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Village Blogs / Re: Abandoned - Crystal Canyon - Story 36
« Last post by Abandoned on Today at 10:11:10 AM »
Chapter 20

  The sanctuary was completed during the winter of year 30 and it was a place of beauty and tranquility, a wonderful tribute to a magnificent creature.  We all looked forward to seeing the sanctuary in spring.  At the end of year 30 there were 95 of us, 51 adults, 15 students, and 29 young children. 

  During year 31 we continued our Elven ways of protecting the animals by using pain free enchanted bows and not overhunting.  We protected the forests by gathering fallen branches for firewood and replanting trees to replace the ones we cut, and we protected the earth by composting surplus foods and vines.  We taught the children the old ways of survival and conservation and Elven magic.  Our settlement of well educated purebred wood elves continued to grow and on the very last day of winter year 31 Crystal Canyon's 100th citizen was born.

  To our amazement a crystal ball on a pedestal appeared outside the Tree of Leaflets.  Upon gazing into it we saw the Elven Council who commended us for a job well done.  We lived up to their expectations and they encouraged us to continue protecting our bloodline and our magic.  They presented us with not one but 3 crystal balls, 1 in each part of town so we could easily oversee our entire settlement at any time.  And as you know, weary traveler, our treefellows would always be on guard to help us protect it.

  So now, weary traveler, sorry to say, it is time for you to go.  You will be safely teleported to any town you chose after a spell of forgetfulness is cast upon you.  Don't worry, it is only our settlement and its location that you will forget, your other memories will remain yours forever.  The magic?  Yes, weary traveler, you will still see the magic, it will be all around you.  It's right there for all to see in the snowflakes that fall in wintertime, and the trees that awaken in spring, in the summer rain and rainbows, and colorful leaves of autumn.  The magic is there in the fish that swim and the birds that fly and the animal and human babies that cry.  You'll see all the magic if you try. 

Are you ready to go?
Fare thee well, weary traveler.  POOF

The End

Mod Discussions 107 / Re: Kid - Workplace V2.03
« Last post by brads3 on Today at 07:24:36 AM »
that does help. i see you have been making the mods more uniform. not sure how to solve it better. in game on the popup menu would help, but i worry it would make the menu huge or be too much writing in it.  hence, i dont want you to work at changing all the mods.nooo,tioo much work. i am  not sure what would be a good solution in game without making the meun so huge.

     adding info to the mod write ups is helpful. that info wil help new players a lot too.thank you.
Mod Discussions 107 / Re: Kid - Workplace V2.03
« Last post by kid1293 on Today at 06:53:55 AM »
@brads3 - check download now if it is okay
Mod Discussions 107 / Re: Kid - Workplace V2.03
« Last post by kid1293 on Today at 06:25:38 AM »
Do you accept if I show a list on download page?
Mod Discussions 107 / Re: Kid - Workplace V2.03
« Last post by brads3 on Today at 06:23:36 AM »
yea,i didn't mean change them nor that they all have to be the same. but going forawrd there should be a way.beyond me getting a new brain.LOL
« Last post by brads3 on Today at 06:20:39 AM »

         3 more couples will move out across the river.this will give us 25 families outside the city. we will double the grape orchard forest.there is a lot of rocks near the hunter to be collected. this will give more grapes to make wine. a worker from the cherry and grape forester will work to plant these grapes. a trapper and pelt tailor will be added to the edge of the meadow.this work will keep the field mice out of the grapes and rabbits out of the fodder.the bannies will feel safer with the meadow.the forest workers are supplied and goods should move smoothly to the city.

        the RH trade post wil increase stock of candles and pelts.a new tailor in the city will make hide coats.these with the linen will supply the CC dock trade post.another shop was built at the docks to bundle the extra reeds.with our education level now above 65%,food production is over 70,000 a year.   

pic 1: 2nd grape forester will give us more grapes for wine
pic 2: a 3rd reed bundler
pic 3: leather coat tailor
Mod Discussions 107 / Re: Kid - Stone House Addon V1.24
« Last post by Abandoned on Today at 06:10:51 AM »
Bill the butcher died from eating too many spicy sausages   :D
Mod Discussions 107 / Re: Kid - Workplace V2.03
« Last post by kid1293 on Today at 06:08:05 AM »
You are right. It should be more informative. I have just updated.
I will have it in mind though.
Mod Discussions 107 / Re: Kid - Workplace V2.03
« Last post by brads3 on Today at 06:02:31 AM »
does this mean you added the RK wild animals to the buitcher?  my memory isn't as good as it used to be. in game i wish there was a way to scroll over icons and see what they building uses. lie the grinder uses grain but it doesn't list which grains. some of your bakers make sugar cookies some do not.some tailors use the wild flax,etc. not saying they all should produce the same items. ust wish there was a way to know when i scroll over the icons.some i kow well,like the Pilgrim inn makes rootbeer and the RH tavern makes cider.many i am guessing at. 
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