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     while waiting for spring and making a plan,there is a crash.the CC glass won't store RK sand.disabled the building and error still not believe this is causing it.after saving this just before the error happens and looking around,i see a gatherer picking something up and a trader about to take marble out of a barn.neither of which has caused an error before now.

       i was impressed by how the mods interacted with this set up.the CC bringing back RED's changed buildings was a big even brings back the woodchopper that will bundle the thatch.without the NAT DIV mod ,that would be handy.i was surprised there isnt a lot of double tags like for clays,sand,and bricks,etc.the CC clay did work to build the nordic trade dock.the RK random mine is diging up gold and silver ores.that gave hope that the set up would work without major issues.i would like to have finished the fort to see how it functions.the rice is not overpowering like some CC versions.the duck hunters are low and catching fish again though.there are differences to crop outputs.some are overproductive but make up for others that are under.overall it balances.

      to me there is more good than bad with this setup.i really hate to give would have been nice to test more if i didnt have this error.i see only some slight changes to mod order. the mini mod can be moved above the pine,thou i doubt it will help the nomad situation.i could move the CC parts above the north.doubt that will fix the duck hunters or have much affect.if it is a matter of not building the CC glass or brick makers that would not be a major problem.

             after some consideration,i decided to clear the registry and make some minor mod order adjustments and try again.     blacksmith tool and mini mod above the pine.moved the CC sets above the north but below RK.added KIDDs storage help the game progress faster ,i enabled the more wood and stone mods.
        in year 5,12 nomads arrive. we have 13 workers and 11 children.why so many? 6 times what there should be.the older CC version? the barracks? i used different buildings this time for the shops and trader. As RED said,i thought nomad count went by population. i have no explanation why they would have a 6x multiplier.normally you do get 2 and later 4 at the start.


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