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Title: The nomads have arrived
Post by: Boris_amj on May 28, 2014, 09:21:01 AM
Nomad) Let me get this straight. You want all 60 of us to join your community ?

Lou) That's right.

Nomad) Mmm, but why ?

Lou) Look, we have plenty of room to accommodate you. We have two orchards, three fields and several hunting and gathering lodges.
You will not want for tools or herbs.

Nomad) [eyes Lou suspiciously] I don't know. I think I'd better talk to the village chief, if it's all the same to you.

Lou) I am the village chief.

Nomad) Are you? Ok, do you mind if we sort of looked around and talked to other people, then ?

Lou) Erm, well, you can talk to me, if you want.

Nomad) Yes, I know. I just want to talk to the Herbalist, or the Blacksmith.

Lou) I am the Herbalist. And the Blacksmith.

Nomad) Well, how about the Forester? I'd like his opinion too.

Lou) I am the Forester too.

Nomad) Wait, what?

Lou) Well, we like to hop around doing every job.

Nomad) Hold on a second. Exactly how many people are in this village?

Lou) Well, at some point we had more than 500. We nearly reached...

Nomad) [interrupting Lou] Never mind that. How many now?

Lou) Er... it's just me...

Nomad) [To the others] Ok guys, let's move on. Nothing to see here.

Lou is left alone.
Lou begins the long walk back home, trying to ignore the hunger.