So you can run them both, but be aware that one of the two options won't work depending on which is on top and even if they do still somehow work together, you'll get some funky balancing issues coming through.

Another thing, linen clothing was added to the pine set tailor in the last update (March I think?) and to the Sherbrooke tailor last week. So if you don't see those as an option then it makes me think you are using older versions of the mods, so check and update. I'm currently updating the Pine Set at the moment, hopefully it won't take too long (although it is a monster of code), so far I've done the blacksmith and cabins... a long way to go.

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Re: nameless inventory items
« Reply #16 on: May 17, 2017, 07:27:45 AM »
I thought I had the latest versions - will have to go and raid the downloads section again today and make sure.

I did grab the 2 updated mods yesterday.

The glassmaker test worked.  Had to deal with things offline, so did not test salt yet.