Author Topic: Question: who is playing Patron right now and getting serious Banished vibes?  (Read 1080 times)

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To begin... Patron is *not* the same as Banished. It has notable differences, such as how citizens don't have to physically walk everywhere (letting larger towns exist without the game stuttering, but making it less realistic) to get goods, how houses by default have space for 6 people so populations aging up & dying is a nonissue, and how it has a research tree and a much more fleshed-out needs bar, on top of social classes.

That said, it's giving me real Banished vibes, especially in the music, the graphics-style, and the gameplay.

Anyone else playing it right now? What are your thoughts?

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Re: Patron
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I play Patron - nothing interesting - correct graphics - early access. Banished is great - my game since 2014 - no one has beaten this game yet, although nowadays you can play different editions of this type --- city building games. I personally like to play such games - city building or farm building - I play for relaxation