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Title: Check your AV program
Post by: MJohnH on December 04, 2016, 02:53:30 PM
I'm a recent convert to Banished. I bought it recently and have already racked up 18 hours. I thought of a few things I'd like to improve and so I thought I'd try modding the game...
Now, I've never attempted to mod a game before but I am a seasoned programmer ( Ruby on Rails + Objective-C, Cocoa) so I thought I could cope. However, I got stuck at step 1; BuildResources.bat would not run.

To cut along story short, the culprit was my Norton Anti-Virus. For some reason, it scanned the executables being created from the kit zip and deleted them as BAD.
If anybody else has a similar issue when trying to get started, check your AV program.

Does anybody know why Norton should behave like this?